Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 98: Old Woman!


May 18th, 2013

This week pretty much d-r-a-g-g-e-d! Thank God for my new friend, Dunni, or else I don’t know how I could have added boredom to my litany of issues. I’ve started to feel really, really rundown, and extremely tired!!! And it seems to be getting worse as the weeks go by! The tiredness might be partly because I am getting up every hour or so, during the night, to go to the toilet. I try to be as quiet as possible, but Patrick often wakes up when I get out of bed, so he’s also been waking up pretty tired. I think he’s on constant alert, in case it’s the baby, even though I keep reassuring him that there’s still a few more weeks to go.

Ose (my friend from Antenatal class) and I were talking after yesterday’s class, we both came to the conclusion that nobody, not even your own mum, tells you that pregnancy turns you into an old-age Mama before your time. And I don’t mean Mama i the cute sense of the word. I mean MAMA! There’s nothing else to justify my chronic indigestion, swollen feet, incontinence, not to mention that I’ve started getting aches and pains in my legs and my groin (imagine!) when I’m walking, or rather, waddling. Now, anytime I walk past anyone at work, the nice people offer words of comfort and encouragement…while the others just laugh at me! It’s not the best feeling in the world!

Add to that the fact that I’ve now started to groan like an old woman, whenever I get out of bed, or get up from sitting down. And my annoying husband has taken to making fun of me, by groaning for me whenever I move. To be honest, I feel like I’m at least 70-years-old, and I’ve still got ten weeks to go! I wonder how I’ll feel when I reach my due date! Maybe like I’m a 100!

Yesterday’s class was really useful – if a bit scary – as it was all about pain relief in labour. We had to practise relaxation exercises, which were going quite well, and I’d just about pictured myself lying under a palm tree on a deserted beach, when I was rudely brought back to reality by my baby’s kicks. I guess he/she wasn’t feeling quite as serene!

The baby’s movements are now getting so big, that I can actually see bits of my bump wiggling about in a really spooky manner. Sometimes, I even try to figure out what’s moving, and I think it’s the knees (or maybe the bum) lodged up underneath my chest, which means I get big kicks on either side of my bump. The other day, when I was having a bath, every time I put the soap on a different place on my bump, the baby would kick it off. I guess it just confirms my baby boy theory! I wanted to gloat by telling Patrick, but I decided against it. Since he has decided to make us ‘wait’ for the gender reveal, I will save my victory dance till delivery day!


Speaking with Ose, I was so jealous to hear that she is finishing work next week…lucky thing. I am actually contemplating starting my leave earlier…maybe in 4 weeks, and not 8. There is no way I will be able to drag this body to the office at 38 weeks! I definitely need to have a word with my HR on Monday.

On another note, Ebika and Demola arrive tonight. When I asked if I could come see her tomorrow, she told me she’d need to confirm her address, as she wont be returning to her old apartment. Hmm, levels don truly begin change!

I got more good news, when Vou called to tell me she will coming to town next week. Yay! My honorary big sister! She’s coming to help Phillip set up the new house, which is the best idea ever, because if we’re to leave my brother to furnish the house the way he did his Dolphin apartment…hmm! I have no comment! So, Diana has had the good sense to ask her sister come give him a hand. It might be almost impossible to achieve what Diana had with her apartment, but I’m sure Vou can at least try.

I’m really, really looking forward to her being around…as I’m actually getting quite lonely. Nwando is back from her honeymoon this coming week as well, which makes things even better!




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