Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 96: New Beginnings


May 11th, 2013

Patrick and I finally made a start on turning the spare room into a nursery, and, quite frankly, it’s about time, seeing as I’m already into the third trimester. I can’t believe it’s only 11 weeks to go until the baby comes!!! How scary is that!!!

The painter came with some colour swats, and I chose a nice bright yellow for the walls, to complement the white wood items I have (crib, cupboard, drawers, storage, and changing table). Once my rocking chair and ottoman arrive, I will be a hundred percent complete…furniture wise. My items from London are scheduled to arrive next week. I can’t wait.

Later in the afternoon, my younger brother, Eteka, alongside his girlfriend, Nelly, drove our Mom here, to see me. I didn’t even realize that we hadn’t seen each other since Easter Sunday…almost 2 months ago. We speak everyday, which is why I really hadn’t noticed. Anyways, she insisted on seeing me, and lucky for her, Eteka was in the mood to indulge her.

And trust my Mom not to come empty handed! The woman is all shades of awesome! She came bearing coolers of stew, afang soup, and egusi soup. I am officially sorted for the next month, at least. I saw Patrick’s eyes light up, and I can’t even blame him. Even though I know how to throw it down in the kitchen, my Mom always makes me look like an amature! She personifies the stereotype of Calabar women knowing how to cook. I remember when my Dad was alive, and he had encouraged her to open a restaurant. That was before his financial crash, when he could have opened her a fantastic one…easily! But Mom hadn’t been interested, and had used one thing or the other as an excuse. It wasn’t until Dad died, and we found ourselves not only penniless, but also heavily indebted to Dad’s plethora of creditors, that she regretted not grabbing the opportunity to be a business owner, when she’d had the chance.

With lunch over, I decided to tag along with them, as they went to see Phillip. He’s asked us to meet him at the house he had just paid for, so instead of heading to Dolphin Estate, we drove to an estate on the drive on which one of the major international oil companies (IOC) is located, right off the Lekki express. It’s a new estate, with well finished houses, and immaculately maintained infrastructure. Even better is the fact that Phillip can literally walk to his office, which is the IOC the drive is named after.

It’s a very impressive house, nice for a new couple with a growing family. It’s definitely better than his matchbox flat in Dolphin…but nowhere near as nice as Diana’s Oniru apartment.

“Have you and Diana decided what to do with her place?” I asked, almost feeling sad over the potential loss of the place.

“It’s already on the market. When it’s sold, the money will go into a trust fund for our kids,” he answered.

I couldn’t help but raise a brow. My brother, my proud, strong headed brother had agreed to keep the money, from the sale of a house his wife’s late husband had bequeathed her??! Wonders shall truly never end!

“Don’t look so surprised. It’s my wife’s property…and therefore her money. I have no issues with our kids having any access to it,” he said candidly. “Besides, considering the millions they will also be getting from me, a little extra won’t make too much of a difference!”

“Billions! You will give them billions!” Nelly chimed in, with her annoying giggle.

I cast an irritated look at my brother’s girlfriend. The girl is just too forward! Even when she shouldn’t put her mouth, you will still hear her voice. The only reason why she isn’t altogether too annoying is the fact that she is a genuinely nice person. She can remove the clothes on her back to make other people happy. But outside of that, she can be an irritant of life!

Mom proceeded to pray over the place, and then we’d settled down to watch the video of Phillip and Diana’s wedding, on his laptop. This same video had already been sent to her, several times, but my Mom refuses to do anything with her phone, besides talk and text. She doesn’t even do WhatsApp! Why we bothered getting her a smart phone, I don’t even know.

Watching the video was almost as wonderful as being there in the flesh, and soon, my Mom, Nelly, and I were dabbing our eyes. Even Eteka was a bit emotional. Mom then went on to pray for their union, as well as Diana’s safe delivery.

All in all it was a lovely day…full of new beginnings! My nursery, Phillip’s new house, and of course his marriage. We have so much to look forward to….and we are ever so grateful!







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