Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 94: Thankful!


May 6th, 2013

Well, it appears Akunna’s family made good on their threat. I actually thought her Mom was bluffing, so I was quite surprised to find out that, true true, she discharged herself yesterday. Hmmm, is this one pride, ego, stupidity or what?! So, they would rather put her through 6 to 8 weeks of discomfort, in a less than ideal environment, rather than receive far better, and FREE, health care? All because Phillip has finally married Diana? A wedding they all knew would soon happen?

Na wa oh!

Besides their drama, I had a good weekend. I spent yesterday, Sunday, resting off the physical strain from Saturday (from market runs and cooking), as well as the mental strain (from my encounter with Akunna and her Mom). Patrick had been so bowled over by the meals I made him, that he waited on me hand and foot, all weekend long.

I briefly considered going to see Ejiro, but when I thought about the stress of driving all the way to Yaba, I realized it wasn’t happening oh! So, I’d called her instead…and we spent the better part of an hour, laughing and giggling over the phone. And it was just as well that I hadn’t bothered with the drive to Yaba, as she too is in hospital.

“So you mean you’ll be in hospital till you drop?!” I exclaimed.

“Yes oh! For the next 30 weeks, na me and this hospital bed! I no fit shout oh!” she answered. After so many miscarriages, I could see why. “The doctor said I can be discharged at 27 weeks, but no thank you oh! I am not moving even a toe off this bed!”

As we joked and laughed about it, I couldn’t help but thank God for his mercy towards me! Here I am, almost 29 weeks pregnant, and in the best of health! No major scares or threats, and not one day spent on a hospital bed! I have so much to be thankful for. Even thinking about Ebika’s recent health scare makes me realize that I take a whole lot for granted! Too much even.

But as grateful as I am was probably as bored as I was at work today. The appraisal fire that was spurring me to work, has now diminished, and in its place is a lethargy that even I can’t understand. Where I was previously working like the energizer bunny, I am now almost like someone who has overdosed on Valium…I can barely keep my eyes open!

And the loneliness is on another level. With my friends Ebika and Ejiro away, I almost don’t know what to do with myself.

Checking through Instagram (my new obsession), I couldn’t help but smile at Ebika’s recent posts. They were her first set of posts in almost 2 months, and showed her and Demola huddled up in their (I reckon new) apartment, taking all sorts of selfies; playful, serious, loved up. They looked so in love that it gladdened my heart! Going by my calculation, they have about 3-4 more weeks before they come back to reality. By the time Ebika has to resume work, and they have to come back to Nigeria, I wonder what will happen to their love.

Scrolling down her news feed, I actually laughed when I saw several of our own pictures, from our time together in London. The implication of appearing on her timeline was not lost on me. Whereas before, I could claim to only be her distant friend, these pictures were enough evidence that we are anything but distant…and the funny thing is that I don’t care. Yes, I know that if I run into Oyinkan again, she won’t be as friendly as the last time, but I think it’s best for me to support my friend, and damn the consequences! I feel for her, as one pregnant woman to another, but I also want my friend to be happy…

At 4.35pm, I smuggled my handbag out of the building, through an Office Assistant, before casually strolling out after 10 minutes, hoping nobody had noticed I was making a quick getaway.

How I will go through the next 8 weeks is a mystery to me!




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  1. Yes oh @grace. @faith it is still so wrong…Why didnt he have balls to damn his family’s threat and stay with his one and only true love. I think some men can be such cowards and blame it on everyother person but themselves…..i truly wonder how it ends, so glad she is hale and hearty.

  2. I dont see nothing wrong with their relationship @bosa and @ Grace, its love. Sometimes shits happens. Yeah maybe in the future Ebika,may just leave or better still be his wife. Thats life.

    Akunna’s Momma is just a hater,she has got no love.

  3. Let’s be honest, Ebika is a grown ass woman and if this is the path she decides to take then what do you think Faith or anybody else can do about it?
    NOTHING. Not a single thing.
    While it’s obviously not the best or right choice, it is her choice.
    Faith has made her stance clear on the issue. All she can do now is just be a friend.
    We all have that one friend who tows the married man line. As much as we disapprove of it, we don’t chuck them aside. All we can be to them is friends, true friends, and hope that one day they change.


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