Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 92: Bump Envy


May 3rd, 2013

I was in a daze for the rest of yesterday. I couldn’t believe I’d been giving myself high blood pressure, all for nothing. I really didn’t give my ED enough credit, to think she’d be as petty as I’d feared. I just thank God that she isn’t like her other family member(s), or it would have been a totally different story now.


I was able to squeeze myself into the antenatal class holding today, Friday. And it was just as well, as I found out that the class my doctor had penned me in for yesterday was for the 2nd trimester ladies, considering I hadn’t attended any at all. Today’s class is for my fellow 3rd trimester girls. I’ll find a way to catch up with what they did in 2nd tri classes. E no pass copy note na!

Patrick couldn’t off work, so I went to my first antenatal class on my own. On the whole, it was probably a good thing as the conversation ranged all the way from piles to bleeding nipples!!! There were about 10 of us in total, and some of the other mums seem very nice.  I ended up next to another first-time mum too, Ose. As her husband wasn’t there either, we were able to chat about being pregnant and how we felt.

Our pregnancies have been very different so far, as she hasn’t had any sickness at all (lucky girl!), and she hasn’t put on as much weight as me, either. We found out that we live really close to each other, so we are going to meet up once we’ve both finished work. It’ll be nice to have someone around when I’m at home all day on my own, considering Nwando has abandoned me. Her baby is due just after mine, too, so we’ll be able to share any worries we have when we are new mums.  Sweet!

I have to admit, a lot of the time I wasn’t listening to a word the Nurse was saying (she was doing something with a plastic doll in a bath). Instead, I found myself examining all the bumps on display. As far as I could work out, most of the other mums seem to have the classic football-shaped bump I’m jealous of, and I could only spot one other mum with the same kidney bean-shaped blob that I have.(It’s official, I’ve got bump envy!!!

Getting back to work, I submitted the paperwork for my maternity leave. I almost wish I’d applied to start next week (29 weeks), instead of waiting another 8 weeks (36 weeks). I have started getting very, very forgetful! And it isn’t that helpful, as I can’t remember what I’m meant to be doing half the time, and have to write myself loads of lists and stick notes all over the place. I don’t know if it’s down to the hormones doing funny things to my brain, or if it’s just because there’s so much to think about when you’re having a baby that there’s no room left for normal work thoughts.

It’s going to be a loooooong 2 months!

Tonight, as I got ready for bed, I almost collapsed at the sight that met my eyes! Because my mum told me she had loads of stretch marks after she gave birth to each one of us, I’ve been religiously slapping on tons of very expensive, very nice-smelling stretch mark cream every week, since I first week knew I was pregnant. I thought I’d gotten away with it, but tonight, I saw the first hint of several scattered lines all over my stomach. Whaaaaaat?!! Ah, this can’t happen oh! I’m not ready to sacrifice my beautiful skin!!!! I have to ask Vou what worked for her.

Anyway, I’m really glad I’m finally in the third trimester, and I have started spending more and more time thinking about my baby. It’s just like yesterday that I was so scared of scaling the 9-week mark. And here I am at 28 weeks!!! My God is too faithful and good!

The pregnancy app on my phone says my baby has now got eyelashes! Can you just believe that! It’s so weird, but so wonderful, to think that everything he/she needs is now in place and all he/she has to do is get bigger! I actually have a human being inside me!

It’s still the most surreal feeling ever!




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