Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 88: The Scare


April 29th, 2013

We had a scare yesterday.

After a night of passion, I noticed some blood when I went to the toilet. Although it was only very light spotting, I was terrified that I was going to lose the baby. So, I called my doctor, in a real panic, and he was very calm, and said he was sure that everything was alright, and that it wasn’t uncommon for this to happen. But he asked me to come to the hospital first thing in the morning, just to make double sure that everything is fine.

So, first thing today, on a Monday morning, the day I ought to have resumed at work, Patrick and I were hospital bound instead. I was really nervous on the way there, but once we arrived, we were taken straight to my doctor’s office, who was, thankfully, already there. When he attached the monitor, and heard the heartbeat, thumping away as usual, and as loud as anything, I was almost sick with relief! As well as the monitor I had a blood test, an ultrasound scan and a very gentle internal exam. Thankfully all is well, and I was allowed home.

I felt stupid for getting so frightened, and kept apologizing for wasting the doctor’s time, but he was really reassuring, and said that they’d always rather check it out, than have people worry. But he did place me on a week’s bed rest though. He also scolded me for being lax with my antenatal classes, and made me promise to attend every one from now, until the baby comes.

At first, I was worried about this turn of events. Here I am, after 2 weeks of fake bed rest, now being slammed with the real deal. I was worried about I would present this to my HR people, considering how lenient they have been with me already. I was also worried about being able to get time off for the antenatal classes, which so happen to fall on Thursdays. But after a while, I decided to heck with jare! I still have no idea what is waiting for me in that office. I might not even have a job anymore, for all I know.

So, I happily gave Patrick the new report, alongside Ebika’s, to drop at work for me, when he goes later in the day.

My day of reckoning has just been moved by a whole long week. Yay! But of course, bed rest or not, nothing will keep me away from Nwando’s wedding on Wednesday. Nothing at all!

Although he was really calm in the car, and at the hospital too, I think the whole thing must have really freaked Patrick out, as when we got home, he made me sit down, and went off to the kitchen only to come back with a cup of hot chocolate! He then started talking to me about the birth, if I’d been told how we’d time contractions, when we’d have to go to the hospital, etc. I couldn’t believe this was my very uninterested husband!

Apparently, quite a lot happened while I was away. Patrick told me that he’d been talking to a colleague at work, whose wife had a baby a few months back. The guy told Patrick about how, during his wife’s pregnancy, he’d looked at various websites, so that he could understand what was going on with her, and he also showed him a website with pictures of how the baby develops, which Patrick found fascinating. The guy said he’d done a lot of reading up on what to expect at the birth, which had really helped him to help his wife during labour, and when the baby was born. Apparently after that, Patrick started looking at these websites during his lunch break. So, what I hadn’t been able to do, a strange man had done in a split second!


Well, I’m not complaining!

So, amazingly, my husband now knows a lot more about this whole pregnancy business than I could have ever dreamt possible. I’m just relieved that he’s showing a real interest at last, and not leaving me to feel like a single Mom (God forbid!). I feel so much better now we can talk about things properly.





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