Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 86: Home Sweet Home!


April 26th, 2013

Alas, every good thing must come to an end. After a rather eventful 10 days, my holiday was finally over.

Thankfully, as I was scheduled to fly out at night, so I took advantage and had a gooooood lie-in this morning. I just lay there, meditating about this trip; the good (being able to buy everything I need for the baby, Phillip and Diana’s lovely wedding, and Ebika’s non-cancer diagnosis), the bad (the stunt Idara had tried to pull, and how that had almost torn us apart), and of course, the ugly (the gbege that is waiting for me in Nigeria, at work). Apart from the last one, every other thought made me happy, so 2 out of 3 aint bad.

As for the drama with my ED back in Lagos, my dear new sister, Vou, gave me a lot of good advice about it. So, I will accept whatever outcome as God’s will for my life. If I lose my job because of it, I won’t even fight it. I’ll just look inward, and find a way to make a living for myself. The job is not a do or die affair. Yes, the money is good…but my peace of mind is better, abeg!

At about 1pm, I started getting my things together. It felt so good to pack as light as a feather! For once, I wouldn’t be headed back to Nigeria, packed as if the world was about to end…which is just as well, considering I’m in no condition to even lug around a quarter of the weights I usually travel with.

At 4pm, Demola came to pick me up from the flat. Yes oh, my new best friend. After yesterday’s emotional evening, he had insisted on being the one to take me to the airport, and with Ebika insisting, there was no way I could refuse. It’s amazing how I couldn’t even stand to hear his name a few weeks ago, and now, here I am rooting for them. Yes, I feel so so bad for Oyinkan…pregnant Oyinkan…but I just can’t help but hope that they find a way to work it out…all three of them.

Seeing him today, he looked so much more like his old self! He had shaved, was wearing fresh clothes, he had on his usual strong cologne, and he was smiling from ear to ear. Bless!

We passed through Paddington, to see Diana and Phillip. Thankfully, Vou was there as well, so I’d been able to say goodbye to her as well. My newfound big sis! I love her to bits, and I will most definitely be harassing and bugging her from now on! Word! Phillip leaves London on Sunday, to resume work on Monday.

From there, we’d gone to see Ebika, who was also in very cheerful spirits…genuinely this time. It was when she was embracing me that she had shed a few tears, calling me a friend in a million. I couldn’t believe this was us, considering how much I couldn’t stand her a few months ago. My by-force besto has become my besto true-true! It’s true that we never really know in what direction God will steer us.

She informed me that Demola was moving her things out of the Hammersmith flat, to his own in St. John’s Wood, this weekend. When I raised my brow, she assured me it wasn’t the flat he shared with Oyinkan. Well, I guess I have no choice but to believe her, and be satisfied with that. As she won’t be returning to Nigeria for another month, she gave me copies of her doctor’s report to submit to our company’s HR, when I resume on Monday.

Demola and I didn’t get to the airport until 7.30pm, and he was such a gentleman. I’d half expected him to just bid me farewell and leave, but he had helped me with my Tax Refunds, my check-in, and had insisted on keeping me company until about 9pm, when I had to start heading towards my check-in gate.

As we said goodbye, he’d wrapped me in a warm embrace, thanking me profusely for everything I’d done, and how glad he was that his wife (his wife?!) had a friend like me. He then asked for details of my baby registry, and when I told him I didn’t have one, insisted that I create one as soon as possible, so that he and Ebika could send their gifts for the baby. At the sound of the word ‘gifts’, my ears perked, and I promised him I’d definitely do so.

By 11.35pm, our flight took off for Nigeria, and that was when I realized that I have committed myself to attending a bridal shower TOMORROW!!! When I had promised Nwando I would be at her bridal shower, I’d thought it would be a day after I arrived Nigeria. I had totally forgotten that, even though my outbound flight was scheduled for the 26th, I wasn’t scheduled to arrive Lagos till the 27th, the day of the shower.

OMG! That’s not good! I wonder if I’ll be in any condition to attend.

Our plane landed at about 6am, and by 7.30am, when I saw my Patrick standing outside the airport, by the Arrivals gate, my heart soared, and I just burst into happy tears. My darling husband, who even looks leaner than I left him, was perplexed over my tears, but as he held me, I knew he was also happy to have me back home.

Home sweet home!




  1. Aww… love love your diary! each character is so captivating. Read 1 to 85 this weekend and I just couldnt wait for 86 and again, you did not dissappoint. Big thumbs up to you.


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