Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 77: Played by a Master Manipulator!


April 17th, 2013

“Faith, don’t be ridiculous! You can’t possibly think Idara is spending the night here!” Phillip retorted.

“What else am I supposed to think?” I exclaimed, my eyes still on that traitor, Idara.

“Faith, we are both coming from the hospital! I have been with Diana all day. Idara came to meet me there! You can call Diana to confirm!” Phillip insisted, his frustration reaching fever pitch. “Idara was nearby, I told her I was in the hospital, and she came over!”

“She was nearby doing what??!” I wasn’t having any of it. “Idara, you don’t live nearby. You don’t work nearby. What were you ‘nearby’ doing?!”

“I had fellowship!” Idara answered with a defiance that momentarily startled me.

“Which church?!” Ebika interjected.

“Who is this one?!” Idara retorted, giving Ebika a dirty look.

“Okay, so she was nearby. Okay, she paid you an ‘innocent’ visit in the hospital. Please explain why she is following you to your hotel room at 10pm at night!!!” I yelled. A passerby would have thought I was the party being cheated on.

“She wanted to use the toilet.” Phillip answered. “Idara, tell them now.”

Ebika laughed. “Toilet?!!! So they don’t have any in the hospital you are both coming from??!!!”

Phillip sighed, his countenance a mixture of frustration and impatience. “She said she doesn’t like using hospital toilets…” then turning to Idara “Why are you letting me be your mouth piece. Speak up!”

“I don’t like hospital toilets…” Idara answered, nonchalantly.

And that was when I saw everything, crystal clear. The scales fell from my eyes. My brother was actually innocent in the whole thing…but he was being played by a master manipulator! He had bought Idara’s cock and bull story of having to use the bathroom and, if not for our intervention, would have most surely been seduced, as soon as they were alone.

I looked into the eyes of my friend of over 15 years, and I saw that, truly, I had foiled her plans for my brother that night.

“Idara, for the sake of our friendship, I won’t say any more. Just turn around, get into that elevator, and leave!” I said, as calmly as I could manage.

“But I need to use the bathroom!!!” Idara insisted, glaring at me.

The nerve of this woman!

“Babe, you are in a 4-star hotel. Toilets full ground for the lobby! Pick one, and stop this nonsense!” Ebika said, her face contorted with disgust.

“And my friend and I will be sleeping here tonight, so don’t waste your time coming back!” I shouted, as she stormed into the elevator.

“Faith! How could you think I was bringing Idara back here for sex??!” Phillip exploded, as soon as the lift door closed. “My fiancée is lying in the hospital, for crying out loud!”

“Why are you still in touch with Idara??!” I yelled back. “You won’t hear word!!! Do you know what would have happened to you, if I hadn’t shown up tonight?!! A third baby mama, that’s what!!”

Phillip glared at me, before storming off, in the direction of his room.

“And you must be joking, if you think you are sleeping here!” he snapped, when we all got to his door.

“Bobs, I am going nowhere tonight!” I snapped right back. “If you don’t let me into your room, it will be the lobby! So pick one!”

He glared at me, and then Ebika, who smiled and shrugged, before letting us in.

The three of us filed into the room, and while Ebika and I made ourselves comfortable on the bed, Phillip grabbed a pillow, and settled for the sofa.

Eiya! Next time, he will think twice before falling for such a glaringly obvious lie!


April 18th, 2013

Ebika’s sharp nudge woke me up, at about 7am the next morning. When I opened my eyes, I saw her scrolling through Phillip’s phone.

“Don’t worry, he’s in the shower,” she said, still scrolling. “He has been up since 5am, texting away.”

“Who with? Diana?” I asked, hoping for the best.

“For where!” Ebika laughed, handing the phone over to me.

My heart sank as I saw several chat heads between Phillip and Idara, starting as early as 4am this morning, with Phillip apologizing profusely for the embarrassment, Idara pretending that everything was fine and feigning concern for Diana, Phillip asking to make it up to her today, Idara inviting him over for a meal of Pounded Yam and Afang Soup at her place this evening, and Phillip accepting.

Aaaaaaargh!!! I feel like killing this man!!!!

The door of the bathroom opened, and I threw the phone on the chair, luckily quickly enough for him not to notice.

“You’re up early.” I remarked.

“Well, since you two deprived me of sleep tonight, I figured I’d start my day early, and take breakfast to my wife.” Phillip muttered. “Are you coming?”

“I’ll come later. I have to go back to my friend’s place to clean up.” I answered, trying my best to appear normal, when I was boiling inside.

“Good!” he muttered, walking away. “You ladies can let yourselves out, when you’re ready. I have my Access Card.”

When he was gone, Ebika turned to look at me.

“Faith, that girl means business with your brother. She is hell bent on getting him in her trap oh!”

I nodded, and stared ahead, quietly. It is very obvious that Idara is the aggressor here. Phillip foolishly thinks they have reached a place of platonic friendship, but is oblivious to the fact that the woman wants more.

Unfortunately, my brother is too stubborn and headstrong to see reason. There’s nothing I can say to him that will keep him away from her. In fact, thinking about it, there’s nobody who can talk any sense into him. He will just continue like this, until katakata bursts, and the unthinkable happens!

And then suddenly, an idea dawned on me. It was a risky one, that could very well blow up in my face…but at that point in time, it was the only thing I could think of to end this mess!




  1. This Idara sef wetin? what at all does she want from Philip, chaii, Faith i hope that plan of yours doesnt backfire oo, fingers crossed


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