Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 76: Caught Red Handed


April 17th, 2013

It wasn’t until I was in the plane, staring at the address Ebika had given me, that it occurred to me that it might be Demola’s house Ebika wanted me to come and stay with her in oh! And by Demola’s house, that could also mean Oyinkan’s house! Ha, no way oh! I’m in no condition for that kind of high drama. If it turns out that it is Demola’s house true true, I will carry my load to my new in-laws’ house, or worst case, Phillip’s hotel. I don’t need anyone carrying my gist in Lagos, abeg!

Getting to Heathrow, I didn’t even try myself by taking a train to town. Even though I traveled light, my body is in no condition to be fighting with a suitcase, in and out of different tube stations. So, I jejely took a cab to the flat in Hammersmith, and prayed for the best all the way.

Getting there at about 7pm, it was an excited Ebika that received me. With the way she was squealing and giggling, you wouldn’t believe we had been together only a few short days ago.

“Babe, before I remove my jacket, abeg…whose house is this?” I asked, stretching my neck to scan the place, and look out for any giveaway that this was the home of a married, family man.

“Faith relax! Do you think I’d be that stupid!” Ebika laughed. “It’s a short-let I got off Airbnb!”

With a sigh of relief, I took off my jacket, and plopped myself on one of the sofas in the living room.

“My dear, Demola and Oyinkan are the least of my problems right now…” Ebika muttered.

That made me sit up.

“How did your hospital appointment go?” I asked. “What exactly is the matter?”

“Nothing really…just a minor…” she broke off “My dear, it doesn’t matter ojare! What matters is that we are here, together, for 10 fantastic days!!! We’ll have a blast!”

I coughed, and pointed at my stomach, in case she had forgotten that I have a passenger on board. Blast ko!

“It doesn’t matter. We’ll still have fun!” her eyes lit up. “You know what? You said you want to surprise Phillip, right? Why don’t we go to his hotel now?”

I looked at her like she had grown a horn. “Are you serious? At this time of night?”

“Which kin night! It’s just about 7.30!”

“7.47pm actually!” I retorted.

“Okay oh! Dey there! By tomorrow, you don’t know if the guy would have found out you’re in town. Meanwhile, if you want to bust him with a babe, is it in the afternoon you want to catch them?”

I bit my finger. She had a point oh!

“Oya, let’s go!” I said, with a conspiratory smile.

And that was how we set off for Phillip’s hotel in Paddington, chosen because of its proximity to Diana’s hospital. Thankfully, the tube station was a short walk from Ebika’s flat, and 15 minutes after getting on the train, we were on the bus for the short ride from the train station to Phillip’s hotel.

Thankfully, the hotel lobby was busy, so Ebika and I were able to sneak into the elevator, unnoticed. I already knew his room number, and used that to hazard a guess as to what floor he would be on. Getting to the 4th floor, Ebika and I had to restrain ourselves from giggling, so excited were we from our James Bond moves. Such wahala, and maybe the guy wouldn’t even be there sef.

Getting to room 437, I knocked…and then knocked again. No answer.

“Can you imagine?!!” Ebika exclaimed, still panting from the adrenaline rush.

“He’s probably still in the hospital.” I said, almost kicking myself for allowing Ebika convince me into this silliness. Instead of me to be fast asleep, enjoying my holiday, I was sneaking and sleuthing, trying to catch my brother doing you-know-what, at almost 9pm at night!

“This was a bad idea. Let’s go.” I muttered.

“Ah! After all that wahala! Don’t you think we should wait a little while…”

“Ebika! Let us go oh!” I exclaimed. “I forgot how this kind of thing can do your body!”

She laughed, and we started walking towards the elevator. Even though we hadn’t met Phillip there, it had been fun actually sneaking our way there. It would definitely make a good story later on.

And as we waited for the elevator, it opened, and my mouth dropped to the floor when I saw the two people inside it.

“Idara!” I exclaimed.

From the look on both their faces, neither Idara nor my retarded brother Phillip was happy to see me!

They had been caught, red handed!




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