Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 74: Away we go!


April 13th, 2013

You know that feeling you get, when you wake up the morning after a long night out? After a long night of drinking and partying? That kind of intense hangover that makes you ask yourself what the heck you were thinking? That feeling?

Well, that was the feeling I had the minute I opened my eyes this morning. Except I hadn’t spent the night partying and drinking. No, I had only gone and done the most stuuuuupiiiiiid thing in the world!

What on earth had I been thinking, talking like that to my ED??!

From the minute my eyes opened at 5.00am this morning, despite the fact it’s a Saturday, all the bravado from last night have grown wings and flown far far away!

Patrick had a good laugh, when I told him about it last night, and he was still very amused about it this morning. But any excitement I got from it yesterday has long evaporated!

I might as well dust my CV now.

“You did whaaat?!!” Ebika screamed, when I told her about it over the phone, this afternoon.

“Something in me just snapped.” I said, with a frustrated sigh. “I think all the tension and wahala of the last few weeks just got the better of me!”

“Babe, you need to lie low oh! If I were you, I would keep away from the office for a while. You don’t want to be there when she’s probably still boiling!” Ebika cautioned.

I’d actually thought about it, this morning. I considered pulling a sickie, and staying away for at least a week. But I was worried about taking too many leave days, and not having enough for the extra month I’ll need after the baby comes.

“You don’t have to take your leave!” Ebika responded, when I told her this. “Can’t your doctor give you a sick note? Something about going on bed rest for a few days?”

Thinking about it, I’m sure he could give me something like that, if I asked. Hmmm, it was actually a thought!

“I think you need a change of environment…even if it’s for a little while. I’m going to London next week…for…for some medical stuff. I really wouldn’t mind the company. I can pay for your ticket.” Ebika offered.

I smiled to myself. Eeeehn!!! Ebika was offering to buy me a ticket to London. This Demola upgrade na real wa!!!

But I couldn’t find the words to decline the offer. Instead, the more I thought about it, the more appealing the thought was. Not only would the trip give me a much needed escape from my recent foolishness, I would be able to buy the remainder of my baby items in peace (and not at the cut throat prices the shops in Lagos…even Balogun market…are selling them for), I would be able to see Diana…and maybe even address the foolish Phillip and Idara issue. With Phillip also bound for the UK next week, my being there at the same time as him would help me monitor him, to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

But aint no way I’m going to let Ebika pay for my ticket! We might be bestos today, but abeg, I don’t want insult tomorrow.

So, I told her I’d think about it, and we’d ended the conversation.

Not up to 10 minutes after, my Mom called. We had avoided breaking Diana’s news to her all week, but last night, Phillip told me he was going to call her this weekend. From her tearful voice, I guess he already had.

“This is the devil at work!” she wailed. “All those evil forces opposing their union are behind this!”

“Mom, we need to be grateful that the baby is safe!” I tried to assure her. “It might even be a good thing for her to be under her doctor’s care.”

“But why now?! Why didn’t this happen after their wedding?!!” she lamented. “So this means they will be living in sin, until after their child is born?!!”

I sighed deeply, fast losing my patience for my Mom’s drama. In order to fast track the conversation, I found myself telling my Mom that I would be leaving for London next week, and would be sure to see things for myself. Luckily, or unluckily (especially if I don’t end up going), she seemed consoled by this.

And luckily for me, Patrick was open to the idea of me traveling to clear my head, and agreed to pay for my ticket, with the only caveat being that I can’t leave before my birthday on Tuesday…which works fine with me!

Calling Ebika, she was so excited that I would be coming along, even though she said she was disappointed about not being able to give me a treat by buying my ticket (story!!!).

So, away we go on Wednesday, the 17th!

Can’t wait!




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