Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 73: The Confrontation


April 12th, 2013

“So, you are the one who impregnated my niece, and ran away!” my ED retorted, looking at Phillip from head to toe.

Instead of my yeye brother to just keep quiet, he looked her straight in the eyeballs.

“I didn’t run away. We mutually agreed to separate,” he retorted.

Akunna’s Mom laughed humourlessly. “Mutually? Bia, Akunna, was it mutual?” she glared at my brother with enough venom to kill off an entire country. “This Calabar dog led my daughter on for 10 years, and then decided to drop her for onye Hausa!”

I shut my eyes and shook my head. Just when I thought the woman could not hit deeper depths in her tribalistic and politically incorrectness, she did just that. Luckily, my brother didn’t respond.

“Well, at least you did good by moving her to a better hospital.” my ED remarked.

Akunna’s mother hissed. “Is it by fine building?! Are their doctors good? That’s what we need, good doctors! And Akunna’s uncle, whose hospital we rudely left, is a good doctor!”

There’s really no pleasing this woman!

“It must be very expensive for you…having your two women in hospital at the same time!” my ED said, with a sly smile on her face.“Oh, forgive me. She’s a British citizen, so it’s free for her, isn’t it?!”

The speed with which mine and Phillip’s heads spun to face her, was neck breaking. How on earth??!!!

My ED laughed. “You’re surprised I know about your fiancée…what’s her name again…Diana, is it? Well, when my niece told me about her, I checked her out, and I found out I know her brother. Jacob and I were classmates at LSE. Small world, ehn?!”

Phillip reached for a chair, and sat down. If he felt half the way I was feeling, I knew the one word to describe it was w-e-a-k!

“Two women pregnant for you at the same time! How does it feel?” my ED was obviously enjoying herself.

Akunna’s eyes sparked. “She’s pregnant?!” she glared at Phillip “Is this true? How can she be pregnant?! How far gone is she?!”

“She’s just ending her first trimester, so no need working yourself up with any mathematics and calculations!” Phillip retorted, finding his voice again.

I stole a glance at Akunna, and gone was the love struck woman that had been there a few minutes ago. With the heavy way she was breathing, I could tell that she was mad as hell!

“Akunna, please take it easy…you know you shouldn’t work yourself up!” I said quietly, leaning over to touch her.

“Get your hands off me!” she yelled. “So, she’s in hospital, right? Let me guess, she’s in London, right? So, it’s now me, Akunna, that you will come and dump in a Nigerian hospital, abi?!”

Phillip stared at her, dumbfounded. “Is that even the point right now??!!”

My ED sat back in her chair, enjoying all the drama.

“If I had my way, she would be right here with me, and not over there!” Phillip said, his voice high with frustration. “You think I’m happy that she will be on a bed for the remainder of her pregnancy?! You think I’d rather be in this room with you, than with the woman I love?!!!”

I tapped his wrist, to restrain him from saying any more. God knows we didn’t need Akunna, or, worse still, her Mother, knowing that the wedding has been placed on hold indefinitely. Noooo, that was the last thing we needed!

“He’s right,” my ED offered “From what I hear, she started bleeding while shopping for her wedding gown. So, it wasn’t planned.”

Na wa for this Jacob oh! Radio Nigeria!!! Did he have to give so many details to this woman?!

Alas, the implication wasn’t lost on Akunna, and she smiled. “Eiya! So, she was wedding shopping? I guess that means no wedding!” she pouted. “Awww, poor Phillip and Diana!”

At this point, I had had enough, and rose to my feet.

“We’ll be leaving now. Take care of yourself…” I said, as I grabbed my handbag.

Akunna’s mother let out another bitter hiss. “See this one, carrying bag and feeling superior! One would have thought you would be more considerate, especially as you are also pregnant! You are just lucky that we are civilized in my family, or else my sister would have sacked you since!!!”

Gbam! The elephant in the room.

“Excuse me?!” Phillip said, his own fire ignited. “What did you just say?!”


I tried to pull him out of the room. “Phillip, let’s go, I beg!”

He yanked his arm out of my grip. “Sack who?! For what?! How?!” he turned to face my ED. “Enough of all this psychological bullying! Why don’t we just get it all out in the open. Sack my sister?! On what basis?!!”

“You better mind your tone, young man!” my ED snapped, her anger also triggered.

“Madam!” Phillip said, in a tone that was anything but polite. “We both know that you can not do a DAMN THING to my sister!”

My ED laughed. “You think so? You really think so?” she looked at me. “What do you think, Faith? I can’t do anything to you?”

As I looked at her, smiling so smugly, I realized that I had also had enough!!! What is it sef?!!

“Actually Ma, no…you can not.” I found myself saying. “I have read the company HR policy inside out, and there is no basis for any employee to be penalized for any actions they did not commit. Even I was the one who impregnated your niece, in the workplace, that counts for nothing! Even if you wanted to, and I’ll bet you do, you would find it quite hard to make a termination case for me, solely on that basis….Ma!”

She glared at me, and for the first time, I saw the façade break, and the angry woman was fully revealed.

“You are skating on thin ice, Faith!” she said, her eyes narrowed and her voice a hoarse whisper.

“I’m a hard worker. I was 1 point short of a perfect 90% in my last appraisal. I would like to see you try!” I answered, shocking even myself with this newfound bravado.

This time, it was Phillip who dragged me out of the room.

“Na wa for you oh!” he laughed. “You just vexxxxx!”

As we walked to the car, I actually felt pumped with self-confidence. No, I hadn’t expected to have that kind of confrontation, but it was really about time!

I am happy that it is finally out in the open. Let’s kick back and see what happens now!




  1. Aha*Surprised*

    Some people ehen, just because she is the ED? and Akunna’s mom needs someone to tell her the story of her life…(I just hate people like her)She sounds like she is gonna be a bad MIL


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