Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 70: Day from hell!


April 10th, 2013

With the way Idara has been blowing up my phone, I guess her ‘soulmate’ has told her that their jig is up. From yesterday evening to this morning, there have been 38 calls, 6 text messages, and countless BBM and WhatsApp messages, none of which I answered. In fact, I didn’t even bother opening any of the text, BBM, or WhatsApp messages, as I wasn’t in any mood to read any patronising, placating excuses for her behaviour. There I was, feeling like someone with a bestie, but she isn’t any better than my social climber friend Ebika here!

Unsurprisingly, my mood wasn’t the brightest when I got to work. From the way everyone avoided me, I knew I probably had the deadliest of frowns on my face. All the better, because speaking to anyone was not on my agenda for the day.

“This should make you feel better!” one of my colleagues, Benita, said, as she dropped a bottle of natural pineapple and coconut juice on my table. I had to smile, despite myself. The lady who made the natural juices always came by the office on Wednesdays, and that was the one I always picked. At times like this, the thoughtfulness of my colleagues makes me so teary eyed. I definitely needed an act of love like that.

As I sipped on the juice, and felt my anger begin to dissipate, the Yahoo Messenger on my screen suddenly popped open. Yahoo Messenger ke? Since which year?! It turns out that desperate times had made Idara resort to desperate measures.

Faith….I know you can read this. Babe, why aren’t you taking my calls, or responding to my messages?

I hissed and shook my head. This girl has some nerve.

I have spoken to Phillip…and he says you know about us…

I raised my brow. Us? Eeeehn?! She is still talking us! She never hala!

Faith, please say something!

I sighed, and reached for my mouse to close the window, so that I could get some actual work done.

I wish I could say that I’m sorry, and that I regret it…but I don’t

My hand stopped, mid-click. Oh? She wasn’t trying to apologise? This would be interesting.

What Phillip and I have is stronger than anything I have ever experienced with anyone! Our connection isn’t just physical! Did he tell you that we pray together? We fast together?

At this point, I knew I had to say something.

But yet, he is marrying another. Some connection!

Faith, we both know why he is marrying that Diana girl!

My brow raised again. Ah, it was as if Idara was about to give me an ‘education’ about my brother.

No, my dear ‘friend’. Maybe you could be so kind to tell me why.

Of course it’s because of her money! There’s no other explanation! I was even disappointed when I saw her. She isn’t even that pretty!

I felt the rage I had spent the whole morning trying to suppress, slowly building again. Idara thinks my brother is after Diana…for her money?! He didn’t marry for money when our father died in 2005, leaving us, not only penniless, but heavily indebted! He didn’t marry for money, when creditors were pounding on our door everyday, demanding for what they owed. He didn’t marry for money when our family didn’t have two coins to rub together, except for the meager entry-level salary of a young 25 year old Phillip, and the NYSC allowance of 24 year old me. It is now that he is financially stable, with a great job, and a sunshine bright future ahead of him, that this dingbat thinks he will marry for money.

Keep deceiving yourself, Idara! That’s why, at the age of 33, your mates are married and having kids, and you are still someone’s side chick! Good luck with that!

And with that, I closed the chat window. She is even more delusional than I thought she’d be!

I sat alone at the canteen, still not desiring any company at all. Ejiro sensed my mood, and waved at me from another table. As I waved back, I was so grateful that she was sensitive enough to give me some space.

I was just getting settling into my nice, solo meal, when someone pulled up a chair beside me. Looking up, I was actually disgusted to see it was Ebika.

“You are the only pregnant friend I have!” she said, without even bothering with any pleasantries. “What on earth did you say to Oyinkan?! She has been going around, telling anyone who cares to listen that even my own friends don’t support me! And I knew it was you, because she said…”

As Ebika rattled off, I stopped hearing the words, and only heard an annoying sound, that was grating seriously on my last nerve.

“Ebika,” I said, in a tone as cool and level as I could manage “I am not interested in hearing about your drama. As you can see, I want to be alone. Kindly take your chair, and go somewhere else.”

“What do you mean, ‘take my drama away’?!” she shrieked. “I’m telling you that Oyinkan said…”

“Ebika, please leave me alone!” I heard myself yell.

It was loud enough to make everyone in the canteen look in our direction. From the corner of my eye, I saw Ejiro giggle.

Ebika’s complexion had become bright red, and I knew I had embarrassed her, but I didn’t care. I still don’t. Let her carry her juvenile drama far away from me!

“I will show you!” she said, in a half whisper, half hiss, as she stormed away. Looking at her as she left, I saw that there were tears streaming down her face, and it occurred to me that I must have really hurt her. Whatever! I don’t need her drama to add to the plenty I already have.

And to cap an already horrible day, Phillip called at night, to say that Diana had been hospitalized. After spending the whole day shopping with her sister, she had started bleeding in a changing room at Debenhams. Luckily, the baby is fine, but she is to be monitored for a few days.

What an awful awful day!





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