Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 67: Dem say, Dem say!


April 4th, 2013

What can I say on to my Lord? All I have to say is thank You Lord!

Twenty-four weeks today! Like a dream, I am twenty-four weeks pregnant today! This is me who was so scared about not going beyond 9 weeks…and here I am! 24 weeks!!! If my baby is born today, it will be viable. It can actually live outside of my body.

Father Lord, I am in awe of You!

This time, Patrick understood what the big deal was, and as we said our morning prayer, and offered thanksgiving for the grace to get here, to this milestone, I actually saw a tear in his eye. Awww! My hard as nails hubby was actually emotional!

It totally set the tone for our doctor’s appointment later in the day. Everything is thankfully normal…and perfect…and I couldn’t thank God enough! And our baby!! Oh my goodness, our baby is proper baby now. There it was, sucking its finger and all. Patrick and I couldn’t take our eyes off that screen! It was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen!

I was almost tempted to ask the doctor for the sex, but I knew Patrick would eat my head if I tried. I even tried to squint, to see if I could see any tell-tale giveaway on the screen, but nope! Baby was again shy to reveal any body parts.

Even though I would prefer a boy, looking at the baby, the way it was gently chilling, without a care in the world, made me start thinking it just might be a girl after all. And that thought also made me giddy with excitement. It was at that very moment I understood why Patrick wants us to wait until delivery day to find out. It really doesn’t matter what sex our baby is. We already love it with our entire beings, and its sex is actually the least factor to consider.

As we left the hospital, I was severely scolded for missing my antenatal classes, and was made to promise not to skip another one. I just hope I’ll be able to talk my boss into letting me.

Driving back home, I got a text from Diana.

Thanks for talking to Phillip. He has finally agreed to let me travel tomorrow night! You’re a star!

I raised my brows, puzzled. I hadn’t talked to Phillip at all oh! I had stuck to my guns, and decided not to interfere in their wahala. But I am glad that they had finally resolved it.

Thinking back to my work day, I had decided not to allow yesterday’s run-in with Oyinkan colour my day at all! I didn’t even gist Ejiro about it. There was no need to prolong the matter any further. As far as I was concerned, it was something I would prefer to forget forever! At this age, I think I am way too old to be involved in this kind of foolish drama! Even when I was in LASU, I had made sure I was extra careful, and hardly ever got into any ‘dem say, dem say’ drama! No way…not Faith! Even when my friend Idara had a brief affair with my brother Phillip, despite him being in a long term relationship with Akunna, I had looked the other way oh! I did not put my mouth at all! I made sure they didn’t involve me in the beginning, and they sure as heck didn’t involve me in the end!

Getting back home, I squealed in excitement, seeing Nwando in the compound. We jumped around like excited teenagers, as we hugged each other like we hadn’t seen each other in years…even though I had seen her just four days before! She had come to get the place ready for her younger sister, Ukachi, who will be moving in after the wedding. I couldn’t remember which one was Ukachi, but decided it wasn’t important enough for me to ask. When she moves in, I’ll know which of them it is.

Before she went back to Ikoyi, I brought her up to speed on everything. Diana’s pregnancy, Ebika’s married man brouhaha and my run-in with his wife, and my phenomenal appraisal…and trust my friend, she had something to say for every one of them. She raved about Diana, and was happy that it gave a prospective older mom like her hope; she wagged her finger and warned me not to get myself any further entangled in Ebika’s love triangle; and she warned me not to let my guard down, even with my fantastic appraisal score.

“I don’t trust that your Madam. That Akunna’s aunty,” she remarked, echoing my own deepest fear. “She might still be waiting for you, with her trap, in front of the road!”

And that was the thought I carried to bed with me.

Hmmm. It might actually not be over…



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