Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 64: Owerri


April 1st, 2013

Thank God, it all ended well!

According to separate accounts from Diana, Phillip, and my Mom, as our car drove away, Diana had realized there was no time like the present, and that waiting till they got home to break the news to her man wasn’t going to work. So, she had pulled him aside, and had told him she was pregnant. And his reaction had made it all worthwhile. There was no anger or disappointment about why she had waited so long to tell him, only just ecstatic joy that he was going to father a child with the woman he loves. Not even her desperate attempt to remind him of all her previous miscarriages could temper his joy. He was over the moon.

And that was how the whole household, my brothers included, had found out. In a separate private conversation with my Mom in her bedroom, Diana explained, once again, why she had kept the news to herself, and my Mom had not only prayed with her, but had told her about the babies she had lost before Phillip came, and the one she had lost between Eteka and I.

In the end, it had been all joy! And I was so relieved after what I thought was the last conversation, with my Mom. Until Phillip called me, much later at night.

“Na wa oh! You fit kill person sha!”

I sat up in bed. “Me??!! How?!”

“Diana said she told you about it.”

“I have only known for a week oh!!! Abeg!”

“No wonder you were fussing so much, when you were at her place, last weekend!” he kept on musing. “It all makes sense to me now.”

“Look, Phillip, I couldn’t break her confidence. She asked me to keep it to myself, and so I did.”

“Look…I’m happy that she felt she could trust you…and that you were there for her.” he began, “But that one na gist, abeg! Babe, you and I are blood oh! You are my sister! You should have told me!” he insisted.

Not wanting to drag things any longer, I apologized, and got off the phone, with the excuse that I needed to sleep early.

Please, someone should remind me not to put my mouth in husband and wife wahala again! He and Diana are there loving up at home, but I’m the one he’s angry with!


Waking up this morning at 4.30am wasn’t even too bad, especially as I was reminded that we are in a new month!!! Hellooooooo April! My birthday month! Yay! On the 16th, this young lady will be 32 years old! Gosh…32 sha! But we thank God! At least, by His grace, I will be a Mom this year.

The only thing that made this morning a slight pain-in-the-you-know-where was having to be fully dressed up, in my aso ebi, gele, and a full face of makeup, before heading to the airport. I am one person who prefers to travel in jeans, a tee-shirt, and sneakers, so this full-on baffing wasn’t my idea of fun at all. I refused to wear my heels, so I made sure I carried a handbag big enough to hold them, and still be dressy enough for the occasion. Patrick and I took a big risk by deciding not travel with any hand luggage, because if anything was to happen to our outgoing and incoming flights, we would be so screwed!

But whatever! Who had time to be carrying a big travel bag all over the place?! Our plan was to land in Owerri, head straight to Nwando’s family house, do a few hours, and head straight back to the airport, to catch the 5.35pm flight.

And God on our side, we made it to the airport in time to catch our 7.45am flight, which was also on time. By 8.55am, we had landed in Owerri, and by 10am, the airport taxi dropped us in front of Nwando’s parents’ house. Hmmm…I didn’t expect to get there that early!

As we navigated our way through the decorators setting up the canopies and drapes, I found my heart dancing with joy for my friend…and it had nothing to do with the gorgeous yellow, red and white décor. Seeing all the activity in the compound, relatives milling around, caterers cooking at the back, I realized that this was real! My friend was about to be a wife.

Patrick chose to sit on one of the ready tables, whilst I made my way into the house to see my friend. Walking through the corridor, I thanked my God that I had had the wisdom to get dressed from home. The house was so full, I might have had to make do with the kitchen, to change clothes!

When I was ushered into her bedroom, her face lit up when she saw me, and we would have crushed each other in a bear hug, if her makeup artist hadn’t given me the dirty eye. In Igbo, Nwando screamed what I reckoned was for space to be made for me to sit on the bed, and quickly, I was granted enough room on the small bed to feel comfortable. As we couldn’t talk, we made eye contact in her mirror, and from her smile, I knew she was grateful that I had made it. I hoped my smile conveyed that I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Sitting in her room for the hour it took to get her fully dressed, I found out so much about the other ladies in the room, some of whom were her sisters, some of whom were her relatives, and a few of which were her friends. What touched me the most was that this is the first wedding in her family. I have always known Nwando has 5 sisters…but what I didn’t know was that she wasn’t the only unmarried one. Not even her 3 older sisters, all of whom are above 40, are married yet. And her 2 younger sisters are not spring chickens either, with the youngest on the brink of turning 30. Wow! No wonder her Mom was so happy, popping into the room now and again, singing praise songs and dancing and teasing everyone! I could tell that she was a very happy woman indeed. And all her sisters seemed genuinely happy too. Her older sisters fussed over her outfit, making adjustments to be sure she was perfect, and her younger sisters kept everyone entertained with their crazy sense of humour, which evidently ran in the family.

By noon, Obinna’s family arrived, and by 1pm, it was show time! Looking at Nwando, I had never seen her looking so beautiful. I knew she had spared no expense with her outfit (which was supposed to have been a wrapper around her bust, but which was actually a bustier dress), and it was definitely money well spent! She looked like a princess, especially with the addition of the coral beads and an embellished gele. And her makeup was pure perfection…especially from a local makeup artist (forgive me for being a snobbish Lagos girl).

As we danced out with her, the look on Obinna’s face was priceless. It was joy. Pure unadulterated joy. If anybody was doubting his love for her, they needed no further proof.

At 4pm, we had to peel ourselves away from all the fun, to head back to the airport. Alas, our flight was delayed by an hour, so we didn’t leave Owerri until almost 7pm!

But despite getting back home when it was almost 10pm, and with the knowledge that the 4-day weekend is over, I am so happy that we were able to make the trip!

Come May 1st, we’ll party in Lagos for the white wedding!




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