Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 63: Love, Joy, Fear


March 31st, 2013

Easter Sunday!

I’m always so emotional at Easter…even more so than Christmas. Recalling the Passion of our Lord is a definite tearjerker for me. Even though I wasn’t able to go to Church on Good Friday, I spent a lot of time meditating on the events leading to His death and crucifixion. And while channel flicking, I found the movie Jesus of Nazareth playing on one of the local stations, and I was beside myself with joy! As a child, it was one of the things we were always sure to watch, on NTA Channel 5, every Easter (and even Christmas sef!). I don’t know who that actor is, but sometimes, when I visualize Jesus, he is the one who comes to mind…he did that great a job. And I might have watched that movie over 500 times, but I weep like a baby every time. And this year was no exception.

Which is why I always feel so happy and overjoyed on Easter Sunday. I love to go for the Watchnight service, but as I couldn’t this year, we had to settle for the morning service…and I didn’t regret it at all! It was a glorious service, with fantastic worship! Thank You Lord, for the beautiful sacrifice of Your life, which has given us salvation. May we never take it for granted.

Service ended at about 11am, and Patrick and I decided to head straight to my Mom’s Festac house. The earlier we got there, the earlier we could leave. We had to keep in mind our early start tomorrow, for our trip to Owerri.

The roads were clear, and we got there at about noon. My Mom was elated to see me arrive so early, and had ushered me to the living room to rest, forbidding me to join her in the kitchen. So, I sat there, with Patrick and my younger brothers, while Mom, my younger brother Eteka’s girlfriend, Nelly, and the househelps, busied themselves in the kitchen. At a point, I felt guilty, and offered to help, but I was promptly shooed back to the living room. Ah, who was I to complain?!

At about 2pm, Phillip and Diana arrived. I was more focused on Diana’s attire than the delicious looking treats they brought. She wore a brown empire dress, which had some gold and brown fringe detailing around the bust, running all the way down to her hips.


It was ooookaaay, I guess. It wouldn’t have been my first choice for an outfit, but I guess it would have to do. As long as she sat the right way, and no breeze blew over the fringes, then I reckoned she would be good.

Scrutinizing her face, I was happy to see that there were no telltale signs…no swollen nose, no dark patches. Yes, she was only 11 weeks pregnant, but I know how I was at 11 weeks! So, thank God she isn’t the way I was!

When our eyes met, I gave her a slight nod of approval, and she smiled, obviously relieved to have scaled the first hurdle.

But when Patrick quickly got up from his chair, and helped her into it, she gave me a puzzled look, and when everyone was distracted, she leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“You told Patrick??!!” she asked, in a panicked voice.

I looked her straight in the eye, as compassionately as I could said “Diana, I tell my husband everything.”

God knows I didn’t mean any shade at all! I wasn’t trying to send her any subtle message. I was just telling her the honest truth. But no sooner had the words come out of my mouth did I see her expression change. What I had said had obviously hit a home truth with her.

“I need to tell him, right?” she said, more than ask.

I squeezed her hand and nodded. “Phillip loves you. Whatever the outcome, I’m sure he’ll want to experience it with you.”

She nodded and smiled. “I’ll tell him tonight.”

When I noticed Mom looking in our direction, I quickly changed the topic, talking loudly enough for anyone to hear what we were saying. We couldn’t afford to rouse anyone’s suspicions.

In the end, we had the perfect family lunch! Yes, the food was amazing, and the sweet treats were to die for, but that wasn’t what made everything so magical. As my Mom prayed the grace, we all held hands, my entire family in unison, and I realised just how blessed we are! Yes, we have had one-too-many hiccups this past year, but we are all alive, healthy and happy! May God rest my father’s soul! Food and gist flowed, laughter rang, love was felt…there could have been nothing better. It was a glorious success!

At about 5pm, a full hour later than when Patrick and I had thought we would leave, we finally broke away to start journeying back home.

Mom offered to see us off, and as she walked us to the car, she put her arm around me, and leaned in to ask. “So…are they going to use you as an intermediary again?”

I looked at her puzzled, and suddenly, it dawned on me!


This had been almost the same thing that had happened with Akunna, and Phillip had roped me into breaking the news to our Mother.

My Mom smiled mischievously, and walked away.

As I looked back at the compound, and saw Diana still laughing with Phillip, and my younger brothers, I knew I had to notify her immediately!!!!. Getting into the car, I sent her a text.

Mom knows! Don’t leave Festac without telling her!

I watched as I saw her check her phone, and as her smile froze. She looked at our car as we drove away, and I could see pure fear on her face.

Hmm! God speed to her oh! She better not put my name inside!




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