Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 62: Drama & Baby Kicks!


March 28th, 2013

Be careful of fake friends, who love to see you down, who think you will be inferior to them forever! Well, surprise! Look who’s on top now!

I chuckled at Ebika’s BBM status update, as Patrick and I rode to work. I always knew she was the drama queen, but this was downright ridiculous! And comical!

Well, at least it gave me some comic relief, after Mom’s text message this morning.

“What’s so amusing?” Patrick asked, looking at me from the corner of his eye, as we drove through the toll gate.

“Just some silly, immature, old woman!” I muttered, not wanting to waste my breath sharing the gist. It wasn’t even something I could call gist. Just the pathetic antics of someone who should have been wise enough to know better!

Getting to work, the atmosphere was as light as you would expect on the day preceding a 4-day weekend. Everyone had a smile on their face, and you could feel the holiday mood in the air. It was one of those days when you would ordinarily not have gotten anything done.

Except your name was Faith, and you were still working off your tailbone, in order to do well in next week’s appraisals!

Yep, I was determined to see my eye service through, and sat my ass on my chair, instead of running around gisting, as I ordinarily would have done.

When it was lunch time, I didn’t get the usual call from Ebika, and frankly, I wasn’t expecting it. I just jejely made my way to the canteen, to quickly eat my food, and return to work. If I can set a good impression before the holidays, by next week I can afford to be in chill mode.

As I sat at my table, solo, I saw Ebika walk past me, nose in the air, without giving me a second look. I shook my head, and continued with my meal. This girl belongs in Secondary School…Junior Secondary School, for that matter.

“Don’t tell me her BBM status was directed at you!” came Ejiro’s laugh, as she sat on the chair beside me.

I hissed. “Please, let’s not waste our breath on that topic, I beg!”.

I was actually sick and tired of Ebika and her drama! What she is doing is against everything I believe in anyway! As a married woman, I shouldn’t even be seen to be supporting anyone trying to steal another woman’s husband…I don’t care how long you claim to have been dating him! He is married, he is married. Full stop!

The rest of the day went by quickly, and I got home rather early. I felt a heaviness in my chest, as I walked past Nwando’s empty apartment. This would have been one of the days for me to pop in for one of our epic gist sessions! Every day, it sinks in more and more that she is not my neighbor any longer. I thought of calling her on the phone, but decided against it. Apart from the fact that she will probably be busy with preps for the traditional wedding in a few days, I also need to start weaning myself off her. Of course, she will still be my friend, but it is very likely that things won’t be quite the way they used to be.

On that note, I found myself quite moody all evening. But all that changed when Patrick finally felt the baby kick!

We were sitting in bed together, when I felt loads of jumping and thumping about, so I grabbed his hand and put it on my bump. It all went quiet for about five minutes, and we were about to give up, when the bashing around suddenly started again and Patrick snatched his hand away, and started grinning from ear to ear. He’s now decided that the baby definitely has to be a boy – because ‘he’s got a right foot like Messi’. Men! I wonder if he’ll still say that if it’s a girl?!

But it was a good feeling for him to finally have that experience. I have been feeling the kicks for weeks, and I could tell that Patrick was beginning to feel left out.

Tomorrow is Good Friday. I’m not sure if I can make it to Church. I’ll do my part and abstain from meat (my Catholic training as a child is still in me), but besides that, na me and my bed!



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