Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 58: Your Secret is Safe with Me!


March 23rd, 2013

Diana and I had stayed awake for most of the night, looking at old pictures. Maybe because I had been told Audu was much older, I had imagined a big-bellied, bald headed man, and was pleasantly surprised to see that he had been a very handsome man indeed! Even better looking than his handsome, but incredibly annoying, brother, Yakubu.

“He doesn’t even look that much older.” I said, looking at their wedding picture. Yes, you could tell that there was an age gap, but it didn’t look very pronounced. Diana, though very young, had love written all over eyes, and didn’t look like anybody being forced into a marriage.

“No, he didn’t. He looked very good for his age,” she said, looking at the picture with a wistful smile.

“You really did love him.” I more observed than remarked.

“He was my husband, Faith! Of course I loved him!” Diana laughed. “A lot of people think my brother orchestrated the whole thing, but with or without him, the minute I lay eyes on Audu, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Initially, it was the physical attraction…but as the weeks progressed, his caring and nurturing personality won me over,” she shrugged “Maybe it’s because I lost my father so early, and never had much of a father figure. Whatever the case, Audu made me very very happy.”

“If you were to choose between Audu and Phillip, who would you pick?” I asked, knowing deep inside what an unfair question that was.

“Faith!” Diana said, nudging me playfully. “What kind of question is that?!”

I shrugged. “Just curious, I guess.”

She smiled, and stared into space for a few minutes, deep in thought. “To be honest, if I were to choose when I was 21, it would have still been Audu. I needed that kind of father figure, and I don’t think a 20 year old Phillip could have given me that. But Diana of today? I probably might have found Audu’s protection a bit stifling. I want a partner that I can relate with…talk to…a partner who is more of a best friend than a father….and let’s not forget the steamy sex!!!” she ended, giggling.

I feigned covering my ears with my hands. “Please, spare me the gory details!”

“Oh my gosh, Faith! In that department, the two of them are like night and day! Audu wasn’t adventurous at all, and after a while, it got kinda predictable…you know? But with Phillip!!! Your brother is a stallion!”

Oh my goodness, I have been scarred for life, with this information. It has given me the kind of visual I don’t think I care for.

“I’m glad you’re happy…because I have to admit that I have been a bit worried.” I said, when she had finished her giggle fest. “Yes, Phillip has a good job, but he is no billionaire…not even close! And my brother can be hot headed…very different from the caring, nurturing man you describe your late husband as…”

Diana patted my hand. “Faith, I know my Phillip…and I love him just the way he is…warts and all! For him, I would sacrifice everything! I will leave this apartment, and throw away the key forever, without even thinking twice!”

Those words comforted my heart, and gave me the assurance that there will be no rude shock for her, when she marries my brother.

We had fallen asleep shortly after, and didn’t wake up till almost noon…so soft and comfortable her bed was!

“Gosh, I can’t believe I slept till this time!” Diana muttered groggily. “Did we go to bed that late?”

“I think it was a little past midnight.” I responded.

“That’s not that late ke!” Diana said, sitting up, and reaching for her dressing gown. “No excuse for sleeping half the day away!”

“Don’t forget that we are two pregnant women!” I joked.

From Diana’s stiff smile, I was reminded that it isn’t her favourite topic of conversation, so I dropped it.

As we made our way to the kitchen to rustle up some breakfast (or brunch), the doorbell rang. It was Phillip.

“I’m still surprised that this one agreed to come for the sleepover!” he remarked, when he saw me. “She must really love you, Di!”

“Na you sabi!” I muttered, sticking out my thumb.

Seeing Diana busying herself in the kitchen, I immediately rushed to grab the frying pans from her.

“Let me help you! Why don’t you go and sit down with Phillip?”

“Faith! Drop the pots! I’m fine!!!” she said, with a voice several decibels higher than her normal.

“Babe, take it easy! She was only offering to help!” Phillip remarked, surprised by her sharp reaction.

But I understood perfectly why she had reacted that way. She didn’t want anything that would give things away…and I very nearly had done that.

“Phillip, why don’t you drive out to buy us some breakfast? I don’t think Diana is up to cooking, and I know I’m not.” I suggested.

Phillip groaned inwardly. “But I was hoping she would make us some of her fantastic pancakes!”

“Faith is right! Why don’t we try the bistro at The Palms for a change?” Diana chimed in, catching on with what I was trying to do.

He sighed deeply. “Okay! You ladies win! I’ll be right back. And please, have a shower before I return. This apartment smells like feet!”

When he had gone, Diana rushed over to hug me. “I’m so sorry I snapped, Faith! I was just so scared of him finding out.”

“Don’t worry hun. Your secret is safe with me!”

And, whether I like it or not, it sure is!



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  1. Tough choice @faith but i get Diana. My sisinlaw just lost her baby in 2nd trimester after i encouraged her to announce to the family just some weeks earlier. She has been incommunicado and i kinda feel like i’m to blame for her announcement. I pray God comforts her as she says she isn’t ready to talk, all i do is send messages now they aren’t even delivering anymore but i can’t call, so confused….I don’t expect her to tell next pregnancy.

  2. Aww, that’s so sad. I can just imagine the way she feels right now. She is probably thinking, “if I had not told anyone, perhaps, I would still be pregnant.” Wait o, what’s with all the need to tell people you are pregnant sef, sooner or later, they will know, because the pregnancy will announce itself.
    But I guess with family, that can become tricky, as offence might be easily taken. Whatever, I just pray God comforts her and please @bosa, keep trying to reach her. She needs to know someone understands.

    • Thanks @oluwakemine I’m not sure she thinks that though, she’s abroad so we cldnt have seen it. After several procedures and a failed cycle this was such a blessing. And of course we thought we were out of the woods since 1st trimester was over. Will keep trying to reach her, just don’t even know what to say.
      @nicole seems I have same
      Problem as Mimi oh I see these smileys on my phone but not on laptop here but on the forums I am


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