Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 52: Instagram Drama


March 11th, 2013

When I woke up this morning, I was tempted to just roll over and continue my sleep. But all it took to get me jumping out of bed, and straight to the shower, was the reminder that we are approaching appraisal season!

Even I know that I have had my fair share of days off work. No be me first carry belle oh. Let me not give them the bullets they will use to shoot me. I still don’t know what pot of soup my ED is cooking for me.

Patrick apparently was also still groggy himself, so it was a very grouchy couple that rode into town this morning. As we left the compound, we saw Nwando driving out. We exchanged pleasantries, and when she asked how the weekend in Abuja went, I just told her it went well. No need giving her the gory details abeg. Na wa for only my family having so much drama. And it wasn’t even a lie, as it did go very well…in the end! In fact, left to me, I’ll permanently erase that Yakubu/Audu episode from my brain. We already have enough that we’re dealing with.

“Na wa oh. You look like you need another weekend!” Ejiro commented, as she joined me at my table, during lunch.

I sighed and hissed. “My sister, na so I see am oh!”

“How was your trip?” she asked. I had even forgotten I told her.

I shrugged. “We thank God. At least, we’re moving forward.”

“That’s good,” she remarked, before leaning in to gossip. “Have you seen all what your friend has been getting up to?”

I was confused for a second. Which friend?!

“Ebika now!” she exclaimed “Don’t you follow her on Instagram?”

Instagram ke? When I am still struggling with Facebook! I don’t think I have logged on more than twice since I was forced to create an account last year.

“What’s she up to? We haven’t chatted since she went on leave. Her phone is switched off, and she hasn’t replied any of the e-mails I’ve sent.”

“Someone that is living it up all over Europe, which time will she reply e-mail?!” Ejiro laughed, whipping out her phone, scrolling, and handing it to me.

My brow arched in pleasant surprise, as I took in the first picture of her lounging on a yacht. According to the caption and hashtags, she was apparently in Saint-Tropez. Where did she get the money to afford such an expensive holiday?!

“That’s just the surface! Check out the rest!” Ejiro said, when I made to return the phone.

As I scrolled through the other pictures, I was further amazed by all the opulence and luxury. In these 2 short weeks, she has managed to squeeze in Monacco, Ibiza, Cyprus, and Milan. Na wa oh.

But it was the 8th picture that caught my attention. She was locked in an embrace with a tall, good looking man…and it didn’t look like a casual hug either. And the hash tags on the picture confirmed my suspicion.

#MyOneAndOnly  #FifteenYears  #LoveYouForever

I proceeded to click on the guy’s profile, and apart from seeing it was private, I saw that the name on it was Demola.

It looks like Ebika is back in the arms of her baby daddy.

“Did you know she’s dating a married man?” Ejiro asked.

My eyes widened. How could she tell by looking at the picture?!! “How did you know??!”

“Read the comments!” Ejiro laughed in response.

I didn’t know when my hands went to my mouth, as I read the caustic comments. Apparently, this was the first time Ebika had revealed her lover, and by tagging him, it showed that she is ready for business!

But the Instagram world wasn’t playing games either. People who knew his wife (some lady called Oyinkan), came for blood. Ebika was called every name in the book, accused of being a desperate old hag, and told that she was deceiving herself if she thought he would ever leave his wife for her.

However, Ebika’s army was also on duty, as they proceeded to attack Oyinkan’s cronies, saying that it was Oyinkan who was the ‘husband snatcher’, informing them how Ebika and Demola have been a couple ‘before Oyinkan ever heard his name’, and even going as far as saying, if it hadn’t been for Ebika, Demola would have graduated with a 3rd class, so he owed her in more ways than one.

By possibly the 200th comment, I grew weary and handed Ejiro back her phone. It was a real battle field, and the blood shed was real!

“You knew?” Ejiro asked.

I sighed. “My dear…I don’t even know what to say!”

If after everything she told me she went through with him, Ebika has used her two legs to go back to Demola, who am I to complain? If she thinks that lounging on yachts, sipping on champagne all day, and buying luxury items, are enough for her to concede to living life as a second fiddle, that’s her business. If at the age of 35, it is another woman’s man that tickles her heart, oh boy, na she sabi oh!

I finished my lunch, and went back to my desk, to struggle to at least get some work done.

Make I no go add odo in my appraisal to my list of worries!



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