Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 48: Gender


March 7th, 2013

When I woke up this morning, my heart soared! Today, I would see my baby!

But as strong as the feeling of excitement was the disbelief that I had actually agreed to Patrick’s request for us to keep the gender a surprise. How had I allowed him hoodwink me into that?!

Getting to the hospital, the scan was just as amazing as I thought it would be! This time, we could see a proper kicking, wriggling, turning baby. Patrick kept saying ‘Wow, that’s our baby’ so much that the sonographer asked him if he was expecting to see a puppy. He didn’t find it funny, but I did! LOL!

But oh, it was perfect! We could see absolutely everything…right down to the little fingers and toes. Although I’d reluctantly agreed with Patrick not to check the sex, I had a sneak peek to see if I could spot anything between the legs, but they were crossed!!! Little baby is already siding with its Daddy! I guess this means I might just have to wait another 20 weeks!

I actually felt quite sad when the scan was finished. We got some photos to take home, including a great one of the baby sucking its thumb. I could have quite happily stared at the baby spinning and kicking around for hours. It’s so bizarre, and more than slightly frightening, to realise that, very soon, I will see my baby face to face.

Getting back home (yes, I took another day off…shoot me!), what I didn’t expect was for everyone to think we were lying, when we said we wanted to be surprised about the gender. See me see trouble oh!

The first person was my Mom. She’d called almost the very minute I walked into the apartment. After squealing in delight as I told her all about the baby’s athletic moves, when she asked if it was a girl or a boy, my response of wanting to be surprised, was met with a very long pause. I know my Mother well, and silence is usually not a good thing.

“You want to be surprised?!” she eventually asked. “You, Faith? You want to be surprised?!”

I eventually gave in, admitted it was Patrick’s idea, and proceeded to listen to a long lecture about why it is important to know the sex, for better planning. While I agreed with her, I couldn’t resist asking the obvious.

“Ah, so how did you plan for us na? Because I don’t think finding out the sex was possible when you had us, between 1980 and 1986 oh!”

“Don’t be silly!” she snapped. “Besides, I was able to check when I was carrying Etim in ’86!”

Okay oh! If you say so, Mom!

When I saw Nwando later that evening, she shook her head and smiled when I told her we were ‘waiting to be surprised’. It was obvious she wasn’t buying it, but chose not to probe further.

The last straw was Ejiro, who called me later at night, to ask how my scan went. When I told her I didn’t know the sex, her response of “Oh…okay” pretty much broke my heart. The last thing I wanted was for her to feel I was screening information from her, because she’d lost her own pregnancy. To compensate, I found myself going into way too much detail, as I explained how it was my husband’s idea, how I was dying to know myself, and even how I’d tried to sneak a peak…but no way! In the end, we were both laughing, and I hoped I’d been able to convince her that I wasn’t trying to be funny!

As we lay in bed to sleep, Patrick asked if I had noticed the Asian couple at the clinic, and I exclaimed that I did oh!!! I had noticed them well! The woman and I were both scheduled for the 20-week scan, and I kept on staring at her abdomen. Nah! This woman couldn’t be 20 weeks! Her stomach was as flat as a board, and she was as skinny as a rake. I looked like a whale in comparison. Nobody seeing us would believe we were in the same gestational phase! I hadn’t even realized Patrick had also noticed them, and we spent the rest of the night, gossiping about them, and laughing our hearts out.

We are all different indeed.

We also talked about our impending trip to Abuja this weekend, for Phillip and Diana’s introduction. I have to be married to the best man in the world, as he has refused to release me anywhere, if he’s not nearby. So, he will be traveling with us. The down side is that he went ahead to pay for my ticket, so I wont be able to tax Phillip again! I was actually looking forward to that!

So…Abuja bound on Saturday morning. I wonder what it holds for us!



  1. Congrats!! That 20weeks scan is the real deal!
    It’s nobody’s business if you even found out and didn’t share,so no need to even worry as you truly didn’t find out.


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