Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 42: Okafor’s Law


February 27th, 2013

We agreed it would be best for Ebika to take some time off work. Dealing with the end of a long-term relationship, if you could call it that, as well as mourning not only this baby, but the other babies she terminated, all in a bid to hold on to a man who had no regard for her, were bound to take a toll.

Together, we had approached her boss, and had used to age old excuse of a ‘pressing family emergency’, which necessitated her having to take some time off work.

Her boss, a kind hearted woman in her early 50s, had looked at her for what seemed like an eternity. It was almost like she could read right into her soul. Even I, standing next to her, was starting to get uncomfortable.

“You haven’t been yourself all week…” she remarked “Besides, we owe you 15 days. You can take them. Just make sure you fill the form, so I can sign it and send to HR.”

Our eyes widened. There we were, hoping to get a day or two, and she had just been gifted 15 whole work days!!! 3 weeks, in layman franca! A treasure chest of gold, to the working man! She couldn’t get any luckier than that!

“Do you want me to drive you home?” I offered, at the close of work, as we walked to the car park. “I can get someone to help with my car.”

“No, that won’t be necessary,” she said, before suddenly giving me a hug “Thanks so much, Faith. I really needed a friend today.”

“What are you going to do with yourself for 3 weeks?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe go stay with my parents. Maybe travel. I really have no idea. I just know I need to breathe.”

“Ebika! Make sure you don’t see that man oh!!!” I said, pulling my ear “No matter how sweet his mouth is, make sure you don’t go back there oh!”

Her lips moved in what I couldn’t quite decipher was a smile or frown. “Faith, that’s a dead chapter in my life. Closed forever! I can never go back!”

Watching her drive off, I prayed that she would truly keep to her word. I say this because I have had friends stuck in dysfunctional relationships, who have just refused to come out. Even in the worst of situations, Okafor’s Law seems to always hold true.

Okafor’s Law. It was Patrick who first mentioned it, a few years after we started dating, when one of my exes was trying to stage a comeback. I tried to make Patrick see that he was wasting his time being paranoid, when he told me about this theory, which was the most foolish, most crude, most backward thing I had ever heard in my life!

A hole once entered is always enterable!

I thought it was utter nonsense, and I minced no words letting him know just that.

But over the years, I have seen this theory justified again and again. It might not have worked with me, but omo, with a lot of women I know, na so oh! I have a friend whom we almost had to take to Mountain of Fire for deliverance from the lowlife she kept going back to, over and over again. Even now, as I write, I’m not sure she has fully extricated herself from his grip.

Driving home, I felt anxious for reasons I couldn’t decipher. I chalked it down to feeling sorry for Ebika, and also the heartburn that has been my friend all week. Or maybe it was anxiety over my scan next week. I couldn’t quite tell. As the date draws closer, I have been increasingly worried about them finding something wrong with the baby. What if it isn’t developing as it should? What would I be expected to do then?

I have also been considering Patrick’s request for us not to find out the sex of the baby. Even though I really really really want to know, I don’t think it will be fair to Patrick, so (shock horror) I just might agree to go along with his plan to be ‘surprised’ when the baby is born!

And speaking of when the baby is born, I know we really need to get a move on about getting ready for it…setting up the nursery, shopping for essential items, etc. For almost 20 weeks, I have been faffing around. I think it’s high time I got more serious about this, and started doing instead of just thinking.

Those were the thoughts on my mind, as I drove into my compound. As I turned off the ignition, I saw a woman sitting on the pavement. My mouth opened when my eyes adjusted, and I slowly made out who it was.

Is this the twilight zone or what?!

What the heck is Akunna doing in my house??!!




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