Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 38: Wedding Season!


February 24th, 2015

Nwando and I stood staring at each other for a few seconds, before she let out a long hiss. “My friend, will you get out of here!”

With that, we collapsed into fits of laughter and proceeded to hug each other.

“If not for this your stomach, I would have punished you with frog jump! Nonsense girl wey no know her mate!” Nwando joked, smacking playfully.

We didn’t even realize when Patrick cleared his throat, and walked past us upstairs. Nwando and I were so happy to be in each other’s company again. I guess she had missed me just as much as I missed her.

“I am so sorry.” I apologized sincerely, when we were seated in her flat. “I don’t know what came over me that day.”

“No, don’t apologise. That was the exact kind of reality check I needed!” Nwando said, reassuringly.

She told me how enraged my comments had made her, that evening we had had the disagreement here in her flat. So incensed was she that she had tossed and turned all night, wondering whether she was really being too picky, and if, truly, she would end up a spinster at 40. By morning, she was so restless that when she threw her things into a bag, and hopped into a car, she’d had no idea where she was going to. Only for her to find herself, racing the express, all the way to Owerri. But the drive had done her a world of good, so much so that by the time she got to her parents’ house, she had had enough time to think about the situation, and had realized that Obinna already having kids was not the end of the world.

“I now sent him a text oh, to let him know I was in my parents’ house, and that we would talk when I return to Lagos,” she continued “The next thing I saw was the man in my house! Immediately he received my text message, he was on the next flight to Owerri,” she smiled as she remembered “That was when I knew that this man oh, I can’t use him to play! Whether he has a child in every country, in every continent, na dem sabi! I vowed then and there that I would never let him go!”

My heart wanted to burst with happiness for her, as she showed me the beautiful engagement ring that adorned her left finger.

“Oh Nwando!” I said, my voice catching with emotion.

She smiled, and I could see her eyes getting misty as well. “My dear, yes oh! Only a few months ago, there was nobody on the scene. Not even a foolish toaster. Everywhere was just dryyyy like harmattan!” she smiled, looking at her ring, almost as if seeing it for the first time. “And now…look at me! Look how God did it for me in such a big way!”

“Have you two decided when the wedding will be? I’m guessing it will be small.” I said, especially considering that my brother’s fiancé, who isn’t far in age from Nwando, is clamouring for a tiny wedding. My own train of thought was it might be an age thing…the older the bride, the smaller the wedding.

“Small gini?! Small for what?!” Nwando exclaimed. “I be small girl? Why should I have a small wedding?!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. This engagement was bringing out the Igbo girl in my posh, sophisticated friend.

Nwando laughed in wonderment. “You are funny oh, Faith! Small wedding kwa?! When Obinna and I reconciled in Owerri, he and his people were so excited that they wanted to pay my bride price immediately. And my parents too wanted to collect! I had to shout no oh!” she clapped her hands ceremoniously “When I never carry belle! Why should they pay my bride price hush hush! I told my parents no way!!! Me too I must have that kind of traditional marriage that will shut down the whole town! And all those my friends that I have been paying thousands for their aso-ebi, must also come and wear my own oh!”

I laughed. The babe is serious!

Before I went up to my apartment, I was informed to save the date of April 1st (Easter Monday) for the traditional wedding, in Owerri, and May 1st for the white wedding in Lagos. I did some mental calculations, and figured I might be good to attend both. It would take a bit of convincing to get Patrick to allow me travel to the east, but I don’t think I can miss my friend’s wedding for anything!

Now, if only Phillip and Diana would also just fix their own date(s), so I’ll know how to arrange myself.

Walking into my apartment, I found myself humming the wedding march!

Yep, it’s wedding season for me!



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