Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 34: Baby Kicks


February 21st, 2013

Oh my goodness! My baby moved today!!!!!

I’d been expecting it. All the pregnancy apps and sites I have been reading all indicated it would happen anytime soon, but when it happened, it totally blew my mind! I felt my baby move for the first time, and it was totally amazing!!! Although it was nothing like it said it would be in any of the pregnancy books, or on the websites. There were no fluttering butterfly wings or poetic tingles for me. It was rather more of an odd kind of tiny tummy rumble.

The first time I felt it, I was still in the bed, and I lay there with my hand on my bump, and my mouth open in shock. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but then it happened again, I knew it wasn’t just indigestion. I knew it had to be my baby wriggling and wiggling about inside me. Since then, I have been feeling the same thing on and off, and it’s such a beautiful sensation. I have had to restrain myself from prodding my bump, just so I can feel it again! I absolutely love it, and it’s just like a little secret between my baby and I.

So, you can imagine that I was literally walking on air all day today. The fact that my baby has started communicating with me kept me in cloud 9 the whole day.

I had a chat with another expectant mother at work, Natufe, who is about a month ahead of me, and she told me that her baby’s movements feel more like kicks and punches, rather than rumblings. I hope this means Patrick will feel something soon, because when I told him about the kicks, he put his hand on my bump, and was a bit disappointed to only feel my fat belly.

When we were done talking about baby kicks, she asked if I had gone to see Ejiro. I told her I haven’t, but plan to drop off a gift at her house this weekend.

“But they say she isn’t seeing visitors.” I remarked.

“Who told you that?! Somebody I saw last week!” Natufe responded, giving me a funny look. “You mean you haven’t gone to see her? I thought you two were close!”

“But…but I heard she refused to see anyone…” I bleated

“That was when it first happened now! Of course she wouldn’t want to see anyone!” Natufe exclaimed “But by last week, she became strong enough to have visitors!”

I tried to explain that I wasn’t in the country last week, but Natufe was having none of that.

“Babe, you need to see her! And fast!” she adviced.

I knew I just had to ask this question.

“Didn’t she feel somehow?” I asked, looking at Natufe’s bump.

“Not at all! She would have felt much worse if I had thought it best to stay away!” she rose to her feet “Ah! You better go oh! If I were her, I’m not sure I would be able to forgive you oh. Over two weeks later, and you haven’t gone? You no try oh, Faith!”

I’ve heard now! Abeg no come dull me today oh…was what I mumbled to myself as she walked away.

Well, the weekend is almost here. I’ll make it a point of duty to see her then.

Just as I was logging off for the day, Phillip sent me a video of his wedding proposal the night before. The novelty of my baby’s kicks had made me forget to call him, to ask how it went.

Watching the video, my heart melted, and I actually found myself getting emotional. The setting had been his living room, which he had decorated with rose petals and tea light candles. With Omar’s There’s Nothing Like This playing in the background, my annoying, over-sabi, over-macho brother, had actually gotten down on one knee, and asked the woman he loves to marry him. It was beautiful!

Watching it brought back memories of Patrick’s proposal to me…on my 28th birthday…almost 4 years ago. It hadn’t been quite as intimate, as we were in a crowded restaurant, with practically everyone I knew there, but it had been beautiful still. Our song from the early days of our relationship, Robin Thicke’s Lost Without You, played in the background, and I had felt so deliriously happy.

I didn’t even know when Ebika walked up beside me, and was also watching Phillip’s proposal video…until her loud exclamation.

“Ewo! Ebika see your life oh!!!” she lamented “When are you getting your own oh?!! Almost 35 and we still dey like dele ohhh!”

I laughed and gave her a playful nudge. Even though she was acting like she was joking, I got a feeling there was an element of truth in her lamentation. And I didn’t know she was almost 35. Ah, if that’s the case…

Before we knew it, we were flanked by a few other colleagues, who were all oooh-ing and aaah-ing over the video. It wasn’t until the 10th person joined us, that Ebika suddenly snapped my phone shut, and dispersed everyone.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“Have you lost your mind?! Or are you waiting for Aunty Josephine to come and join the crowd, to watch the man who dumped her niece propose to another woman?!”

It’s true ohhhhh! Ah, Faith!

As much as I have decided not to give in to bullying, it absolutely won’t do to aggravate the lion in it’s very own cage.

Brushing it aside, I grabbed my bag and proceeded to drive to Patrick’s office, after which we would both join Phillip, Diana, my brothers, and Diana’s sister, who is visiting from out of town, for a celebratory dinner.

Today was a lovely day!




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