Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 33: The Proposals


February 19th, 2013

I can’t believe I’m almost 18 weeks pregnant! In two days, I will be officially 18 weeks pregnant!!! My baby is the size of a potato…or a bell pepper. How awesome is my God!

I’m so excited about my scan in two weeks! It’ll be fantastic to get another picture of the baby, and see how much bigger it’s grown since the last one, and also be able to determine the sex. Only for Patrick to blow my mind, by saying he’d rather we be surprised, meaning he doesn’t want us to confirm the sex!!! The man is a joker oh! After I have waited this long, he expects me to stay in suspense for another 20 weeks?! Ah, it cant happen abeg!

He then said I could find out if I wanted, and not tell him, but seeing as that’s just not humanly possible for me, I might have to wait as well. Oh drat!

Anyways, I managed to make it to work, but, just like yesterday, I wasn’t productive at all. I could barely concentrate on anything. I think my brain is still in holiday mode.

By the end of the work day, I had driven to meet Phillip at The Palms. He had offered to come to my office, but I had quickly shot down that idea! Abeg oh! No need to fast track the termination of my employment. Only God knows what my ED would do, if she were to see him in the building.

Seated opposite my brother at the bar, I couldn’t help but marvel at how happy and content he looks. I don’t think I ever saw him this happy in all the 10 years he had been with Azuka. It’s really amazing what love can do!

“Bobs, so what’s the plan with the baby?” I had asked, almost immediately “If I remember correctly, Akunna is only about 4 weeks ahead of me. That baby will be here sooner than you think!”

He shrugged. “We’ll probably go and see her people to work something out.”

“The sooner, the better abeg!” I said, relieved that he was, at least, thinking straight.

“But that’s not even why I asked to see you.” he said coyly, reaching into his pocket.

My eyes lit up at the sight of the velvet box, and I let out a gasp when I saw the huge diamond rock hoisted on a dainty platinum ring.

“For Diana?” I had exclaimed.

“Ehn ehn, for you!” he had replied sarcastically.

I didn’t even mind the sarcasm today.

“I’m sooooo happy for you!” I squealed, leaning over to hug him. “When are you going to pop the question?”

“Tomorrow” he had responded, beaming.

I frowned slightly “Tomorrow. What time tomorrow? I usually close late on Wednesdays, but I’m sure I could find a way to get off work early…”

“For what?!” Phillip had laughed “Where are you going?”

I stared back, confused. “Aren’t we going to be there when you propose?!”

“Unless your name is Diana, or Phillip, the answer is no!” he replied firmly “I have it all planned, and it doesn’t involve a crowd.”

“Ha! Na wa for you oh!” I sulked.

Which kin system is this na? This isn’t how I knew proposals to be oh. When Patrick proposed to me, my entire family, and even his own siblings, had been there. I just think it made things that much more special.

Well, I guess not for Oga Phillip.

I got home feeling so happy for Diana, but also so happy for my family too! I couldn’t wait to have her as a permanent part of our lives.

As I made to climb the stairs to my apartment, I overheard movement in Nwando’s flat. I hesitated by the door for an instant, before I pushed it open, gently.

Standing there, rustling through her book shelf, was Obinna.

“Hey Stranger!” he exclaimed, as he came over to hug me.

I was too perplexed about what he was up to, to reciprocate the excitement.

“What’s going on?” I asked, looking at all the books he carried in his arms.

“Oh, yes! Nwando sent me to get some of her things.” he responded.

“She’s with you?” I asked, shocked! Was it not the same Nwando that was cursing him out for having children, sons especially, out of wedlock?!

“Not exactly.” he replied “She’s with her parents in Owerri, but I’ll be seeing her again tomorrow. I was there this past weekend.”

Okay, he had lost me now.

“By the way, thanks so much for standing up for me. She told me about your quarrel” he said, giving me a shy smile.

“So, you two have settled?” I asked hopefully.

He sighed. “Well…you can say that. I’m still working on her.”

Apparently, that morning she had driven out of the compound, she had actually driven straight to her family house in Owerri. Owerri sha! Someone that found it difficult driving to the mainland, had been able to drive to the East?! That anger must have been real!

Anyways, Obinna had tracked her down there, and he and his family had been trying to iron things out. He was on his way back there to continue working on her.

As far as work went, she had taken a few weeks off, in order to regroup and recover, but would be back by the weekend, as the holiday would end by the early part of next week.

“Please pray that by the time we are back, she would have forgiven me!” Obinna said, with a weak smile.

I reached over to squeeze his arm. “She’d be a fool not to!”

From his body language, I am almost certain that there is a proposal in the horizon. The next time I see Nwando, she just might have her own rock on her finger!

Awww, bless! Two proposals!!!

Love is such a beautiful thing!




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