Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 32: Holiday Glow


February 18th, 2013

The rest of our holiday was perfect…exactly the way I had dreamt it would be. Whilst Patrick busied himself with work and meetings during the day, I made sure I enjoyed that luxury hotel to the max, lazying in bed all morning, eating chasis room service, and then hitting the shops in the afternoon. When he returned in the evenings, we spent them eating out, visiting friends, and just generally having a blast!

By the time we got home yesterday morning (Sunday), we were both exhausted! We literally were asleep for the whole day, waking up briefly to buy some food, and getting back home to continue sleeping.

Yet, with all that sleep, I still slept through my alarm this morning. I almost had a heart attack when sunlight hit my face. 7.30am! 2 clear hours later than my usual time.

When I nudged Patrick to wake him up, he told me he wasn’t resuming work until tomorrow, and had assumed I wasn’t either. My dear husband now started scolding me for not giving myself an extra day. Imagine! His punishment was having to drive me to work. Yeye man!

But even as late as I was (I didn’t get there until 9am), I wasn’t even a little bit anxious. Minus the initial drama, the trip was everything I needed. The rest and relaxation did my body and soul a world of good, Patrick and I were able to enjoy some great bonding time, and I was able to really reconnect with my BFF, Idara!

Idara! I will ever be grateful to that woman for drumming some sense into me. She could very well have encouraged me to end my marriage, and join her in the single world…but she didn’t. After the dust had settled, we spent a lot of time, just reconnecting. She would swing by the hotel, on her way home, just before Patrick returned, and we were able to bond all over again. We were a foursome back in the day, and we had all been extremely close, Idara and I especially. But when Cecilia, Ifeanyi, and herself left the country, as much as we had tried to remain as close, life had gotten in the way. But catching up with her now just reminded me that there are very few things in life as wonderful as your day-one homies!

Anyways, there I was, cat walking into my office building, my head swollen from all the compliments everyone I saw was giving me. You know how it is when you are baffed up, and you know it? Yeah, it was one of those days.

So, that was how I walked into the lift, and just as the doors were closing, someone pressed the button from outside, and the doors reopened, only for my ED, aka Aunty Josephine, walked in. My heart literally skipped a beat, and all my holiday shakara disappeared in a flash.


“Good morning, Ma.” I greeted, my voice surprisingly stable.

She looked at me from above the rim of her glasses. “Faith, right?”

I coughed. “Yes…yes Ma.”

She looked at her watch. “Just getting to work?”

For some reason, rather than get even more anxious over having been caught in my lateness, I became a bit defiant.

“Yes Ma.” I answered brazenly. If this was the beginning of her victimization, I was more than ready.

She nodded. “Just back from holiday?”

Huh?!! Was this woman monitoring me?!

As if reading my mind, she nodded towards the carrier bag in my hand. “Those boxes of Celebrations chocolates are a give away.”

Oh! I had forgotten I was carrying those.

As we got to my floor, she suddenly said. “We still have not heard from you brother.”

Turning back to look at her, I saw a sly smile on her face, just as the elevator doors closed.


I bind and reject any spirit of anxiety and stress in Jesus’ name! If she thinks she can panic me, I am throwing it back to the sender! They haven’t heard from my brother ko! These people should just leave me out of this nonsense oh!

I can’t shout!

On a happier note, Ebika and the rest of my colleagues were well pleased to see me, and even more so by the goodies I returned with. Ebika in particular got emotional when I handed her the box of perfume.

“Babe, take it easy. It’s just perfume.” I had said, a bit embarrassed by her reaction.

“It just shows that you remembered me!” she had said through her tears “And how thoughtful of you to have bought me my favourite brand!!!”

Eeeehn? It was? It was price that had been the basis for my choice, but hey! Who was I to burst her bubble?!

When Patrick came to pick me up, I told him about my strange encounter with my ED, and we both agreed that the woman is on a very very long thing! But we also agreed to ask Phillip what plans he has about handling the situation. Whether we like it or not, the truth of the matter is that there is a child involved…a child who will need a father. So, even if he isn’t marrying Azuka anymore, we need to know what we’re doing concerning that baby.

Getting back home, we found out from Idahosa that Nwando has been away for about as long as we were. From his timeline, she might have been gone since that morning she sped out of the compound, like a bat out of hell.

Hearing that worried me. I really hope she is okay. If she’s not back by tomorrow, I’ll call her, regardless of how badly things had been the last time we saw. I got her a few gifts, which I hope will be a good enough olive branch.

All in all, it was a good day!



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