Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 23: Bestos


February 4th, 2013

All through the drive home, from Festac to Lekki, I talked non-stop about Diana! I replayed every detail of what she had told me, to Patrick, and even he had been moved by this wonderful woman. When I got home, my Mom and I had continued the gist, over the phone, with both of us praising her for rising through everything in her life, to become the woman she is today.

“Can you imagine! Being a widow at 27?!” my Mom had exclaimed.

“And being left alone…with no child to even console her.” it was out of my mouth before I could even retrieve it.

We had then sat in silence for a few seconds. Yep, we couldn’t avoid the elephant in the room…what we were, apparently, both worried about.

That Diana is a 35 year old woman, who has also not been able to carry a pregnancy to term. Statistically, it’s not looking so great.

“My dear, our God is in control!” my Mom had said, with a deep sigh. “I would rather a childless Diana as a daughter-in-law, than that daughter-of-satan!”

I had to laugh at the description. Na real daughter-of-satan!

Anyways, this morning, I took my time to dress…and I mean really dress up for work! I no longer have the cloud of worry over my head. I truly don’t care less what my Madam ED decides to use her powers over me to do. Na she sabi oh! All I will do is to continue doing my job, to the best of my ability. No be my papa get the place. If it gets too hot for me, I move! Simple!

When I got to work, everyone was full of compliments for me. Yep, just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I should look like akara fried with dirty oil. No way! Today, in a black pinstripe wrap dress, and a mouth covered in my ever-favourite, never-fail, Ruby Woo shocking red lipstick by MAC, I knew I looked the business.

As I walked into my boss’ office, she was smiling from ear to ear, as she admired me. But her smile died on her face, when she saw what I was holding.

“5 days leave??!” she had exclaimed. “But you said you wouldn’t take any leave till much later…”

“Yes Ma, but something came up.” I had replied, smiling sweetly “I’m so sorry. It’s unavoidable.”

She had hissed under the breath, before asking me to drop the application on her table. I did so, before skipping out of her office. She can hiss all she wants! Nothing is stopping me from going on the trip with Patrick, next week.

Later on in the day, I was so caught up with my work, that I didn’t notice Ebika hovering over me.

“Faith, what exactly is going on?” she had asked, hands on her hips “Are we no longer tackling this Akunna issue? Abi do you have another plan?”

I had smiled at her, and motioned for her to sit down.

“Babe, I have left that one oh.” I had informed her “I don’t have the energy for that wahala.”

“But…Aunty Josephine…” a shocked Ebika had stuttered.

I shrugged “What about her? What can she do? Fire me? No wahala. I go sidon for my husband’s house. It won’t be the end of the world.”

“Wow” was all Ebika could manage.

“I can’t allow that girl marry my brother, Ebika! I can’t. You need to meet his new babe. She is amazing!!! If losing my job is the price I have to pay, I’m more than happy to do so!”

Ebika sat quietly for a while, before smiling sadly “So, I guess you don’t need me any more.”

Huh? I looked at her, confused.

“Babe, let’s not lie to ourselves! That was the real reason you came to reconcile with me” she laughed “If it wasn’t for this Akunna gbege, na so you for dey chin me till we both resign from this place. I used to see you, eating your lunch and playing with your phone, before you finally ran away to that canteen across the road. You no send me at all!”

If I was Caucasian, I would have turned crimson red. Because, she was so right. If it hadn’t been for this issue, I would have been fine to keep her out of my life…permanently!

“It felt so good for you to actually want something from me.” she continued “Do you know that, in all the years I have known you, you have never asked me for a single thing. Not one thing!” she shrugged “I just liked being able to help you for once…”

Standing up to go, she patted me on the shoulder “Laters, babe…”

“Ebi, sit down” I had said, guilt eating me up “It’s not at all like that. Yes, I came to you for help, but I really missed you when we weren’t talking.”

“Really?” she had exclaimed, with a big smile on her face.

I smiled back at her. What was a little white lie if it would make her happy “Really!”

Her smile could have lit up the Christmas decorations on Ajose Adeogun street. “So, that means we can start hanging out outside of work…visiting each other…and doing the things bestos do!” she laughed “You think I haven’t noticed how you’ve been dodging me all these years…keeping me at arm’s length?!”

This girl sef!




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