Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 21 – Stress Relief


January 29th, 2013

After my discussion with Ebika, I had been so distressed that I had decided to leave work early. As I drove home, I was blinded by rage! All I wanted to do was drive straight to Phillip’s office to order him to fix the mess he’d created! And then after that, I was determined to find a way to get to Akunna’s office, a.s.a.p, and report her for harassment! I wondered how she would feel if the shoe was suddenly on the other foot!

But after I woke up from the impromptu nap I took, lying on my couch, still wearing my work clothes and shoes, I suddenly realised how foolish this whole situation is! I mean come on! What the heck is all this about?! What really is the big picture here?!

So, assuming I do exactly what Akunna wants…and I somehow manage to convince Phillip to leave the woman he loves, just so that I can keep my job…what happens if I decide to resign tomorrow? I would have ruined his life forever. And what if I don’t resign? I’ll become Akunna’s bitch for life? Jumping, and asking how high, any time she pulls the Aunty Josephine card?!

And what if I don’t do anything about the situation, and, very worst case, I somehow lose my job? Would that really be the worst thing that could happen to me?! Haven’t I been toying with the idea of starting my own business for years? Would losing my job really be the end of the world?

And, for crying out loud, I am pregnant! Finally, after longing for this for so long, I am carrying my baby, but instead of resting, and taking things easy, I have been running myself ragged because of the empty threats of an imbecile! What if, in all this drama and excitement, I had suffered another miscarriage?! What would I have said to myself?!

Nah, men! Not worth it at all! Let Akunna do her very worst. I’m not afraid of her.

When Patrick got back home, we talked, and he was glad that I have finally seen reason. We agreed that the only logical thing to do is to keep doing my job to the best of my ability. But if there is ever a whiff of any form of bullying or victimisation, rather than waste time and energy making reports and complaining, I will simply hand in my resignation! Simple!

And the perfect way to end the day? My husband and I finally had sex! After abstaining for over 3 months!!! I think I even wanted it more than he did! I can’t even articulate how wonderful I felt afterwards! Talk about stress relief!

So, today, I decided to play the pregnancy card, and called in sick. I have decided to stay at home for the rest of the week. After all the stress of the last week, it’s only fair that my baby and I rest, no be so?


January 30th, 2013

Patrick and I have agreed that I’ll go with him on his next business trip, in two weeks. He’s scheduled to attend a series of meetings in London…but had been trying to get out of it, considering what happened the last time he went away. A couple of weeks ago, when he had broached the idea of me accompanying him, I had immediately refused, reminding him how I was saving all my holiday days, so that I would have enough to make up an extra month, when I go on maternity leave. But now that the job is neither here nor there, I have decided to just go with the flow, abeg!

So, as soon as I’m back at work on Monday, I’ll apply for 5-working days, and off we’ll go on a…what do they call it…babymoon!

I can’t wait!


January 31st, 2013

I was still enjoying a nice stretch in bed, when my phone woke me up this morning. Patrick had already left for work, and I was enjoying those extra hours of sleep you relish when you are away from work.

It was Ebika.

I was tempted to ignore the call, but I knew that would only fan the flame of whatever she had in her mind. So, reluctantly, I had answered the phone.

“You still dey sleep?” came her voice, when I answered “There is fire on the mountain, and you are sleeping!”

“What fire?!” I had asked, half heartedly

“This your Akunna babe issue! Or have you forgotten!” she had exclaimed “See, the more time we waste, the harder it will be to…”

“Ebika, I’m not feeling well…” I had muttered

“Story!” she had hissed “We both know na dodge you dey dodge! But don’t worry, I have a friend who knows someone who works in the same building as…”

“Ebika dearie, abeg let me call you back” I said, trying to sound as weak as I could “I’m really not feeling well. Please, I’ll call you back…”

And with that, I had terminated the call, and rolled over in bed, to enjoy more sleep.

Akunna can count me out of this soap opera she is trying to act. If she doesn’t have better things to do…well, I do! Instead of her to be thinking of how she can win her man back, she is wasting her time trying to blackmail me. It will do her like filmshow when Phillip marries Diana! They would have dropped 3 children, and she will still be using my ED to pursue me. Ode!

No time for nonsense, abeg!

Meanwhile, guess who’s 15 weeks pregnant today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. Faith i love the way u write i comsume every word u always right keep it up love u guys am thrty two not married yet but i wish to have a child i pray i dont have difficulty but i have learnt so much from u guys thank u for the encouragement and enlightnment


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