Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 131: Today


June 6th, 2016

There’s no way I could end this diary without letting you all know what has happened to everyone in the last three years, and where we all are today.

For starters, our baby boy, David, turned 3 this last Saturday (2nd July). The last 3 years have been the best of my life and, even though it hasn’t been without enormous stress, motherhood has been the best thing that ever happened to me!

I didn’t go back to work after my maternity leave. When my 3 months was over, I took another month unpaid, and when even that was over, I just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to return to that kind of life. With my Mom living all the way on the other side of town, the thought of David growing up in a creche broke my heart. Patrick and I had a long discussion about it, and we decided it would be best for me to start my own business, which I did. I started off baking and catering for friends and family, but soon added natural juices, shea butter and coconut oil to my portfolio. The money isn’t great, but the business has been growing…and I know that, with hard work and dedication, it will become profitable soon. In the meantime, I am loving the time I have with my boy.

Upon all Patrick’s mouth, we ended up not moving house until just a year ago. With me stopping work, we’d had to reevaluate our finances, and decided staying in the flat a little longer wouldn’t hurt. And I’m glad we did, as it helped me grow closer to Jide, Nwando’s sister, who literally took over from my Mom when she left after omugwo. Words will never be enough to express my gratitude to that woman, who was selfless enough to be with me from the wee hours of the morning until it was time for her to go to work, only to continue the very minute she returned. She was God-sent to me, and my love for her grew in leaps and bounds. And the best news? She finally got married last year! At the age of 42, God answered her call, and she married a widower in her church…a very good looking man in his late 40s. And as if that was what broke the spell, before the end of the same year, their oldest sister also got married, and 2 more of them are to wed this year. Father Lord, we praise your Holy Name!


As for Nwando, her own story is bitter sweet. She had 2 failed back-to-back IVF cycles in Nigeria, followed by 2 more in America. She just didn’t want to stop. It wasn’t until her 4th failed cycle that she broke down, and decided she wasn’t going to try anymore. But Baba God had other plans for her. Three months into her break, just shortly after her 39th birthday, she conceived naturally…and she had a beautiful baby girl, Adaora. Not up to a year later, she conceived again, and she is due to have her baby towards the end of August 2016…a baby boy!

Phillip and Diana’s son, Michael Ekpo, came a few weeks early (at 36 weeks), but save for a few days in intensive care, he was as healthy as an ox. Diana said she was so relieved, it felt like she was released from jail. After spending almost 5 months confined to the hospital, nobody could blame her. She and the baby returned to Nigeria about 6 weeks later, and she literally kissed the ground upon her return. By mid-2014, she was pregnant again, and this time, she chose to stay put in Nigeria. She and her doctor came up with a modified bed-rest plan, in which she could actually stay home, and not be confined to a hospital again. They had a few scares, but on Valentine’s Day 2015, Michelle Emeobong was born. At her Christening, Diana whispered to me that she was getting permanent birth control in place, as she couldn’t go through it again. I don’t blame her at all.

Oh, and Ejiro also had her baby…a baby girl. At 27 weeks, her doctor released her from the hospital, and at 38 weeks, her daughter arrived.

Idara and I reconciled. The words my Mother said, just before I had David, really registered and even though I wanted to make amends, I didn’t quite know how to. But thankfully, she’s the one that made the first move. When her parents came for the baby dedication, she sent truckloads of expensive gifts for the baby, and I knew that was her own way of saying ‘sorry’. So, I’d called to thank her for the gifts, and we’d ended up talking about everything. She had apologised for everything she’d done, and just like that, I had my friend back.


Of course, it wasn’t easy getting Diana to understand why I was still friends with the ‘enemy’, but she soon came around. Thankfully, with Idara in London and Diana here, there hasn’t been any cause for the two of them to meet. I just hope that by the time it does happen, there will be enough water under the bridge.

Akunna is still in America. We never really heard from her after she left. Phillip says he tried a few times to keep in touch, but she never really responded…which is really just as well. But from what we have heard, she’s done with her Masters program and trying to get a job. I wish her all the best!

And Ebika? After her 1-year imposed relationship sabbatical, she finally started dating Emeka…properly! They got married last year, in a beautiful destination wedding in Seychelles. Looking at them, they were so happy and in love, that it was hard to imagine her having been in the messy relationship that was hers and Demola’s a few short years before.

As for Demola, well…he proved that a leopard never truly changes its spots. After moaning and pining after Ebika, he started dating a mixed-race girl called Natasha.


Poor Oyinkan. Natasha showed her that whatever war she’d had with Ebika was child’s play! I no longer follow Oyinkan on Instagram, but from what I hear, the showdowns between her and her new rival have been m-e-s-s-y, to say the least! The babe has all the time in the world for Oyinkan. She is happily living the luxury life with Demola in his Ikoyi apartment, and is apparently determined to unseat his wife. Well…good luck to all of them!

And me? Well, I recently started actively trying to conceive a sibling for David. I had thought I would get pregnant very quickly after having him…like Diana, and later on Nwando, but it hasn’t quite been the case. I’m on my 2nd Clomid now, and am hopeful that it will do the trick, the same way it did about 4 years ago.

Thanks so much for sharing my story with me! I love you all!




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  1. Your Comment……….and everyone lived happily ever after thouthere might be some thorns on d way. God is ever faithful.

  2. @faith thanks for the update, life does happen. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story with us, it just reiterates the message of live life to the fullest as its non ending, from one phase to another….God help us all, kisses to David and Goodluck with his sibling.

  3. We love you too! We wish you and your family all the best!
    Also, we P ray your TTC journey to give David a sibling is successful in Jesus name! Hugs and kisses❤️❤️❤️??????

  4. Wow…. finally i saw the end of it all and it is beautiful. 🙂 Congratulations to Y’all, its a beautiful thing. This put a big smile on my face. It all ended well.

  5. Your Comment…Awwwww…..I really enjoyed your diary Faith(I thought of writing my diary too)! I wish It will go on and on…I wish you the very best.

  6. Thank you Faith! You are truly gifted with story telling and you should look into writing for a living! Thank you for blessing us with your journey. May David sibling come fast! IJN!

  7. I know I missed on so many episodes and then I crashed at the end… I have to look for the missed episodes, no doubt. I really enjoyed ur diary and very grateful that you could share with us. God has to make dis next journey for baby no 2 extremely short and I wish you a happy ever after… We will miss u loads…

  8. Awww! So it is truly the end? Enjoyed every bit if it! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Wishes you could be a regular, though!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your story, it was amazing. Hubby kept shaking his head for meduring the two days it took me to read the whole 132 episodes! May God answer our prayers. Love to big boy David.

  10. Thank you Faith.
    Thank you for this platform @thefertilechickonline. It’s such a beautiful experience binging on these inspiring stories. More grease to your elbows and more Vaseline to your knees. ??


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