Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 107: Back and Forth


June 1st, 2013

So, Oyinkan’s baby is here.

When I saw Ebika’s stone face yesterday, I had that suspicion, and decided to check out Oyinkan’s Instagram page to confirm it. And my hunch proved right. Maybe because she was genuinely excited over the arrival of another bundle of joy, or because she wanted to show the world that, even if it was only for the time being, her family was complete, Oyinkan had uploaded over 50 pictures documenting the birth of their daughter, and in 90% of those pictures was Demola, literally bursting with pride as he held, hovered around anyone who held, or generally fussed over his daughter. There were a few pictures that had just the new parents, with their daughter, and from the looks they exchanged, nobody would have guessed that he was on the verge of marrying another woman. And, of course, Oyinkan’s army ranted victorious in the comments section, jubilating over her reunion with her husband, and mocking whomever wanted to get in the way of their love.

Hmmm! No wonder Ebika was stone faced.

Even though I’d decided not to get involved in any more drama, I knew I couldn’t just ignore her, so I’d called her extension, to check on her.

“Thanks, Faith. But I really don’t want to talk about it right now,” she’d answered, her voice flat and defeated.


On the one hand, I was relieved I wouldn’t have to hear her complain about this turn of events, but on the other hand, the sadness in her voice broke my heart. I just wish she could see that this situationship of hers (because that’s what it is, not a relationship) would bring her more sadness than happiness.

But that was one less thing for me to worry about!

This morning, I had a good lie-in. I have always loved Saturdays, and as this coming week is my last full week at work, it felt even sweeter to snuggle up under my sheets. Patrick surprised me with a TV in our bedroom, meaning I can actually, literally, be in bed the whole day! And as he’s been so wonderful, waiting on me hand and foot, I could get away with only leaving the bed for toilet breaks.


Which is what I was able to do, the first half of today, as I snuggled in bed, watching Scandal, and getting immersed in Olivia Pope’s shenanigans. I wish I too could also say to all the problems in my life ‘It’s handled!’. I really wish!

Which is why I almost didn’t answer Vou’s call, this afternoon. I actually ignored it the first time my phone rang. What was she calling to tell me sef? How angry Diana was? How Phillip messed up? Big deal…tell me something I don’t already know! So I watched the phone ring off, determined to enjoy my Scandal in peace, and not get myself involved in any more drama. But she called again, and I knew I just had to answer it, if for nothing, out of the respect I have for her.

“Thank God! I actually thought you were avoiding me!” she said, as I answered the call.

I didn’t have the courage to tell her I’d been trying to.

“What is your brother up to, Faith?! I thought he’d be here by now!!!” she exclaimed.

I shut my eyes, and sighed deeply. Here we go!

“Diana finally agreed to see her visitors yesterday. We talked, and I explained everything to her. But Phillip has to be here to defend himself, because try as I may, it’s not easy making excuses for a man who was taking a woman back to his hotel room at night!”

“He said he tried to call her, but she didn’t answer…” I muttered.

“You know she wasn’t taking any of our calls. I’m sure you must have tried to reach her as well!” Vou continued. “We’re all surprised that Phillip isn’t here! One would have thought that…”

“That what, Vou? That what, exactly?!” I cut in, finally fed up. “She couldn’t even give him the benefit of the doubt to confirm things from him. She just swallowed everything Idara said, without even bothering to check the validity with anyone! Vou, my brother has been through a whole lot these past few months! This is just one drama too many! Haba!”

Vou was quiet for a few minutes, and I could tell she was shocked by my outburst. And frankly, so was I.

“I’m sorry if I sounded rude. That wasn’t my intention.” I quickly apologized, “But Vou, even I can’t tell my brother to drop everything, yet again, and hop on a plane, just so that Diana can feel appeased. If she wants their marriage to work, she also needs to meet him half way on this. Rejecting his calls is not the answer. What if he couldn’t afford to fly back and forth? What if he loses his job because of all the time he has been taking off?”

Vou sighed. “You’re right. It’s not fair on him…”

“And to be honest, I am also very upset with her as well!” I continued, encouraged to say more. “You saw all the stress and hassle I went through in London. I even dragged my friend around, who might have been battling cancer for all we knew then! I did everything in my ability to make things right, but yet, she can’t even dignify me by answering my calls? I’m not happy at all…and please tell her that!”

“I will. I’ll talk to her.” Vou said, in response. “I knew this time apart would really test them…and I just hope they are able to get through this.”

“I’m sure they will. They have a child on the way.” I answered, desperately trying to believe my own words. “Diana just needs to commit to giving them a chance!”

As I got off the phone, I knew this was one problem I couldn’t ignore. Whether I like it or not, it’s my business. And I have to think of how to end this whole mess, once and for all!




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