Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 106: Absolutely Nothing


May 29th, 2013

“I have been patiently waiting for your call!” Idara retorted, “What even took you so long?!”

Her first words in answer to my call momentarily threw me off guard, as I had expected to be the one on the offensive.

“Why would you stoop so low, Idara? Why did you tell Diana about you and Phillip?” I asked, regrouping.

Her high pitched laughter threw me off again. “Stoop so low indeed! So, you people expected me to roll over, like a dog abi? While Phillip and Diana ride off into the sunset? Why should I be the only one to suffer? Why can’t his dear wife share in a little bit of the pain?!”

I was sick to my stomach, listening to this stranger on the phone.

“Why should I be sitting foolishly in my house, protecting Phillip? Did he protect me, when he wasted my time for 13 years? Did he think of me then? I thought about it, and realized I had nothing to lose by telling his so-called wife the truth!”

“But what did you gain, Idara? You had nothing to lose, but what did you gain?” I asked, my heart pained.

Her silence confirmed that she was struggling with an answer.

“Idara! You will never get him back. Phillip will never be yours! He’s gone forever! Even if Diana leaves him now, he will never come back to you…not after what you’ve done.” I continued, realizing I had hit a raw nerve. “But guess what. Diana is not going to leave! They are going to figure this out…and they will move on. In a few months, their child will be here, and they would have completely forgotten about anyone called Idara! You, on the other hand, will still be the same pathetic and desperate woman you have shown yourself to be. You are a disgrace! I’m so ashamed that I ever once considered you a friend!”

As I disconnected the call, I didn’t have the accompanying satisfaction I ordinarily would have had. The rage I felt was still boiling over. If I had the strength, or the money, I would have been on the next flight to London, and I would have beaten her up, black and blue…even with this big stomach of mine. The nerve of her!

My next call was to Phillip and, understandably, he wasn’t sounding in the least bit cheerful.

“Vou sent you the recording?” he asked, his voice flat.

“She actually came to my office to play it to me. She only just left.” I answered, not quite knowing what next to say. “What are you going to do?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing,” was my brother’s surprising response.

Nothing ke?

“I don’t know what more Diana wants from me. I have been 100% faithful to her. Do you know how many women throw themselves at me, every single day? Do you know how many of my exes still harass me with calls? Why do you think I no longer use my other 2 lines? But I have kept every single one of them at bay…all because of the love I have for Diana.”

“That’s what you should do! Don’t think you deserve a pat on the back for doing what is expected of you as a man in a committed relationship!” I retorted.

“Not a pat on the back, but how about a little bit of trust? How about that? How about a little benefit of the doubt?” he snapped. “No. Instead, what I do get is a recorded audio file, and a wife who refuses to even take my calls, to hear my own side!”

“Phillip, Diana has been more than understanding! She was with you, even with another woman carrying your baby! She’s not a Saint! Don’t expect her to be a fool for you!”

“I know none of you believes this, but when I took Idara back to my hotel, to use the bathroom, or when I was on my way to her place the next day, I would never have slept with her! Never! When I ended things with Idara last year, for me, that part of our relationship was dead forever! The mistake I made was still considering her a friend. But after that episode, and after Diana and I got married, I actually had to block her from Facebook, and my other social media handles, because of the way she started hounding me. Why didn’t she tell Diana that? Or, better still, why didn’t my wife give me the chance to tell her that?!”


“Phillip, you can’t blame her…” was all I could manage.

“Look, Faith, right now, I just can’t deal with this mess! In the last few months, I’ve had to deal with surprise pregnancies, emergency hospitalizations, and the death of a child! I don’t need this extra drama! If I leave Escravos now, because I want to go and beg my distrusting wife in London, I might as well consider myself unemployed! I might as well hold on to the one stable thing I have in my life.”

“So, you’re going to just stay there and do nothing?”

“Faith…whatever will be, will be. I’m done struggling.”

I was left staring at my phone, long after the conversation ended, not quite knowing what to make of this turn of events, or how the situation would involve from here.



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  1. Men for you, after creating such a mess they are clueless then assume the victim role…
    Philip you try! Never say you wouldnt have slept with a woman you had in the past, when a woman plans you……………… wont believe it!!!


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