Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 101: Three Weeks From Now!


May 21st, 2013

It’s official. I definitely have to start my leave earlier than I’d planned.

Not one of my work shoes fit today…not even the ugly loafers I have been wearing for the past few weeks. I actually had to resort to wearing a pair of trainers! Trainers! As if that wasn’t enough, Patrick had do up my laces for me, as my bump has become so enormous that I can’t even see my knees, let alone down to my toes. It was so embarrassing!

It’s so strange, and I don’t know how it happens, but during the day, my fingers and feet seem to mysteriously inflate, and become extremely swollen, only to shrink back down to normal by evening. Yes, it’s an inconvenience to wear unflattering shoes and end up looking like a boho to work, but that really doesn’t hurt as much as not being able to wear my wedding ring. I feel so strange without it.

In other news, Akunna was discharged today. She refused to go back to her parents’ house, and instead chose to go home with her Aunt Josephine instead. I feel really, really bad for her, and I can’t imagine how she is coping now. Like Ebika rightly said, now she has nothing tying her to Phillip anymore, and that must be extremely difficult for her.

But I guess we all have to move on now.

Phillip still insists on seeing her everyday, and while I understand that his presence will go a long way in helping her heal, I can’t say I’m too comfortable about them spending all that time together. Yes, he’s a married man now, but my brother has a long way to go to be able to earn my trust.

Which is why I have agreed to accompany him when he goes to see her tonight. On a good day, setting foot in my ED’s house wouldn’t have been on my to-do list in a million years, but I have to ensure my brother doesn’t fall into Madam Akunna’s trap. Yes, she might still be grieving, but I don’t trust that woman! She might be desperate enough to try about anything.

“Canvas, Faith! You are wearing canvas to work?!” my Manager exclaimed, when she saw me.

I cringed, more because of the outdated word for trainers. Canvas! Even my Mom no longer refers to them with that word. Kpatakpata, sneakers!

I lifted my trousers, to show her my swollen ankles, and her eyes bulged in shock.

“It’s either I wore these, or I stayed at home Ma.” I said, making my voice sound even more pathetic than was necessary.

“Please, please, sit down!” my Manager said, practically ushering me to a chair. “You need to be sure you keep your feet elevated at all times! Has your doctor checked your blood pressure? Your kidney function?”

I had to restrain myself from smiling, and instead kept a morose look on my face. “Everything is fine, Ma. But, to be honest, I’m not sure I can work till 38 weeks, as I’d originally planned. I think I’d like to start a few weeks earlier.”

She nodded in agreement. “You most definitely should. I’ll send an e-mail to HR, on your behalf, to effect the new start date. When exactly do you want to start?”

“Three weeks from now, Ma.” I answered, seeing if I could push my luck.

I saw her wince. “Wow! Three weeks! Can you possibly conclude your handover in three weeks?” she asked.

“I can try, Ma. And I can always work from home for a couple more, if you need me.” I offered.

She pondered over it, before finally nodding. “That works. Because the sooner we get you off those feet, the better. And please, make sure your doctor keeps an eye on you! My sister suffered a bad case of preeclampsia, and she had feet that looked just like yours!”

Okay, so she was able to successfully scare the crap out of me, with that last line, and I made a mental note to harass my doctor the next time I see him.

I don’t know if it was the fear of preeclampsia, or worrying about Phillip, but, I found myself up almost all night. It’s getting really difficult to get to sleep these days. Not content with the constant peeing and killer heartburn throughout the night, it now aches to sleep on my side for any real length of time. Every night, I take about 20 minutes arranging myself into a little nest, with five pillows scattered round me in strategic positions; under the bump, between the knees, etc., but nothing seems to work. I usually wake up at 2 o’clock to find that Patrick has turned over, and taken the duvet with him, and all my pillows are lying on the floor. I’m so glad I’m starting my maternity leave earlier, because then I can just sleep, and sleep, and sleep whenever I feel like it.

Oh, and Vou arrives tomorrow! I can hardly wait!




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