Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 100: The Girl is Fine!


May 20th, 2013

There was absolutely no way I could make work today…not with the way I have been feeling. The combination of physical fatigue and emotional stress just made any such feat impossible.

There was no point making Patrick miss work, and, as I was in no mood or condition to drive, I took a taxi to the hospital. Getting there, I could see Akunna’s parents still hadn’t been granted access to their daughter, on her orders. It was still only Phillip…along with the food my Mom had made for her. The rest of us were confined to the waiting area.

After about an hour sitting there, doing nothing but watch people walk in and out of the room, I started getting restless. Even Akunna’s parents had finally gone home. If I couldn’t see her, why had I subjected myself to this trip anyway?! Yes, I had been able to have some of the steaming hot, and delicious, moi-moi my Mom had made for her, but truth be told, I could have eaten it in the comfort of my house…all I’ had to do was ask my Mom, and I would probably get a whole cooler of it.

I didn’t fancy going out under the hot sun to hail a cab, so I decided to wait for whenever Phillip would leave, in order to catch a ride with him. So, I was left with my phone for company.

I hadn’t touched base with Ebika yesterday, so I decided to send her a message, to confirm if she was back, as planned.

Madam, where are you?! I was expecting to see you here! came her response to my beep.

Welcome back! I didn’t expect you’d be back at work so soon!

I was dying to catch up with you…only to get here to find you M.I.A! Are you sick? Or are you just too heavy to carry yourself to work?

Trust Ebika to bring a smile to my face. I replied, telling her of Akunna’s miscarriage, and how I was in the hospital as we chatted.

She’d replied with a Text me the address. I’ll be right there!

I smiled broadly. Ebika for President! Trust my friend to always rise to the occassion every time!

She arrived about 45 minutes later, a cloud of heavy perfume announcing her arrival. I had to admire her, as she walked through the room. Not only did she look a few kilograms slimmer, her complexion was flawless…I couldn’t tell if it was the mild Londo weather, or thanks to any of her bottled friends…all I could see was how wonderful she looked.



We embraced like we hadn’t seen each other in years, and I brought her up to speed with everything that had happened.

“You guys should stop blaming the mother!” Ebika retorted. “What was Akunna looking at when they made her discharge herself from here?! Couldn’t she speak up for herself? Is she a child? She willfully followed them back to the quack hospital, so she also has herself to blame!”

“But if she had spoken with Phillip earlier that night…”


Ebika shook her head. “It is very likely that boy would still have died! Do you think he would have been able to withstand the drive? From Isolo to VI? I very much doubt it!”

I sighed deeply. She did have a point, but at this stage, there’s no need pointing accusing fingers any longer. Nothing will bring Matthew back, so we might as well move on.

“So just like that, she has no more ties with Phillip! That girl will be devastated! I tell you that she might be mourning that more than the actual loss of the baby!” Ebika mused.

I cast her a funny look, and couldn’t help but think how it took one to know one.

“So…I see you ran Oyinkan out of the country!” I retorted.

Ebika smiled. If she’d sensed my sarcasm, she chose to ignore it. “Yes oh! In fact, she’s the one who even asked to move there!”

I raised my brow. “Really? She left on her own accord?”

“I tell you the truth! I guess Demola coming to spend almost a month with me in London, showed her that there really is no competition.” Ebika answered cooly. “So, I guess she realized there was no use fighting anymore.”

“I’m sure your daily Instagram loved-up pictures probably played a part in making her change her mind.” I retorted, my irritation rising.

Ebika looked at me and smiled. “Babes, I know you’re moody and irritable today, so I will ignore your jabs! I don’t know when you became Oyinkan’s Voltron!”

“But don’t you feel bad? Not even a little bit? The woman is pregnant, for God’s sake!” I snapped.

“Oh, is that what this is all about?” Ebika reached for my hand, and smiled. “She is being well taken care of, trust me! She got Demola to buy her a house in Calabasas! The babe is just a stone throw away from celebs like the Kardashians, J-Lo, Justin Beiber and co.! And don’t get me started on how much money she will be getting every month, for her upkeep!”

I rolled my eyes. Kardashians?! I was talking about a woman living as a single Mom, and Ebika was talking about the Kardashians!!!

“Trust me, the girl is very, very fine!” Ebika continued, far more patient than I’d expected her to be. “But Faith, you saw Demola and I in London. You saw that what we have is real. You, of all people, should be happy for me!”

I sighed again. “I’m happy for you…I truly am. But I just can’t help but feel for Oyinkan.”

“I understand that…but trust me, the girl is fine!” Ebika stressed, and I decided to leave it at that.

She proceeded to fill me in on the house they’d just bought, and how she had already started decorating the place, with plans to move in by the end of the week. Her family has also agreed to finally meet his, so their traditional wedding could happen any minute now.

As she talked, her excitement rubbed off on me, and I couldn’t help but be excited for her. If Oyinkan is happy living a life with the rich and famous in California, then I guess Ebika is also entitled to some happiness.

I guess.




  1. Faith, every one needs a friend like you. You say it as it is, we all need at least one person that will tell us some home truth even when it is difficult. I think Ebika is spot on about Akunna” she is most likely mourning the loss of the access to Phillip that Matthew would have given her than the baby himself” of course she is mourning her son too” the death of a child is something no mother should have to go through. I pray she will find peace


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