Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 22: Diana


February 2nd, 2013

Can you believe it’s February already. One more month, and I’ll be 32! Yikes!

Outside of that, I thoroughly enjoyed my time off work. Trust me, my body needed that break like kilode! I was able to rest, not just physically, but mentally! I hadn’t quite appreciated just how much of a mental toll last week’s drama had on me. Never again oh! Never again.

Anyways, my neighbor, Idahosa, invited us for his son’s 2nd (or was it 3rd sef) birthday party. A few months back, I would have made an excuse and generally stayed away. Idahosa is not my favourite of neighbours, as I have always felt he just talks too much! Remember he was the one who gave us the low down about Nwando and Obinna. He has everybody’s gist in his back pocket, and I know that the moment one’s back is turned, they become the subject. But Patrick seems to like him, so I had no choice.

Obinna is still out of town, so Nwando tagged along with Patrick and I, as we went to his flat. The children were under a canopy in the backyard, with some raggedy looking Power Rangers (in 2013 no less!) trying to entertain them. Idahosa! The guy is stingy for Africa. He has a great job with one of the major telecom companies, but you will never see it on his body. Rumour has it that he is building a mansion somewhere in Ajah. I hope so oh, at least that will justify why his wife and kids always looking worse for wear.

With the gentlemen in the living room, Nwando and I had decided to say a quick hello to his wife, in her bedroom. What started of as a quick door wave, turned into a full-on visit, as she had made us come into the room, to keep her company. Poor lady was lonely. As we were gisting, she reached for her crying baby, to change her diaper. I almost threw up all over the bed, when the smell of poo wafted through my nose. The nausea I had long said goodbye to, came back with a vengeance. Not wanting to offend, I had sat through it, swallowing multiple times, fidgeting and sweating. Alas, it wasn’t long before I had a mouthful of saliva that wouldn’t go down. Not being able to take it any longer, I had indicated a need to go to the bathroom, and had spat and wretched to my heart’s delight. Returning to the bedroom, I saw Nwando’s eyes dancing with laughter, and I knew she could tell what had happened to me.

“Eiya. I was that way too oh. I spat all through my nine months of pregnancy…with all my kids!” Idahosa’s wife had laughed.

I simply smiled politely, not feeling the need to correct her.

But it got me worried. What if I am so disgusted by my baby’s poo, that I’m not able to stand a diaper change?! It suddenly dawned on me this thing I have gotten myself into! I’m having a baby! A human being! Someone I will be responsible for!

God help me!


February 3rd, 2013

Patrick and I decided to go see my Mom in Festac, as it’s been a while since we visited. As we drove into her compound, I saw Phillip’s car parked there, and thanked God for him that my blood is no longer boiling from that Akunna saga.

My Mom was ecstatic to see us, and fussed all over me. Considering how blasé she had been when I first made my pregnancy announcement, I absolutely enjoyed all the attention. After lunch, and with the boys watching the Manchester City vs Liverpool match, Diana and I had retreated to the patio, to talk better. And that was when I got to hear her amazing story.

She had been orphaned at the age of 11, having lost her mother to cancer. Her father had died in a road accident a few years before. But unlike the usual stories you hear about orphans, she and her older siblings had been lucky with their aunts and uncles, paternal and maternal, and had been well taken care of. When she was 13, she had moved to the UK, with the rest of her siblings, to live with her aunt, and had completed her education there. But that hadn’t been what made me scream in shock. It turns out that not only is she over a year older than Phillip (I had even thought she was in her 20s), she is also a widow!!!

Ah! What would my Mom say about this?!!!

She laughed, and said Mom already knew. She had married at the age of 21. Her husband had been almost 20 years older, and had been more of a father figure to her than a lover. They had moved back to Nigeria shortly after their wedding, and had started trying for a family. She didn’t have any problems getting pregnant, but unfortunately always ended up miscarrying. Then, in her 6th year of marriage, her husband had opted to fly into Abuja over the weekend, for a meeting scheduled for the following Monday, and had gone down in the Bellview Airlines plane crash of October 22nd, 2005. She had been only 27.

She told me how her whole world had imploded around her. Her siblings had convinced here to move back to London, and she had actually tried that for a few years…but her heart was still broken. It wasn’t until 5 years after the crash, in 2010, that she had had the courage to move back to Nigeria, to pick up the pieces of her life. But she had vehemently refused to date, despite the prodding of, not only her family, but her late husband’s family as well.

This was until she had narrowly missed the Dana Airline 2012 plane crash. She had gone to Abuja for a cousin’s wedding, and had gotten to the airport a few minutes too late, the Sunday she was to return to Lagos. She had lamented heavily about missing her flight, and having to incur the cost of another ticket to Lagos, when news of the crash filtered into the airport. It was at that moment she had realized that life was short…and she just had to live it!

The following weekend, she had met Phillip, and had fallen in love with him almost immediately. But soon after, she had found out about Akunna and had had no choice but to withdraw. But she had grieved for him even deeper than she had her late husband. With Phillip, she had discovered true love. Not the easygoing, amiable, paternal love she had for her husband. For the first time, she felt, first hand, the passion and intensity that came with being truly in love. This was why she had taken him back, despite Akunna being pregnant. She believed he had made a mistake, and was ready to stick it out with him through it all. She had lost too much in life to think of losing her true love too.

I just stared at her, feeling everything from shock, to admiration, to pride. This girl’s love for my brother is true and pure. And it is beautiful. As I hugged her, I had tears in my eyes. She is more than I could ever have prayed for, for Phillip.

And that yeye Akunna wanted me to drive this wonderful woman away!





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