Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 20: Famzing


January 28th, 2013

I didn’t even drop my handbag on my desk, before going to Ebika’s office. All through the drive to work, all I could think about was what she had texted me. We had our work cut out for us? Hmmm, it didn’t sound good at all!

Imagine my annoyance when I met her empty chair! Today of all days, the girl had decided not to come early.

As I made my way back to my floor, I sighted her step out of the elevator, literally hand in hand with my ED. They were laughing over some joke or the other, and were talking like 2 old friends. Ebika caught sight of me from the corner of her eye, and furiously motioned at me to make myself scarce, so I had ducked beside a wall. I watched as she walked past her own desk, and followed my ED to her office, carrying her handbag, laptop bag AND lunch bag. Was it really for my benefit that she was doing all this?!

Reluctantly, I had taken the flight of stairs to my floor, and sat dejectedly at my desk.

What is all this rubbish?! Who did I offend?! I was just sitting here, minding my own business, when Phillip decided to play Russian Roulette with his love life, but yet, I am the one who has been left with all the dead bodies! It’s like he came and took a dump, and left me to not only clean his ass, but the entire mess. It’s really not fair.

Despite my dislike for Akunna, I never interfered in their relationship, when they were together. I always respected her position as my brother’s woman, and I never did anything to compromise things for her. So why am I now the one carrying the cross?! Yet, the real perpetrator of the crime is there, enjoying Love in Tokyo with his new babe! This is not fair at all!

After what seemed like eternity, Ebika had called and asked me to meet her in one of our meeting rooms. I didn’t realise just how nervous I was about hearing what she had to say, until I made my way there. My heart was racing, and my palms were sweaty. I was an emotional and psychological wreck!

In true Ebika dramatic fashion, she had exhaled deeply, once we were seated. She proceeded to tell me how the situation was worse than she originally thought. Apparently, Akunna is the woman’s legit niece (as in, the daughter of her older sister kinda niece), so that cancelled our theory about the girl just famzing. And basically, the entire family is upset…no, make that furious…about the fact that my brother not only dumped their daughter (abi niece) in her pregnant state, but also because he wasted her time for 10 years, before leaving her high and dry, at the age of 33.

“Did they really date for 10 years?” Ebika asked, and I could tell she was hoping I would say no.

Instead, I had nodded sadly.

Ebika had whistled softly. “Cheiii! This is not good oooooh!” she lamented, in her typical dramatic fashion.

But that wasn’t all, apparently. The family had also gotten wind of the fact that Phillip has a new girlfriend, and that my whole family has endorsed her.

“Please, tell me it’s not true that you hosted them in your house, for dinner!” Ebika had asked.

“Shuo! How did she know?! Is that foolish girl spying on me, or what?!” I had exclaimed.

Ebika had sighed deeply again. “She also said that she tried to contact you several times, over the holidays, but you never took any of her calls, or replied her texts. Is that true?”

At this point, I’d darned well had enough.

“Okay, yes! I supported the breakup! I have dined with the new babe! And I chinned her during Christmas! So, what now? I lose my job??!” I had retorted.

“Technically, no.” Ebika replied, sombrely “When I asked Aunty Josephine this same question, she was all like ‘No oh! How can? What right do I have to compromise her job? That’s not professional. I don’t have to like her, but we can work together’she raised her brows “As a sharp girl, you sef suppose decode the hidden message for that thing she talk!”

Yep, I was a sharp girl. And yep, I decoded!

“This is Nigeria, babe! Working with a boss who doesn’t like you is professional suicide” Ebika had continued “I tried and tried and tried to psych her, but for where?!” she shrugged “That was even why I waited for her in the car park this morning, to see if I could psych her some more…but no way!”

I sighed deeply. “So, what do I do? Sit and await my fate.”

“No, babe! We have to be smart!” Ebika had said firmly, with a determined look in her eyes. “There is only one person that can call off this dog.”

And I knew exactly whom she was talking about.


“But the girl said I should lose her number…” I protested feebly

“Leave all that one!” Ebika had brushed it off “That’s a non-issue. I’ll make it happen…don’t worry about that!”

Alas, as I walked back to my office, that was all I could do….





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