Fact or Fiction: Nigerian Juju & Fertility!


I once saw a billboard on my way home from work, it had the picture of a man holding two babies in his arms, one on his right, and the other on his left. Behind the man were women carrying their babies, about forty of them. There was an inscription emblazoned on the billboard, but I’d rather not go into details or you’ll know the pastor and the church.

I know a woman who has struggled with infertility for ten years. It doesn’t seem too long, since it was just like yesterday that she tied the knot with her husband, but then again, when I remember the delicious native rice and stew I had at her traditional wedding, a taste that I still can’t forget,I find myself counting the years. I was a freshman in the University back then. I guess I’ve never felt her anxiety because she doesn’t really show it.She’s always so cheerful, funny, very witty and she loves to play cards and beat you at it.

This woman’s story is similar to many other women; she has been to different hospitals, taken different medications, both traditional and orthodox, she has done everything including prayers and still, no show. Recently, one of her sisters went on a prayer mission on her behalf and according to her, the ‘man of God’ who prayed for her revealed that someone had sworn that she would never carry her babies.

How come?

Well, according to the ‘man of God’ during her teenage years, she was quite the careless sort and left her pads hanging around, and the so-called person with evil intent had come across the item and had taken it to an altar for sacrifice.



I attended the University of Benin, and during my second year in the University, one of our male lecturers walked into the class one day and started lecturing the girls in my class about keeping some things ‘sacred’. He gave us a chilling story of a woman who was caught red-handed the day before disguised as a hostel cleaner, in the female bathroom scavenging for used sanitary pads. I don’t want to go into details of what she was doing with the pads when she was caught or you might puke,but while confessing, she pointed that she had been in search of children for years, and was told by a juju priest to go to the female hostels and get the sanitary padsof young girls. When she was probed further on what she intended to do with these pads, she said something shocking! She hoped to take the girls future babies through the singular act of taking those pads and using them diabolically.

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I have another aunt who miraculously gave birth last year at age fifty-six. She had been through so many treatments to no avail but one day, she decided to take her problems to God. When she recounted her experience to me, she was like; ‘Ada, I would never wish infertility on my greatest enemy’. She told me how she had been in bondage for so long, and how she had visited hospitals, taken medications, to no avail, only to find out at the last minute that it was all the work of juju.“My father’s family wanted to destroy my father’s lineage. After killing my only brother, they came on to me and swore that I would never be happy in my husband’s house. They tied my womb but by the power of God, I have been set free.” These were her exact words to me that Saturday afternoon when I had gone to see the miracle baby with my own eyes.

I could go on and on with stories of women who have actually given proof of not being able to bear children due to unexplainable supernatural forces.

A lot of fertility cases have defied modern science, hence the quest to find a solution and most cases, through prayer. We have many churches springing up with promises for women trying to conceive. We even have traditionalists, who claim to have aided in given children to those in search of them.

So, here’s my question.

Can Nigerian juju tie down a woman’s fertility? Can someone leave his/her house at the middle of the night and walk to a T-junction, and swear on his/her life that an innocent soul will never hear the cry of a child in his/her home and does it really work?

Is this fact or fiction? A myth or the truth?

Have you ever experienced such, or do you know anyone who’s ever experienced such? Have you heard these stories and what was your reaction when you heard them?

Do share!



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  1. As Surreal as this may sound, yes there are principalities and powers in high places, working against the fruitfulness of women and I will recount a personal experience to back it up.
    In our clan, A particular lineage was cursed with inability to bear sons, even if they succeed in having one, the child will eventually die.
    The great-grand mother bore only one girl- the great-grandmother had only the grandmother who in turn had just the mother and now daughter was pregnant and finally had another girl but being married to the only son of a powerful pastor
    The curse has finally been broken and reversed and she has two cute sons and they are doing just fine

    • Wowww Florence, this your comment floored me. It may sound surreal but it’s so real to us as Africans, however, as believers, we can’t be seen to be giving so much credence to the powers and principalities, when Jesus has given us dominion. The mother of those cute boys and their Dad knew their rights, hence, no ancestral course can reign in their lives. Thank you for sharing Florence.


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