Exercises And Tips To Open Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally


Blocked Fallopian tubes are responsible for 40% of infertility in women. Fallopian tubal infertility is caused when both the Fallopian tubes are blocked. However, if the blockage is limited to one Fallopian tube, it may not affect the fertility.

You’re also very anxious how blockage in Fallopian tubes going to affect your fertility. Your anxiety is understandable because if blockage of Fallopian tubes is not treated properly, it could result in infertility. However, if you understand the reasons behind it and take corrective measures, you can reverse the condition naturally.

What causes blockage in fallopian tubes?

I know! For you, it is not a simple problem of fallopian tubes. It is more than that. It is something related to your motherhood.

It is the question of relationships with others. It is also a question of overall your health.

That is why you must understand what is causing your tubal blockage. What are the factors responsible for this problem?

Perhaps your dietary habits could be the reason. You, therefore, need to figure out what is the main reason that is causing blockage of your fallopian tubes.

A proper understanding of this problem empowers you so much so that you can take the right measures including lifestyle changes to fix this problem on your own.

3 Main Reasons Why Your Fallopian Tubes Are Blocked?

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1. Thickening of mucus:

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Fallopian tubes are meeting place for egg and sperm. Fallopian tubes facilitate the journey of egg and sperm through its mucus. In case, if the mucus turns too thick fallopian tubes are blocked and obstruct the passage of egg and sperm. There are many reasons why the mucus in fallopian tubes is turning too thick. I get into details little later.

2. Inflammation:

The cervix is a breeding ground for bacterial growth. This causes swelling of fallopian tubes and makes them stick together. This is called pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

3. Excess pus:

Infection and inflammation in fallopian tubes tend to fill fallopian tubes with liquid pus. The thickening of pus can block fallopian tubes and make it not possible for egg and sperm pass through the fallopian tubes.

Why have you excessive inflammation?
So far you have realized that three factors are responsible for your blockage of fallopian tubes. All the three factors linked to infection and inflammation.

Now the question is why your body is generating infection and inflammation?

A recent study has revealed that improper eating affects your immunity system; this result in excessive inflammation and other chronic diseases.

The real reason behind your fallopian tubes blockage

If I sum up, why your fallopian tubes are blocked, I may say that your stressful lifestyle, infection and inflammation in your body. Obviously, this condition is eventually manifesting in different forms that may include blockage of your fallopian tubes also. You can read my latest article 3 Ways Stress can Affect your Fertility | Best Technique to Relieve Stress for information.

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What does doctor do?

If you go to the doctor, he or she may not go deep into the issue. They simply suggest you to take HSG test to find out the extent of blockage in your fallopian tubes. Then you will be subjected to laparoscopy and subsequently recanalization procedure.

All the above tests and surgical procedures are not only painful but also expensive. If they found that you’re not getting pregnant due to endo-scar tissue blocking the entire fallopian tubes, they confirmed that the chances of you getting pregnant are negligible.

Frightening consequences:

Every woman’s longing is to become a mother. If she hears that getting pregnancy is difficult, life becomes a nightmare. Worry, anxiety and frustration enter into the life.This compounds the problem even further.It not only affects the body physically but also affects all aspects of social life.

Stay hopeful:

Generally speaking, what the doctor says may not be correct and you should not jump to complete negativity based on your doctor’s opinions. I heard many cases that got pregnant in spite of having tubal blockages and the doctor declaring that getting pregnant is not possible.

In view of the above, you should not give up your hope of getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby.

Your body has innate healing capacity beyond your belief. The only thing you have to do is just support your body by taking simple measures. If you do so, good things will happen in your life.

3 Natural methods for clearing fallopian tubes:
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1. Improve immunity system:

Whenever your body gets an infection, your immunity system fights it and speed up the healing process in your body. Obviously, you improve your immunity system and reduce inflammation in your body and thereby unblock your fallopian tubes.

Here are a couple of simple tips to improve your immunity system…


You can improve your immunity system by using a natural food like garlic. You can eat it raw or lightly cooked, or you can take it in capsule or tablet form. Garlic is the most effective natural antibiotic available to us.

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Zinc and magnesium supplements:

You can take zinc and magnesium supplements. These supplements are known to improve immunity system.

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2. Fallopian Tube Massage

Everyone knows that massage improves blood circulation and oxygenation. You can use this for clearing your fallopian tubes also.

Massage in the lower abdominal area helps you breaking the scar tissues and adhesions in your fallopian tubes.

And the best part is that you can do this simple practice on your own. Remember that you will get best results if you do this between menstruation and ovulation.

First, begin massaging in your abdominal area in a circular motion using your fingertips. Then you can go outward gradually and come back to the Fallopian tubes area. In certain areas, you may feel tightness and in such areas you increase your pressure for optimal results.

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3. Energy exercises

We are a part of the unified energy field. Each one of us draws life energies from this field for the sustenance of the life.

Energy exercises make your body more conscious of these vital life energies that heal your body naturally. You feel rejuvenated and that eventually result in improving all your body systems including your fallopian tubes.

So practice this energy exercises regularly and see the results yourself.

Watch this video and follow the instructions:

Clearing your tubal blockage is possible…

If you think you can’t clear your tubal blockage, think again! You’re about to learn a proven fertility therapy that will help to clear the tubal blockage and support fallopian tube health.


Conclusion: You can get pregnant with a blocked tube

Did your RE tell you that one of your tubes was blocked, and IVF was the only option left for you?

IVF is a difficult choice if you already read awful stories of low success rate and expenses involved and social stigma associated with it.

I understand how desperate and terrified when you imagine your life without a child of your own….

But the question is how to cope with this mental torture and get pregnant?

Your infertility problem is more than blockages in fallopian tubes. The underlying factors for your infertility could be endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, infection and inflammation in the uterus. Remember! Undiagnosed infertility could completely destroy your ovaries. You may have to end up with adoption.

You can’t get pregnant just clipping or cleaning or removing tubes. You must address the root cause of your infertility. And that is how you can get pregnant with blocked Fallopian tube and this is exactly what Dorthy achieved.


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  1. Can we do fallopian tube massage during menstruation? Which oil is to be used while massaging? And which exercise is to be done pls send the video of the exercise. Thanks


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