Every Pregnancy Bump Is Different



Just as every pregnancy comes with its peculiar tweaks and twitches, same way a bump comes in different shapes and sizes.

When I was pregnant the first time, my bump was moderate and cute. No one would have guessed that I was over seven months pregnant with twins by the time I gave birth. It was that kind of bump that extended itself from my body. Undressed, I could see my bump pointing outwards, not round like a globe, like expected, but it was my bump and I liked it, especially when the battalion moved.  It was really nice. Just remembering those days feels good.

By the time the second pregnancy came along, one would think that I swallowed an elephant, in addition to a hippopotamus. I felt like that anyway. I was huge. My bump was a huge round globe, taking up as much space as it could. You know some bumps are round and stay close to the body, mine was none like that. It made sure, it announced its presence, anywhere I went. In fact, I think many people knew I was pregnant with twins before the babies came. My bump was one of a kind.

Same as the diverse pregnant moms I attended antenatal clinic with. Some of our pregnancies were close in months, yet the shapes of our bumps differed; from long to moderate, to huge to cute to the kidney bean shaped one, that looks like baby is taking a nap with its back turned outwards.

Apart from my pregnancies, I have seen friends and family get pregnant and for some, rather than see a bump, all you see is that they become big everywhere, rather than the stomach area.

For a former course-mate, I didn’t know she was pregnant at all and I saw her like every other day. Imagine my surprise when I heard she had given birth. I was like;
“Where did she carry the belle put?” and I know people who are only six months pregnant and every other week, I’m wondering why they haven’t yet given birth. It’s simply because it’s not yet time; their bump is just big.


Here are some reasons, bumps are different:


  • The size of the baby(ies)


In addition to our diets, the size of our baby affects our pregnancy weight gain. Women carrying a larger baby will usually gain more than a woman carrying a small one.

As it happens, my second twins were bigger than their older ones, and it was as a result of the fact that I was a lot bigger the second time too.

Some babies are chunky right from the very beginning, and others are not. With birth weights ranging from barely a few kilos to over five kilograms, it is no wonder that baby bumps will be unique. A bump holding a tiny baby will look different from one holding a larger baby.

Although numerous factors go into weight gain, the amount of weight that each woman does gain during the course of her pregnancy will influence how her baby bump appears. 



  • Whether you are a first time mom or a multigravida


The number of pregnancies that a mom has had also affects how the baby bump will look. Women who are pregnant for the first time will most likely exhibit a smaller bump that appears later in the pregnancy.

Those first bumps can grow slowly and often look smaller.

On the other hand, subsequent pregnancies tend to bring a visible baby bump sooner because our bodies have already carried a baby and stretched. These bumps may look larger, and people may even ask if you are expecting twins! 

Whatever your answer is, welcome to the Iya Beji’s club, at least until it can be determined whether you’re a bonafide member or not.



  • No two babies are the same


The most obvious reason that no two baby bumps are the same is because no two babies are. Each baby lies in a different position, even twins.

A mama carrying a baby who has not yet descended to the head-down position will have a bump that looks different from a mom who has an already engaged little one. Likewise, a transverse baby will stretch our bumps in a completely different way than a head down or a breech baby. Each position a baby can take brings a change to the mama’s expanding belly.



  • Each mama is different



Baby girls turn into ladies and then moms, if they so wish, and they come in different and special packages. Each woman has a distinct body structure, height, posture, and weight. These are just four of the many elements of womanhood that change the way a woman’s baby bump appears.

Taller or slender women will carry a baby differently from shorter or plumper women. Our personal size and shape have to be accounted for in bump differences. Some bumps look like basketballs, others like watermelons. Some are up high, and some are low. Our individual differences play a role in the shape our baby belly will take.

The way that we walk also affects the way that our baby bump will look. When we are walking with good posture, our body offers more support for our unborn baby as compared to when we slouch or walk with shoulders hunched and our head pointing down. Since movement can affect our posture, women who are working at a desk job and sitting all day could carry the baby differently than women who are moving around more throughout the day.

So, you see, there are plenty reasons, no two bumps are ever the same.

What matters most is that we embrace the bump we have, and enjoy it while it lasts…because these experiences doesn’t last forever.

Baby dust to you mamas.


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