Emotional Photos Show Connection Between Surrogate And New Mom


Take a look at this image. A close look. You may see what I did at first blush: a mom, holding her baby, overcome with emotion.

But then, I noticed another mom, who appeared to just have given birth. She is cradling the other mother’s face, so tenderly. And their connection, their bond, is tangible.

I had to know the story behind this unforgettable image.

“The walk to parenthood is one that looks very different from one person to the next,” Genevieve Georget, of Fifteen:Fifty-One Photography, explains as background on her blog.

“For some, that road is wide and vast,” she continues. “A perfectly paved surface that leads directly to a place that was always meant to be. For others, the road takes a few turns and requires a few detours. But for others still, that path is barely even carved out among the woods. It is nothing more than obstacles and hurt and loss and a constant struggle to a place that is entirely unknown.”

This was what the journey to baby was like for Hilde, the mom moved to tears in this image. About Hilde and her husband Christian, Genevieve writes, “None of us expect cancer to come along and rip our dreams out from underneath us.”

But then, along came Amy, who would agree to carry a baby for them.

“After having my own family, and experiencing the joy of being a parent, I knew that I could give that same experience to another family,” Amy explained to BabyCenter in an email. And about the striking image that first caught my attention, she says, “At that moment, I felt like we were the two strongest women in the whole and entire world – and staring down at that perfect little baby, I couldn’t believe what we had accomplished together.”

Here are more deeply moving images from the day Amy gave birth to the baby Hilde and Christian yearned for, as captured by Genevieve.

Incredibly, the intended parents traveled all the way from Norway, to Canada, to witness Amy, who has carried five babies for other families in just over 3 years, give birth to their baby girl, Juliet

And this is when they promptly fell in love. About that love, the Canada-based photographer and writer says, “It can hold our hands and lead us out of the dark woods…it can stare us in the eyes and catch our ocean of tears…it can carry our dreams and hand us the world. In the stillness of the night…love, can bring us life…”


baby julie.blog.13


I would add that love is life. The love you feel for your child, no matter the circumstances in which he or she is born, is everything. It is, quite simply, the most powerful force that exists, whether you planned your pregnancy, or didn’t.

Whether you conceived with ease, or didn’t.

Whether your pregnancy was a breeze, or it wasn’t.

Whether your labor went off without a hitch, or didn’t.

No matter how, when, where, or why your baby is here, he or she is here. And as every parent knows, nothing else matters, any longer.


Culled from https://blogs.babycenter.com/mom_stories/youve-never-seen-surrogate-birth-photos-this-emotional/


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