The Effects Of Sugar On Our Bodies



Talk to an average person about what sugar does to their system, tell them that high consumption of sugar leads to weight-gain and tooth decay and they would honestly tell you they know that. You now mention more serious consequences like heart disease, wrinkles, and rotten gums and watch their faces drop as these are other effects of sugar in our bodies that hasn’t really been paid attention to.

Sugar has been proven to be a major factor in causing obesity and diabetes all over the world, sugar has no nutritional value, it’s so vital these days to pay the utmost attention to the secret sugars that are sneaking their way into our daily diets without us even knowing it, in fact a large proportion of our deadly sugar intake is hidden within seemingly innocent snacks and foods such as sandwiches, yoghurts, puff-puff, coconut candy, small chops, coconut chips from the hawkers on the streets and our popular cinema popcorn, I am sure if we knew how much sugar was really harming our bodies, we wouldn’t look at the roadside coconut candy in the same way again.

Sugar wreaks havoc on your hormones


“Sugar upsets your hormone levels, so watch out if you’ve discovered you have imbalances such as PCOS – (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Endometriosis or heavy periods, . “While you might crave sweet stuff prior to your period opt for a dark chocolate that contain over 70 percent cocoa these are a better option and the magnesium it contains helps relax cramping muscles which is more likely to help, without harming at the same time.”

It makes you tired; sugar makes your energy level dip


“Sugar deprives you of energy, rather than contributing to increased amounts.  Try eating sugary foods prior to a work out and see how you dip in form and the sugar slows you down. Snack on more healthy option like apples, nuts and all if you are looking for a little lift.


Sugar is highly addictive



“Sugar is highly addictive since it affects satiety hormones (the ones that tell us we are full) and that’s why we continue to eat it”, “It also stimulates dopamine in the brain, giving that pleasure effect, so with the two together it can be a pretty difficult habit to break!”


Sugar rots your gum

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Not just a danger to your teeth, sugar also hugely contributes to the rotting of your gums. “This in turn then leads to gingivitis and causes your teeth to fall out”.


Sugar disrupts your immune system


Sugar feeds the yeasts in our guts”. “Since 80% of the immune system resides in the gut, it’s important to maintain a healthy balance of the good bacteria so we can fight off viruses and bugs.”


Sugar dries your skin out


“Refined sugar (bleached, blanched, and anything ending in ‘ose’ such as fructose, galactose, sucrose) all cause dehydration to skin cells. “Sugars bind to the essential fatty acids that make up the outer layer of our skin cells, preventing the nutrients getting in, and the toxins getting out. So, rather than spending fortunes on skincare remedies, why not cut back on your sugars, and treat yourself to a great facial every month – far better value.


It causes premature wrinkles


Sugar ages us rapidly as it breaks down the skin’s collagen, if you find out you are having so much wrinkles on your face please eliminate sugar fast. Too much sugar consumption forms a process called glycation. High sugar consumption leaves our skin much more susceptible to the effects of environmental damage too.


 Just a tip but I don’t know how this would work here but it is such a useful app to have, if you are unsure of how to read food labels and numbers aren’t your strong point, download the app Sugar Smart. It’s a free app I use daily; it makes us more aware of the sugar content in food. All you do is scan the barcodes and the amount of sugar is shown in sugar lumps which makes it a lot easier to visualise. Give it a go.


Next week we would be looking at ways to kick our sugar habits, until then have a blessed week everyone.


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