Are You Having Difficulty Accessing Our Posts?


Today, in place of our diaries, we would like to get some more information about the recent challenges experienced in accessing our posts, especially our diary Sister, Sister.

Could you kindly drop a comment to let us know the following:

  1. The kind of browser you use (Safari? Chrome? Opera Mini? Mozila Firefox?)
  2. What happens when you can’t access the page (the page doesn’t load? It loads, but with a failure message?)
  3. If it loads with a failure message, what message do you get?
  4. Are you able to access the page after a few tries?

We look forward to your feedback, to enable us rectify this challenge.

Sister,Sister and Confessions of a Fat Girl return on Wednesday, June 21st, 2017.

Thank you.


© The Fertile Chick


  1. Na wa ooo, not cool at all na, we have an appointment with sister sister na, na wa!!!
    Sometimes I can’t open it, it just doesn’t open, then I get a ‘page can’t be opened’ or error message, I don’t know which browser but is a blackberry z30.

  2. Have been using Opera ever since I I started reading Sister Sister. It’s frustrating and disappointing when you get to read all other write ups from fertile chick and can’t access Sister Sister.
    The suspense is killing please…
    I can’t wait…

  3. I use the three of them,it usually open after a few trials,also what happened to faith?instead I hope you will increase the number of days angry right now

    • Apologies, Victoria. And thanks so much for the information. Sister, Sister will return tomorrow. Faith’s diary is published on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  4. I ve been waiting all day for sister sister,felt sad .I don’t ve problem opening my page.I cant wait till tomorrow .thanks for given a lot of us reasons to smile.may God bless d good work.loads of love

  5. Hello. Please can I get a link to read faiths diary from the beginning? Thanks and awesome job you guys are doing here. Just finished ready confessions and I’m totally in love ?


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