Differences Between Your First and Second Pregnancies 



An older friend just had a baby, a few days back. As I didn’t know she was pregnant, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the news on social media.

She put a picture of herself when she was pregnant, alongside that of her new born, as if to quiet any insinuations that may be brewing in the minds of people. But then, she had been off social media for such a long time that the probability of people thinking like that was very high.

When I called to pass along my congratulations, I had to ask the obvious question and why the long break from social media. She laughed and said, “Woo, Kemi, this pregnancy showed me pepper. Social media was the least of my problems. I’m just recovering from this pregnancy experience, and I wish I had twins, because I don’t think I want to try this again.”

I laughed as I passed on the cliché that she would soon forget the experience and be planning a third baby. As expected, she told me not to bother with the cliché. It has lost its magic with her.

In this article, it was established that all pregnancies are never the same, not even with the same woman. Each pregnancy is always different. Like I had shared, my first pregnancy was like a walk in the park, very easy on my body and mind, the second wasn’t. It was everything my first pregnancy wasn’t. It’s not necessarily a “bad” type of different, just different.

This article will highlight some of the differences you should expect of your second pregnancy.  It is most likely not going to be business as usual.


Pregnancy knowledge:

Enter first pregnancy, and I was a reader. That was the first time I started to pay particular attention to my body, at least what pregnancy was doing to my body, the changes and such.

The book Every Woman was my go-to resource. I must have read it a hundred times, while I was pregnant.  And then I had this book I had, which covered twins’ pregnancy and parenting.

So, picture me, propping my latest book on my bump while I read, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Second pregnancy: Book? What’s that? Till date, I can’t remember where I put those books or if I still have them.

Technically, I was still reading, if nursery school reading and numeracy for my older children is to be factored in.

Honestly, I don’t think I read anything on pregnancy while I was pregnant the second time. Unless I stumbled upon a pregnancy themed article in one of my magazines, but a book dedicated to pregnancy? Nah, I was a pro already.

I just didn’t feel the need to have as much knowledge…plus I already knew the basics.


You feel pregnant very soon:

With my first pregnancy, it took several months of missed periods to jog my mind that I might actually be pregnant. I didn’t have the classic symptoms, morning sickness and such. And even the other symptoms in third trimester didn’t come until later.

Second pregnancy: Even before I knew I was pregnant, I had visited the hospital twice in a month as a patient. When the last time I had been at the hospital was when I had my older twins.

Second visit to the hospital showed that I was pregnant, and it was as though a weight was dropped on me. I felt all of the symptoms; pain, tiredness, cravings, back pain. Every symptom showed up sooner and was intense.

It is probably because I knew the symptoms to watch out for but it doesn’t diminish their effect all the same.


You might show sooner:

First pregnancy: With my first pregnancy, my bump was pretty decent. Not too big, and even though I had the babies prematurely, my bump didn’t look the number of weeks I had been.

Second pregnancy: I actually felt like an elephant a lot sooner. My bump didn’t waste time trying to hide at all. It showed, and showed faster than the first time.

That is because my abdominal and uterine muscles had been stretched during my first pregnancy, meaning they were inevitably looser this time around. These muscles were not able to hold things in (read: hide secrets) quite as firmly as before.


Excitement level:

First pregnancy: People were SO excited! And when we found out we were going to have twins. Oh my!!! It was as though I hit jackpot. The excitement was multiplied. The expected babies were introduced into every conversation I had with my family.

Second pregnancy: “Oh! Are you sure?”. The only people who were excited about the babies were the grandparents; my dad especially. I think it had to do with him wondering about the odds of one person having twins twice.

It was mostly business as usual in the months leading to the birth of the babies. However, when the twins got here, there was more excitement from folks who were surprised that I had twins again and it just sort of rubbed off on me.



During my first pregnancy, I was eating a lot healthier. I wanted to and my husband made it easier by coming home daily with fruits to quench the cravings.

But during the second pregnancy, I couldn’t be bothered with restricting my diet or not satisfying my craving, whatever it was. And this time too, my husband wasn’t so keen on the healthy options. So it was anything goes.


You are less likely to badger your doctor with questions:

During my first pregnancy, because I was reading so much,  I had questions and asked the nurses, my fellow moms and doctors at the ante natal clinic.

Second pregnancy, with reading no longer a factor, I didn’t have that many questions. Besides, I often wondered why I needed to ask questions about what I had dealt with before.

The truth is, already having had a child builds up your confidence, so there isn’t that fear of the unknown.

These are some of the differences that can come up between your first pregnancy and your second one.  The differences are not necessarily bad; they are just different and special in their own way.




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