Dealing with High Prolactin


I was surprised when one of the earliest questions I was asked, in the course of our TTC investigation, was if I was lactating. I was completely thrown. Why on earth would I be lactating, when I was neither pregnant nor nursing a baby. It was later, when I was talking to a close friend, who also happened to be TTC, that she informed me that it was a valid question to ask. To my shock, she told me that she herself was suffering from the condition, which was too much of the hormone prolactin.

Prolactin is one of several important hormones which play many different roles throughout the body. Its most important role is the stimulation of milk production in women after the delivery of a baby. Ideally, prolactin levels increase during pregnancy, causing the mammary glands in a woman’s breast to enlarge in preparation for breastfeeding. It also helps with the release of milk when nursing the baby.

In the first several months that a woman breastfeeds, the high prolactin levels also serve to inhibit ovulation. This is why women who are breastfeeding do not get their periods, and therefore usually don’t fall pregnant. As time goes on however, the prolactin levels start to reduce, and the woman may start to ovulate.

Essentially, high prolactin levels cause infertility. Another term for high prolactin is hyperprolactinemia. Women who are not pregnant, and are not breastfeeding, should have low levels of prolactin. If a non-pregnant woman has abnormally high levels of prolactin, it may cause her difficulty in becoming pregnant.

Prolactin causes infertility in several different ways. First, excess prolactin may stop a woman from ovulating. If this occurs, a woman’s menstrual cycles will stop. In less severe cases, high prolactin levels may only disrupt ovulation once in a while. This would result in intermittent ovulation, or ovulation that takes a long time to occur. Women in this category may experience infrequent or irregular periods. Women with the mildest cases involving high prolactin levels may ovulate regularly but not produce enough of the hormone progesterone after ovulation. Deficiency in the amount of progesterone produced after ovulation may result in a uterine lining that is less able to have an embryo implant. some women with this problem may see their period come a short time after ovulation.


The common symptoms of high prolactin levels are absent or irregular periods. Another possible symptom of high prolactin levels is breast discharge. The discharge is the result of prolactin trying to stimulate the breast to produce milk. The occurrence of a milky discharge from the breast in a woman who has not recently been pregnant is called galactorrhea. Some women may see galactorrhea occur spontaneously. Others may see it only if they squeeze their nipples. Another telltale symptom is a lower than usual sex drive.


Some common causes of hyperprolactinemia include:

  • Hypothyroidism: from hormone secretions arising from an underactive thyroid gland
  • PCOS: a lot of women with PCOS tend to have slightly high prolactin levels
  • Medications: some medications can cause higher levels of prolactin to be produced. The most common medications that do this are known as anti-psychotic medications.  Other medications which may increase prolactin levels include some anti-depressants, some sedatives, some blood pressure control medication, oral contraceptives, etc.
  • Stress: physical stress can sometimes bring about high prolactin levels



In general, high prolactin is can be effectively treated with a group of medications known as dopamine agonists, which include:

i) Bromocriptine (Parlodel)


This is an effective and inexpensive medication for treating high prolactin levels.  Prolactin levels are checked after 3 weeks of medication, and if the levels are still elevated, the dose can be increased or a different medication can be tried. Parlodel can be stopped upon diagnosis of pregnancy. Due to the side effects, some women cannot tolerate the medication. For these women, they may try to insert the pills vaginally instead of taking them orally.

ii) Cabergoline (Dostinex)

Because it is more expensive, it is not usually the first choice for treatment of high prolactin levels. It is usually used when Parlodel is ineffective or intolerable. Cabergoline is a longer acting medication, and is given twice a week instead of every day.


Natural Treatment

Some believe that drugs for reducing high prolactin tend to have considerable side effects, and might work only work for a few women while being ineffective for others. For some, they could down regulate the prolactin temporarily, but once no longer taken, prolactin levels can still fluatuate or go higher anytime.

Some alternative and natural remedies have, instead, been proffered to treat the condition, and they include:

i) Vitamin B6


Apart from reducing prolactin levels when taken on high dosage, Vitamin B6 also reduces high blood pressure, combats depression, lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics, and acts as an effective calcium channel blocker. To lower prolactin, the recommended dose of Vitamin B6 is between 300mg to 1000mg per day in divided dose.

ii)Vitamin E


This is one of the most important lipid-soluble antioxidant nutrients, and prevents prolactin levels from rising.

iii) Vitex (Chasteberry)

This is a special type of herb that is mainly used for raising progesterone levels and balancing progesterone to estrogen ratio. It also promotes ovulation, improves timing of the menstrual cycles, nourishes the pituitary gland and helps lengthen the luteal phase. However, due to its dopaminergic effects, it can reduce prolactin and increase dopamine but only when taken in higher doses. Its recommended dose for reducing high prolactin is 400mg three times daily.

iv) Proteins

These are very rich in amino acids, which are required for the production of dopamine in the brain, especially fish, eggs, beans, cheese, legumes, chicken, turkey and red meat.

v) Bananas

Ripe bananas are a major source of tyrosine (an amino acid neuron that helps regulate and stimulate dopamine production), as they continue to ripen and become sweeter, their tyrosine content becomes higher.

vi) Apples

These are high in quercetin, an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer and also triggers production of dopamine.

vii) Watermelons

Its juice is fat free and loaded with vitamins A, B6, and C. Vitamin B6 is used by the body to manufacture neurotransmitters such as serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine. Vitamin C also enhances the immune system while protecting the body from free radicals.


Over the years, I have come to realise that it is a treatable condition which, if treated properly, does not inhibit fertility for long. It is, however, important to always be on the look-out for its telltale signs, in order for it to be quickly diagnosed, and subsequently treated.


Good luck, and baby dust to all!

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  1. Very interesting and educative write up! I know someone who needs to read this. Let me forward the link to her ASAP. ..

  2. Very insightful piece. I battled with hyperprolactinema for years and later found out I had a pituitary brain tumor in 2011. I began bromocriptin and the tumor shrank. Still my prolactin level was high I didn’t pay attention to it until I started having miscarriages when I got married but to the glory of God I finally had a baby boy last week. With prayers and necessary health care nothing is impossible for God to heal

  3. A very good article every woman ttc must read as these might be a major problem of many women ttc,i was suffering from high prolactin as av nt heard of this in my entire life,i never knew that elevated prolactin can b d cause of infertility in my ttc journey, until i met a gud gynea in abj who placed me on bromocriptine everyday for 3 mnths within that 3 mnths i got pregnant.

  4. I was diagnosed with high prolactin (85.0) I am on presently on PARLODEL. It’s a very strong medication. It gives me sleepless nights and headache. And am supposed to use it for 3 months. God help me. The Lord is my strength.

  5. I did the test for prolactin and d result says I do not have any prolactin in my body. What can be done in did case. Thank you

    • Hi Stella, first of all you need to get your prolactin issue under control. Then you can think of assisted reproductive technology, if the cervical stenosis is quite severe that it’s impedes the natural flow of semen. All the best and loads of baby dust to you. Never fear, you will carry your own babies.

  6. Did the first prolactin test in march last year and it was 26.2 and the second was in October and it dropped to 20.3 after I’ve been on parlodel, I got pregnant in April after one month of treatment but miscarried, it was a blighted ovum. What next can I do

  7. Mehn this article came in just the right time. I had been ttc for about a year. Decided to finally go to the hospital to run some test. To my surprise all was well except for my prolactin level of 22.8ng/ml and progesterone of 6.5ng/ml. I’m told my prolactin level is high. Though when I googled the range it didnt seem so. I finally decided to get a second opinion and I am due to run another test next weekend.

    Now my questions are:
    1. If the second test is same, and I am put on medication. How soon does it work.
    2. I tried to use the natural treatment so I have been on Fertilaid (has chasterberry) for the past 2 months. Should I continue this? How long do i need to use before I will be able to conceive?

    3. Any other person tried the natural treatment and conceived here?

    • Hi Goldie. Quite a number of our members with high prolactin have been able to conceive after treatment.One of our dear members, @myde, had this, and she was just delivered of a baby boy :heart:

      Fertilaid is one of the great supplements that can support your medication, but you must always let your doctor know about any drugs/medication you are on, natural or otherwise.

      Sweetie, in summary, it isn’t the end of the world, and if you stick with your treatment, nothing should stop you from conceiving soon. Good luck hun!

      • I ve been TTC for 4 yrs.
        Homornal assay result in August
        FSH 13.66miu/ml
        LH 6.18u/l

        Follicular phase 3.60 uiu/ml
        Prolactin 46.22ng/ml
        Oestradiol 1731.56pg/ml
        Plz could this be the reasons i am unable to conceive for 4 yrs now.

        Drugs recommended.
        Although I can’t read the writing correctly.
        Bromo…… 2.5mg 3/12
        Chymon…..400, 2/5
        Flaggi 200…5/7
        Folic 3/12
        Taracid 200mg 5/7
        And nature care..
        Plz advice me…..

        • Hello Peace, from your report, it is obvious that your prolactin level is outside of the normal range and that can cause a delay in achieving conception. However, your doctor has prescribed medications to take care of that issue and boost your general fertility. So fingers crossed for good news for you soon Peace.

          cc: @nicole

          • Tank u ma, for such encouragement.
            A friend of mine is introducing me to take herbs, should I join English drugs with herbs, or I shld forget about the herbs and concentrate on the prescription giving to me by my doctor.
            Luv u ma.

          • Hello Peace, what kind of herbs is your friend introducing you to? Since you have your prescription from your doctor, you may want to finish it before trying alternative methods. Hopefully, the medications would work and you wouldn’t need to try another approach.

    • Hi Jane. Vitamins B6 and E can help…and also natural herbs like vitex, as well as fruits like bananas and apples too. But the most efficacious treatment would be as prescribed by your doctor. Has he prescribed anything?

  8. Thank you so much for the highly insightful piece. Please is there any way i can get raw vitex (chasteberry)? I know its in fertilaid but i am just curious if it can be gotten in its raw form. I will be very grateful

  9. Thankyou so much @nicole for this article. Very insightful. I stopped breastfeeding 3months ago but noticed my right breast when pressed still bring milk and i’m always dry during ovulation. I’m not so sure I even ovulate.

    I’l start with the vit E and b6 and hormonal profile to be sure. Thanks again.

    • Beauty4Ashes hun, you’re very welcome. You’re still easing out of breastfeeding, so I wouldn’t worry just yet. Let’s give it a few months, and if it persists you can see a doctor. But it’s a good idea to start with the vitamins now, just in case. Good luck hun :hugs:

  10. Am happy to have found this.I had a miscarriage last year and still birth again May this year. Since then I’ve been TTC again since I don’t have any child at all. I miss period this month n after 1 week the period came. I went to scan to check what happened. Doc told me Is Homonal imbalance with small Cyst on my left Ovary. He prescribed Parlodel following Clomid in the next mensis. I was on Vit E. Calcium, folic acid 800 mcg. Omega 3, and B co. I forgot to mention it to my doc about the drugs I just started b4 the scan. If I can add any of them to this parlodel or if I should suspend others for now. Am just distabilize n looking on God 4 healing

    • Hi Inem and God will definitely heal you. Meanwhile you are doing great by getting proactive about the ttc business.
      Since you are not sure, please call your doctor and mention the supplements you are on to him/ her and if there are any side effects to combining them with Parlodel. Loads of baby dust to you.

  11. Hi . I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which i ve been on drug clise to a year now .after TTC over a year with my husband without success decide to go see a gyne . Which told mi i now have hypothyroid ad my prolactin is supper high. Was placed cabergoline but decided to stick with the Bromocriptine ve been takin since i was diagnosed with thyroid. Pls would like to knw if Bromocriptine is as effective as cabergoline. And can i still get pregnant.

    • Hi Ayokuleyin, what a lovely name you got. Yes, it is possible to get pregnant, once your thyroid is working at optimal level. When was the last time, you ran a test to see the current levels? t might not be a such a bad idea, because this hormone doesn’t just swing from one extreme end to the other. Cabergoline is what is often used to treat cases of high prolactin and since your doctor prescribed it, better to stick to it and let go of the previous drug. Baby dust to you dearie.

  12. My prolactin levels is at 31.1ng/ml at the moment and I ovulated last month,what could be the possible cause that I didn’t take in..thanks

    • There are so many factors involved in conception Juliet. Your prolactin levels might be down, but your body needs to adjust to the new changes. You need to give your body time and monitor your hormone levels while at it.

  13. Your Comment…thanks for this, i went for a test i was told that my prolactin levels is 99, just started taking bromocriptine, is there a possibility of conception very soon?

    • Hi Marvey, since you just started taking it, one can not deduce, how your body would react to it, so just continue with your medications and prescribed. Fingers crossed that your hormones will level off soon, so conception can take place.

  14. Hello Nicole,

    How do I chat up with you. Will love to ask you few personal questions about my prolatin level.

    Pls drop a contact or email address I can chat up with.

    Thanks and remain blessed


  15. Happy Sunday 2u @nicole, i have been reading all the people comments & ur responses too, well done dear. I have similar case here, i have finding it difficult to get pregnant which made me 2visit a doctor that ask me to do sum test which i did & ma prolactin 504.70 as non-pregnant which vry high, FSH 9.420,LH 86.99 while progesterone 0.58, testosterone,serum 0.32. The gyne which i went to see with the result ask me to go for another test called HSG & come back after 3mnths with the result without prescription of any drugs & am not happy with because i needed immediate treatment so that i can start bearing my own kids. What can you recommend for me to be taken before then?

  16. Hi I stopped breastfeeding for over 6 months now , my 2 breasts still brings out fluid when I press them and also I don’t usually get sigh of ovulation. No ewcm,I only use ovulation kit to knw when I’m ovulating , can this signs of high prolactin?

    • Hi Mavy, while milk presence in your boobs after six months of weaning your baby might indicate a case of high prolactin, the best way to know is to do a hormonal test. Also, the EWCM is not a sure-banker way of pinpointing ovulation. It practical that you use OPKs

  17. Tank you for this information, my two breast have been bringing out fluid after several treatment pls what can I do have no child yet.

  18. Hi @Nicole, i anytime pressed my two breast fluid always come out. My period will last for 28dys this month 30dys d following month, 29dys, 26dys atimes 28dys but i do ovulates and my husband has travelled out for past 2yrs and he will soon be back by may this year and we re planing to have another baby. pls is there going to be a delay? What can i do to prepare my body? Thank u.

    • Since when have you been noticing these symptoms Olabisi? How do you know you ovulate? Do you use OPKS or what? Anyways, you need to see your doctor as soon possible to determine that there are no hindrance to conception. May is almost here.

  19. I did an homonal test,it shows high prolatinaemia and i tolk bromergon tab 4 3weeks,it stop,but after sum weeks reccures again, what will i do?

    • Hi Beauty. So sorry about the prolactin issue. With hormonal issues, it is constant management. Stopping medication can sometimes lead to a recurrence. You might have to speak with your doctor about another prescription. But as for managing it naturally, what is your diet like? Do you eat a lot of carbs? Sugars? You might have to completely eliminate / reduce these from your diet.

  20. This article has been really helpful for me after reading it nw. Pls @ Nicole , Bromocriptine and dostinex which of them is more effective & fast in treatment of high polactin ?

  21. Gud evening, I’m having high prolactin n was placed on bromergon for 3mths, went for anoda test n it was still high so d doctor increased d dosage n ask me to take it for anoda two month. One month to go now, so ma question is can I combine clomid wt d bromergon for effective result.

    • Hi Ayomi, the medication you’re on is for your high prolactin levels. If the levels are not normal, it may impact ovulation, so using clomid may not help. Better to see your doctor first, find out your current level and take it from there.

  22. Good evening,have been having discharge since 2012,my prolactin test came out normal,regular monthly flow with 2-3apart,no sign of Ovulation or EWCM,Been believing God for the fruit of the 2012 was placed on destonex and after one month Dr.stop me ,he said there was no need since my prolactin is on the normal range.I really don’t know what else to do.

    • Hello Wunmi, parlodel is prolactin medication while fertilaid is a fertility boosting supplements, so it’s fine to take both.
      You should also talk to your doctor about it.

  23. Pls i love what is bn discuss here ad am so interested because I HV d same issue, high prolactin but WS placed on bromergon, I finished d tab but nothing happened, now I HV went ad buy dostinex without d knowledge of my doctor, is there problem

    • Hello Promise, how did you conclude that nothing happened? Did you do a test? For safety reasons, it’s best to discuss with your doctor about a new change in your medications. They know the compositions of each drug. You can still talk to your doctor about the new drug. But know that they are both for the treatment of high prolactin.

  24. Pls i had high prolactin,I WS placed on bromergon, ad I finished the tab, but nothing happened, I now went and purchase dostinex without d knowledge of my doctor, is there any problem of not informing my doctor

    • My dear, please you need to inform your doctor A.S.A.P! You can’t afford to self-medicate with any kind of drugs, lest of all drugs this major. Please, please, please speak with your doctor immediately.

  25. Good morning Nicole and Oluwakemi,
    I’m happy to come across this page.
    We have been married for a year and nine months now no conception yet.
    My wife went for text and we find out that her prolactin is high 30.98 but she ovulated, so the doctor placed her on bromergon, she is on the second cup this month which the doctor combined it with Heclo.
    Her cycle is often 29 days but changed to 26 days immediately she started taking bromergon, Why is it so and what is the pregnancy success rate?

    • Hello Emma, your wife’s cycle could have shortened as a result of the new medications she is taking, so it is not really something to worry about. However, if her cycle becomes irregular, then you need to talk to your doctor about it.

      Given that she ovulates, if her prolactin level is brought under control, then achieving a conception is a lot easier.

    • Dear Emma, like Kemi said, now that she’s on medication, and with all other factors being good (ovulation, tubal function, sperm quality), God willing, conception should happen in no time at all. Good luck to you both :hug:

  26. God bless both of you for your reply.
    Thank you so much for giving me hope.
    I will come back here and testify as soon as she conceives.
    Once again, thank you.
    I’m grateful.

  27. Very educative chat. I have fibroid and high prolactin. Which should I address first. Should I go for surgery first or take care of the high prolactin.

  28. Hello, glad I stumbled on this article now. Doctor said my prolactin level is high (47%) so asked me to buy cabergoline. I just got it today. I bought Steilla Cabergoline 0.5 mg. I’m TTC.
    What’s the success rate? He asked me to take it once a week. Will I get pregnant soon?

    • Hello Amy, the medication your doctor prescribed will help get your prolactin levels under control and then conception can happen, provided there are no other issues. Sending loads of baby dust your way.

  29. Plz I am TTC for four yrs.last month was my first time of doing test on hormonal imbalance and it was noticed that prolactin,estrogen is high and my hubby did also semens analysis plz how do I send d result for more clarifications.

  30. Hello nicole am having same issue with high prolactin and Doc placed me on three month Bromergon. This is the last month i will b using it before going for another test. Please can i use natural herbs such as dong quai, sage, motherwort, and vitex. And hope with wont have side effects. Cos have been treating high prolactin level over 7 years now. And am Ttc, i discover anytime i stop using bromergon /dostinex for a month or 2 the prolactin will come back. Please what natural measure can i use to treat it permanent….. Thanks will b expecting ur response.

  31. Hello please help, just got my result and I have high prolactin 36.7 and I also have fibroid which is 6cm size… I don’t know what to do as am confuse. Am currently taking wobenzym N and woman’s best friend supplement. Please I need help on what medication to take as I read that vitamin B6 and E is okay. Please help. Not married yet and no kids.

    • Hello Stella, true your prolactin levels is high but your doctor can prescribe a treatment plan to get it under control. Where is the location of the fibroids and how is it affecting your lifestyle?

      • I have subserosal fibroid which grows outside the uterus. Always have heavy and painful period. It’s affecting emotionally.. I really do not know what to do anymore and now again prolactin. Am just tired…

        • Stella, it is going to be fine my sister. In light of the fact that the fibroids is affecting your lifestyle, you should seriously give a thought to taking it out and your prolactin levels can be brought under control with the right medication, so there is definitely hope, even though it feels overwhelming right now for you.

  32. Hello all, want to announce to you that I’m finally pregnant after putting my prolactin in check since September. I urge everyone to please adhere to doctor’s instructions and back up with prayers. God will do it. I took steilla cabergoline. For those who need the drug can contact me. Lots of baby dust to you all mothers.

    • Congratulations Amy. This is great news and here’s sending lots of baby dust to other waiting moms.

      Are you selling the drug now Amy?
      Meanwhile, ladies, please talk to your doctor first before taking any medication.
      Congratulations once more Amy.

      • Thanks so much Oluwakemi. I’m not selling the drugs but could help those who are not able to get it.

        @Emma, glad to know your wife bears same name. I started taking the drugs in September, i missed my period in October. So i guess not barely a month. Cabergoline doesn’t have much side effect. I took mine once every week according to my doctor’s prescription. Baby dust to your wife.

  33. Hello Amy, you are my wife namesake (Amarachi).
    How long did you take the drug before you achieved success?
    My wife started taking Cabergoline on Saturday 7th October, last month after she took bromocriptine for two months.
    The side effect of bromocriptine was much on her and she had a delayed cycle in September, so our doctor now told us to buy Cabergoline.
    She will be taking her 6th dose today.
    How long did you take yours?

  34. Hello ma, Thanks for your good work.
    I want to know if fluid kind of water coming out of breast is d same thing of milk fluid? have been seeing this for 8yrs. now am married trying to get pregnant for 2yrs now. thou have gone to hospital nothing was seen.

    • Hello Tee, when did you go to the hospital and was it a gyneacologist you saw or a family doctor? Did you mention the fact that milk has been coming out of your breast for several years?
      Tee, the fact is, a woman, who is not breastfeeding or pregnant shouldn’t having anything coming out of their breasts. That’s milk, it’s not just water.
      I would like to suggest you talk to your doctor about it again and get on a treatment plan.

  35. I took Dostinex for two months. Half tablet on Monday and the other half on Thursday.
    Level of Prolactin was 43.7. As at when i finished the medication and took another test, it had dropped to 4.3.
    Cabergoline works. You should request for it from your doctor instead of bromergon

  36. Good day ma, early this year, I had irregular menstrual flow. in June precisely, I noticed a discharge from my breast and I went to run a test and the lab scientist said it was a high prolactin of 708ml/L and prescribe dostinex for me . To be taken one once a week. I took it for2 months. After two months, the discharge stopped, and my menstrual flow blame normal. in November, I saw discharge again and I visited the hospital and ran another test and the level was 80.the doctor has prescribe Cabaser 1mg to be taken 1Weekly for the period of 5months . Madam, hope this medication will bring the level to normal. am so worried, but believing God for normalization…

    • Hello Franca, first of all, your lab scientist is in no position to be prescribing medications to you. He/she should have asked you to see your doctor. Right now, you need to religiously take the cabergoline, for the results to show. The medication will brig your prolactin levels over a period of time. Meanwhile, did you tell your doctor that you had treated this condition before and the medication you used? If not, kindly inform your doctor about it.

  37. Hi, just came across your page. In August I found out I was having discharge from my right breast. Saw the doctor who said my Prolactin level was 29. I have been on Bromocriptine since September. The discharge stopped last week. I still have my pills to take till two weeks time. I want to know when to stop taking this medication. And will my Prolactin level go back up when I do?

    • Hello Monalisa, Glad to know that you are seeing results from your treatment. However, you cannot stop just because you’re seeing results, you have to complete your dosage and then you need to do the prolactin level test to find out what your levels are now.

  38. Hello, came across this site by chance and thank so much for the write up.
    Really many women out there do not know what is really causing being a ttc..this high prolactin level is highly a cause among other things , little did I know that secretion from the breast is a problem if one is not pregnant nor breastfeeding. Hence, until I was a year in my matrimonial home and I decided to call a friends husband who is a O/G doctor and outside the state but since hes not closeby he had to refer me to a collegue of his that is a specialist on fertility and ivf..little did I know something like that occured.
    I had a scanned no tube blockage nor cyst, but then pressing my breast, huh! secretion. I ran a test and it came out with a high level of prolactin and Iam placed on cabergoline every 4 days for 3 months..started on 28th dec, 2017..n iam on my knees every moment for Gods perfection.
    Thank you.

  39. Stumbled on this page 3days ago. Great job i must say.
    Sometime in Aug, i noticed that my left breast was way fuller and bigger than the right breast, and it was always paining to the point that instarted wearing bra to sleep. I decided to visit the hosp when i couldnt bear the pain.
    I was advised to run a hormonal profile test.
    The result came Prolactin 67.9miu/ml, FSh 10.2ng/ml LH 9.0ng/ml and progesterone 0.8ng/ml. The doctor recommended bromocriptine but my sister in-law advised i took Dostinex, once a week. Let me also say that my period has also been irregular. Once in 3mnths. Been.on Dostinex now, Vitamin E and Folic Acid 400mcg. I got married last year March and hubby lives abroad.. he will be coming home in April and i want to get over this high prolactin before his arrival.
    Baby dust to you all.

    • Hi Deleola. I’m glad you ran the hormone profile and are getting treated for the prolactin. Personally, I would prefer you stick with your doctor’s recommendation, especially as he would know why he chose which drug. You could tell him about the other recommendation of Dostinex, and hear what he has to say.

      But something else that worries me is your progesterone. Is that 8ng/ml or 0.8ng/ml? Normal range is 5 to 20 ng/mL, so if it is 0.8, then that also needs to be addressed.

      How regular are your periods?

  40. It was 0.8ng/ml but i was given 10ml of progesterone injection for 5days. I intend running another test after i finish the my medication. The Doctor said the low progesterone was due to my high level of prolactin.
    My periods have been irregular since August. It only came in November, and then i saw it 7th Jan.
    I pray it gets better

    • He’s correct. High prolactin oftentimes comes hand in hand with low progesterone, so hopefully the treatment should address that. But let him also look into the possibility of polycystic ovaries (PCOS), especially as your periods have been irregular. Have you put on a lot of weight in a short time? With the right lifestyle changes (eating right and exercising regularly), alongside meds to regulate your hormones, hopefully you should be fine :hug:

  41. I am off my medication for my Prolactin level finally. I am so happy but a bit scared cos I don’t want to go down this road again. Pls how do I make sure my Prolactin level doesn’t go high again. Is there any way I can prevent it from getting high. Are there foods I should eat that will help and foods I should avoid eating ? I wish everyone of us Baby Dust.

  42. I lost my baby after one month I delivered. Precisely on 17th December 2017. My period has not yet return after one month and 1 week I weaned. What can be the cause of it? Though I went for ultrasound they found out that am still leaking breast milk that it is preventing me from ovulation. And prescribe bromergon, vitamin E and folic acid.

    • Chinenye, please accept our condolences on your loss. So so sorry hun. It’s normal for your body to still be in lactation mode, so your prolactin would be high. Your doctor prescribed the right meds to help accelerate the process of it returning to normal. Just give it a couple more months, and hopefully, your body should be back to normal. :hug:

  43. Hi Nicole, My Doctor put me off Bromocriptine ending of December. Unfortunately, few days back, I noticed discharge on my right breast. I went back to the doctor today and he says my Prolactin level is high again. This is like a nightmare to me. I was on Bromocriptine three times a day since September when I noticed the discharge at first. I feel depressed about it. I did suggest to my doctor if we can try Cabergoline. He did say he has never heard of this drug but will find out about it. So I am here to ask if Cabergoline will solve this problem of reoccurring nipple discharge and high Prolactin. Because I am not married yet and am not planning for a baby soon. I just want this handled now that am single. Please, I want to know if Cabergoline is worth the money I will spend on it because I don’t want to have reoccurring high prolactin levels again.

  44. Hi Nicole,i did a hormonal test and my prolactin is a little bit high,33, though I have regular menstruation and I ovulate every month,no breast milk discharge, been trying to conceive for 4 months now but no good result so my doctor placed me on medication that will last for 20days parlodel 2,5 mg bromocriptina,I just pray it goes back to normal soon and I get pregnant soon

    • Hello Peace, thank God, the high prolactin was picked up on early, considering you don’t have the classic symptoms. With you starting treatment, one can only hope for good news from your end soon.

      cc: @nicole

  45. @Nicole very insightful piece, thank you for your time

    Please what’s the dose for the Vit B6 and Vitamin E, I am not trying to conceive but would like to address my prolactin levels from a natural point first. Can I also use the vitex alongside and what dose?

    Thank you

    • Thanks for reading, Amy :heart: . I refrain from recommending dosage because what works for person A might not work for person B. Your doctor is always the best person to prescribe hun. As for vitex, as it’s a natural supplement, I don’t think there’s anything wrong in taking it alongside…but ask your doctor first. Sending you lots of :hug:

  46. I have been TTC for twelve months ran some test and found out my prolatin level is 19mg. I was placed on parlodel for one month but want to know if I can take vitex too

  47. Hello everyone
    I am 43 yrs,and recently had a hormonal prolactin level is 38,no breast discharge,no issue with menstrual flow.
    I have a 3 year old boy.
    I have bought fertilaid for the high prolactin.
    What else should I do? thanks

    • Lairesho hun, I’m not sure the Fertilaid is enough to address the high prolactin. Was this prescribed by your doctor? If it wasn’t, your doctor might have to prescribe you something to specifically address the prolactin issue. Fertilaid can be taken as an accompaniment.

  48. I have been battling with High Prolactin level since last year and Initially placed on Bromocriptine and the milky discharge stopped only to resume back after a month. I continue with Bromocriptine but the discharging wasn’t reducing and my doctor decided to change it to Cabergoline. I have been on Cabergoline for 4 months now and am yet to see any effects cos I still have milky discharge and my level is at 30 last month when I was tested. I am depressed about this issue. Pls help me and tell me how long I have to still take this medication before I see any results cos I am fed up


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