Confessions of a Fat Girl 17: The Solution!


November 7th, 2009

It’s a beautiful Saturday evening, and JJ and I just returned from a brisk half hour walk. We didn’t cover quite as much ground as our usual run, as we just decided to take it nice and easy today. Still, it was just what I needed. I was up till late last night, on Skype with my sisters about my business wahala. We weren’t even able to reach any definitive solution sef! So this morning, I decided to take it easy…I had a nice lie-in, enjoyed a late breakfast, and watched an entire season of Lost. I love the weekends when I can have my cake (putting my feet up) and eat it too (my outdoor jogs and walks with JJ.)

Like most fatties, I have a range of sizes of clothing in my closet. From my now-too-big size of 24, right down to an 18. In the past, keeping too-small clothes around was an epic failure as weight loss motivation for me, but now, I’m starting to look at my smaller things as “closet goals.” My size 22 jeans that I was salivating over a few weeks ago, are now mega loose. I’m still not quite a size 20…but that’s my current target. Right now, I am eyeing this size 20 fitted dress I bought on a whim last year. I saw it online, and I was obsessed! But it’s largest size was a size 20…a size I haven’t been in over four years. I couldn’t get the dress out of my head, so I had ordered it…and when it arrived, I was dismayed that it didn’t fit (I don’t know what kind of magic I was expecting), so I shoved it in the back of my closet and have tried to forget about it. If by my weigh-in on Monday, I’ve dropped below the 100kg mark, I’ll try it on again! Fingers crossed!!!

Something to look forward to!!!!


November 8th, 2009

After a wonderful start to the day (beautiful Mass, and fantastic lunch of my spin on a Chinese Seafood Hotpot), my sisters tried to frustrate me!

So, we had planned the Skype chat for 3pm today…to give me enough time to go to Church, and them enough time to wake up. There I sat, with my pen and paper, thinking we were about to have a very thorough and insightful discussion. I actually thought these women would have spent enough time thinking up solutions, but as they sat there, yawning and scratching their eyes, I knew this would be a waste of time.

“Why don’t you start selling clothes?” Ogonna had suggested “Women will always want to dress up…and you have a good shopping eye…always able to get good deals.”

I stared back at the screen in shock. “Ogonna, have you even listened to anything I’ve said these past few weeks?! I already told you that isn’t an option!”

“I tire oh!” agreed Akwaugo “Don’t half of the shops in Ikota already sell women’s clothes?”

“Okay now, where is your own suggestion?!” Ogonna had snapped back.

“My dear, open a restaurant!” Akwaugo said, matter-of-factly “You can’t go wrong with food! People always have to eat!”

“A restaurant!” I repeated, my mouth open.

“That’s true oh! Maybe even a health food restaurant!” Ogonna chimed in “In fact, that’s a genius idea, ‘Ugo! Especially with all those wonderful recipes I’ve been sending…”

It was at that point that I snapped my book shut, and gave them the tongue lashing of their lives!

“I don’t blame you people! I don’t blame you!” I seethed “There I was, confident my sisters were thinking up useful ideas and solutions for me, not knowing you would both choose to faff all week, and sit here trying to give me half baked suggestions! So, what was the point of this call, really? What?! A restaurant, kwa!! A restaurant! You, come to Nigeria and open a restaurant now! Can you just imagine the useless thing you are saying!!”

JJ had peeped into the study, with a puzzled look on his face. I hadn’t realized I was actually yelling. He walked over to where I sat, and waved at my sisters, who in turn waved back, with the usual excitement they gave him. The way my sisters love my husband sha! Anyway, Ogonna had recounted the story, and thankfully my husband’s brows had furrowed when the restaurant idea came up.

“Restaurant? Mmm mmm. I don’t think Ihunna is cut out for that” he had responded “Running a restaurant is a whole lot of stress…especially with the way the economy is”.

“Help me tell them oh!” I had chimed in.

“This is what I think she should do.” JJ said, after thinking for a moment “Let’s ditch the perishables…the baby food especially. Let’s also do away with the baby clothes and toys. Right now, those might not be high up on people’s agenda.” turning to me, he asked “What’s your biggest seller? What is the one item you are most guaranteed to sell, even if all the rest don’t move?”

“Diapers” I’d responded.

“There you go! Just focus on that for now…at least until things blow over”.

And that was it! My light bulb moment has been staring me in the face all along! Not only are diapers my best sellers, they are the items for which I enjoy some of my highest markups, considering the low cost prices I am able to enjoy, thanks to my sisters. By focusing on this item, I can protect myself from the sales volatility of the other items…at least until things settle down.

And I was wasting my time with those silly women, when my problem solver has been under my nose all along!

Sticking out my tongue at them, we had ended the Skype chat, and I had proceeded to enjoy the rest of the day with my family. It felt like a huge weight has been taken off my chest!

In other news…my weigh in is tomorrow! Yikes!



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