Confessions of a Fat Girl 5: The Gym!


September 26th, 2009

It has been a surprisingly great week. I have actually enjoyed, and even looked forward to, the meals in my plan. Also, eating less sugar has definitely improved my emotional stability, which is a great thing, because it was my PMS week. There were days when I did have some sugar withdrawal symptoms, and the dreaded PMS, but it was nowhere near what I would have typically experienced. Not bad at all.

Weigh in on Monday…yikes!


September 28th, 2009

The very first thing I did the morning, even before saying my morning prayers, was to hop on my scale. 110.3 kg. Meaning I lost 2.7kg. Hmmm…I was actually expecting it to be more. I probably didn’t lose as much because I didn’t exercise as much as the Nutritionist advised. Ah well. I was signing up at the gym today anyways!

I also realize I need to start tracking my measurements as well, to measure my loss in inches…but that will be when I am on a decent exercise plan.

Upon my return from the school run, I had a green smoothie for breakfast (spinach, cucumbers, and apples), and spent the morning sorting out my orders for my store. In case you’re wondering, I don’t sit at home all day, eating, watching TV, and being a ‘real housewife’…lol! I have a store at the Ikota Shopping Complex, where I sell children’s supplies; clothing, food, and diapers. I used to work in one of the banks, but resigned a few years ago, as I was melting under the pressure of my work load, managing my home, coping with my recurrent miscarriages, and, of course, my ballooning weight. So JJ and I agreed it was best to throw in the towel, and try my own thing. And we’ve been doing okay. There are quite a number of other stores in the complex that do the same thing, but I have managed to gain some loyal, repeat customers, so that has helped business.

After an early lunch of beans and fish (not to mention making the kids’ spaghetti lunch), I drove out 30 minutes earlier than I needed to for the school run, because I wanted to check out, and sign up at, the gym. I was pleasantly surprised by how well equipped the place is…but I was also slightly intimidated. All the equipment and machinery looked so…so scary, and the energetic people running, walking, climbing, pushing and squeezing away didn’t make me feel any better. The over-enthusiastic Manager took a lot of pride showing me around, before ushering me to their office, for paper work. As I filled the sign-up form, and wrote their cheque, I could feel my heart pounding. Heyyy, Ihunna! What are you getting yourself into ohhh!

I decided not to return for my first session, until tomorrow. I needed all the time I could get to psych myself up for the task at hand…



September 30th, 2009

Yesterday was…interesting!

I went to the gym after dropping off the kids…meaning I got there at about 9.00am. Chidera advised me that it was best to go mid-morning…not too early (or I would run into the skinny working-class girls, getting their early morning gym on), or later in the day (as that would be when the freaks would literally come out). Mid-morning is apparently for women like me…housewives, or business ladies, with genuine weight loss issues. And she was right! Apart from a size-14 looking woman who thought she was Mary Onyali on the treadmill, the other occupants of the gym were my fellow fat sisters. Yeah…I felt at home!

I proceeded to wave off the Trainer who approached me, as there was no way I was ready for anything that intense. So, I plugged in my earphones, mounted the treadmill, set it to 3 MPH, and started walking at a leisurely pace. My Naija Mix music helped make it an enjoyable one…for the first 10 minutes, after which I felt like I was going to pass out.

I saw the Trainer’s eyes drift to the speed on my machine, and when we made eye contact, he shook his head. “You need to go faster than that, Ma’am” he said in his manufactured American accent. I gestured a Not Now sign to him, and kept on with my walk. When he wasn’t looking, I increased the speed to 4 MPH, and amped up my music, to allow me charge on a bit faster.

So, I panted, and walked, and panted, and jogged, for another 35 minutes…and as soon as I hit the 45-minute mark, I turned off the machine so hard, and jumped off as fast as I could. God forbid bad thing! I looked around in amazement at the other fat women like me, still jogging and pumping away, some even longer than I had been at the gym, and I marveled.

Maybe one day, I will get there…but today, I am very satisfied with my 45-minute, 233 calorie burning session, thank you very much!



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