Confessions of a Fat Girl 28: Prawn Stir Fry


December 2nd, 2009

So, yesterday was epic! Epic! The girls and I had left Cactus, and proceeded to go to a host of other places. Charity and Judith were eager to see what new things Lagos had in store for them, and Chidera and I were only too happy to oblige.

I didn’t get home till almost 10pm! JJ understood, because not only are such days very few and far between for me, he knows how much I have missed my friends, so he was very happy to let me enjoy myself.

And enjoy myself, I did. A bit too much!

Let’s just say that my meal plan was DOA, as soon as I arrived Cactus. I knew there was no way in the world I could go there, and not order their pancakes. Biko, it’s Christmas! So, I ate syrup-laden pancakes…and that had just been part 1! By the time the night was over, let’s just say I had eaten enough to make Dr. Nkechi feel ashamed of me! LOL!

But I don’t regret a minute of it.

Last last, I will double up in the gym from now until it’s time for our trip in 3 weeks.

In a bid to compensate, I decided to try out a new recipe for my family. There are few things I love more than seeing my kids’ faces light up when I cook a healthy, yummy meal! But, there is nothing I hate more than when one of those meals turns into an Epic Fail!

Over sabi me, I had found an Indian recipe that looked nice and healthy. The recipe called for a lot of salt, so much so that I cut it by a third, but yet, the meal was so salty, that it was inedible. In anger, I reached for the first thing my hand could touch in the freezer. A container of frozen stew. In all honesty, as I popped it in the microwave, it was meant to be only for my kids…but as the smell of delicious palm oil stew wafted through my nose, I knew I had to have a plate!

So, I had a plate of boiled rice and stew for lunch! And I feel so so awful about that!


December 3rd, 2009

My trainer didn’t know what hit him today! I hit the gym hard!!! After 2 days of reckless eating, I can’t afford to let my body go on another free fall! Mba nu! Not after I have already given Ezioma a preview of what to expect! I must, and I repeat must, be a size 18 before I go to the East.

In fact, so pumped am I that I am going to see my old tailor, this afternoon, to organize some funky outfits for my Christmas sputting! No more dryness this year oh! No way!

And so, with all that in mind, I ran, squatted, rolled, lifted, and crunched like a mad woman! For the first time ever, I did almost 180 minutes!

Even though I had a very brief fall off the wagon, I think I’ve made great strides in leaving my “have to eat everything” mentality behind. But to improve this even more, I need to practice a very strict system of checks and balances, daily. For example, if there is a dessert that I’m going to want to eat, the main meal is going to be smaller portions, especially light on the heavier items. So, I don’t intend to starve myself completely, but instead indulge in moderation!

Desperate to redeem myself, after yesterday’s kitchen disaster, I decided to try a prawn dish for lunch. JJ loves sea food, and I knew he would be really excited about it. And I was right. The Piri Piri Prawn Wrap I made was a hit! I was just browsing online, and found the awesome recipe!

I stir fried prawns (which I had marinated overnight) with garlic, chilli, green pepper, and seasoning. Then I used a teeny tiny amount of mayonnaise, a table spoon of lemon juice, some mint leaves, and of course seasoning, to make the dressing. Then using a bread wrap, I wrapped the prawn stir fry, alongside some fresh lettuce and avocado, and coated in the dressing.

It was to die for!

Calorific damage? 320!

Not bad at all!!!



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