Confessions of a Fat Girl 18: Magic Formula


November 9th, 2009

97.7 kg!!!

I felt like a dancing a jig after my weigh-in this morning! I still do! I lost 2.7kg in the last week…enough to bring me well below 100kg. In the 8 weeks since I have been on this plan, even counting that one week that I fell off the wagon, I have lost 15.3kg!!! I just can’t believe it!

I know I won’t have consistent losses like this all the time, but knowing they are possible keeps me so motivated! I’ve always thought that there was no magic formula to losing weight and getting fit (no matter how many times I fantasized about finding that secret), but there really is a magic formula. Cut out the crap and get moving. It’s as simple as that!

With that in mind, you can imagine how pumped I was at the gym! I went for it, like a raging bull. I have now stretched my gym time to 150 minutes. I actually wanted to push it to 180 minutes, but my trainer thinks 2.5 hours is more than enough. Imagine! I’m now the one wanting to go faster than my trainer!

After the gym, I got home and eyed that fitted size 20 dress…the one I promised myself I would try if I went below the 100kg mark. Well, I’m below 100kg, but I think I should leave it until next week to try it on.

But as I got dressed, I noticed my neck actually looking longer. In fact, the person looking back at me in the mirror looked much different than the girl I remembered. For the first time in this process, I actually examined myself thoroughly…taking in the leaner look of my face, and the looser fit of my clothes. In fact, as my hands moved, my wedding ring set was actually sliding up and down my finger. Wow! So, this is truly real!

With enough time on my hands, I proceeded to use leftovers from the weekend to make lunch for the family. I stripped the flesh of some of the spicy turkey from Saturday’s dinner, and, alongside green, red and yellow bell peppers, onions, and a light olive oil dressing, wrapped everything with brown flat bread, to make a healthy wrap.

My sons rolled their eyes when they saw Mommy’s home made shawarma, but they ate it anyway…and enjoyed it too. So did JJ.

At the end of the day, my calorie check showed I had consumed 980 calories. A great number, for a tasty day of food!


November 10th, 2009

Well, I guess I needed this reminder that, contrary to what I think, I am not Jane Fonda!

At some point between my morning work-out, and also carrying two heavy grocery bags immediately afterward, I pulled something in the right side of my back. It’s not unbearable, but it pinches when I move, walk, sit.

I’m no stranger to aches and pains, but I decided to take it easy for the rest of the day, abeg! Make I no go die! This may be my body’s way of warning me to slow down a bit, and recharge. It’s hard for me to do since I’ve been on such a good roll of progress and who ever wants to admit they aren’t Super Woman? Not me! I hate to break my stride, but I think it’s important I heed this wake-up call.

So, I happily asked JJ to do the school run, while I balanced in bed, TV on, and browsing the internet for business ideas. Yes, yes…I know that was resolved over the weekend, but being limited to selling just diapers and wipes isn’t really setting my rocks on fire. I know it’s the wise thing to do in this harsh economic climate, but surely, there has to be something more out there! There has to be something more that can engage me, and make me money at the same time!

I just have to keep thinking!


November 11th, 2009

What’s the best way to get a healthy and delectable dinner on the table in 15 minutes? In two words, chicken salad. Chicken is a staple in my home, so it’s a nice quick fix. The trouble with chicken, or any form of meat salad, is making it interesting, as well as quick and easy. I have recently found that adding a variety of nuts (cashews, almonds, walnuts) for crunch, and apples or cucumbers for that surprise burst of sweetness, make it that much more interesting! Add some homemade salad dressing (made from a bit of mustard, honey and vinegar), and dinner is served! It’s so simple but so delicious.

If you haven’t guessed already, yes, I am still on my self-imposed bed rest today. No driving, no gyming, no nada! I just spent the day, pattering around in the kitchen all day, experimenting with new things.

I was dying for another type of smoothie, and I finally found one that works…at least for this week! The Watermelon Freeze!!! Made just from watermelons, and a squeeze of lime. I substituted the sugar in the recipe for half a teaspoon of vanilla extract! OMG!! It was soooo gooooood!

Am I sure I won’t follow Akwaugo’s advice and start selling these things?! My health food game is on point these days!!!!

LOL! If you believe that, you’ll believe anything!



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