Confessions of a Fat Girl 6: Killjoy!


October 2nd, 2009

I am almost in shock about how great my week has been. I had one more day at the gym (on Wednesday, the 30th), and even though I was still able to manage only 45 minutes, I did more of jogging than walking on the treadmill. I still brushed aside the Trainer’s offer to help…but I know that, if I’m serious with this weight loss thing, I will have to accept his help, sooner than later.

But on the food front, I didn’t deviate from my diet all week…well, except for yesterday, when we went for my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday party. I have to admit that I had cake, a nice meal, and quite a bit of alcohol…but c’mon, it was a celebration of joy, and it would have been rude of me not to. But guess what! I didn’t overeat, neither did I finish my cake. As in…ME?! Leave cake?! Me that could have eaten the entire cake in one sitting, only a few weeks ago! That, in itself, was a HUGE accomplishment for me, and I was quite proud of me. I even saw the glint of pride in JJ’s eyes, when he offered me his own cake (as he usually would) and I turned it down (which I never would have). Progress!!!

In general, the withdrawal symptoms from sugar are starting to abate, and I’m starting to feel that calm that I only ever feel when I’m eating less sugar. I just pray it continues. I can’t wait for my weigh-in on Monday!



October 5th, 2009

OMG! Colour me surprised!!! I weighed in this morning at 106.8kg!!! 3.5 kilos down! And who knows…it might have even been better if I hadn’t eaten that cake! I felt so lightheaded and happy, that I literally had a skip in my step all morning…from when I dropped the kids in school (my sons were amused over my uncharacteristic singing in the car), right up to when I got home to get ready for my day. I was mentally calculating how long it would take to get me to my ideal 65kg weight…if I maintained, or even improved on, this weekly weight loss number. I happily called my cousin/best friend, Chidera, to update her on my progress, and messaged my sisters on our WhatsApp group. My joy was even amplified when I tried on a lovely size 22 dress I’d had for a while, but hadn’t been able to wear for long, was now a perfect fit! Yay!! Yes, it was a free flowing style, so it might have been too quick to pop the Champagne over my size 22 status…but I knew I was well on my way! I eyed my size 22 jeans, and made a mental note to try them on that Friday, when JJ and I went on date night.

I was still in a happy mood, when I drove to my store at the Ikota Shopping Complex. I hadn’t been there in over a week, as I didn’t want to be distracted off my weight loss campaign. But now that I thought I was fairly in control, I decided to just go for it.

The aroma of fresh shawarma wafted through my nostrils, as soon as I got out of my car. 2 stores from mine is a barbecue and shawarma joint, and I had enjoyed far too many oily, greasy treats there. Hmmm…this would be tough oh! The owner of the joint sighted me, and waved happily. I waved back, with a cautious smile. I’d best not appear too interested, before she came over with a plate I wouldn’t be able to resist.

The rest of the morning proved uneventful, with my Sales Assistants and I going over our inventory, and discussing the dip in sales the previous month. Once in a while, I saw their eyes drift to my cup of green slush (the spinach, cucumber and apple smoothie I had prepared as a snack), and I knew they were wondering what the heck I was drinking.

When one of them, Favour, saw that I had caught her stealing a glance, she laughed nervously. “No vex, Ma. I was just wondering what that is. Is it medicine? Where you sick?”

“Me sef dey wonder, Ma” the other one, Blessing, chipped in “Aunty, you don lean well well!”

I was so tickled by their observation, and was just about to tell them all about my new diet and exercise pattern, when a lady’s voice cut into my reverie.

“That’s how you people will continue to deceive your Madam! Which kin weight has she lost??!” said Uzoamaka, whose store was right next to mine “Na wa oh, Ihunna. Didn’t you just come back from holiday? Why did you leave your store unattended for so many days”, then adding in our Igbo dialect “Abi you want all these your shop girls to rob you blind??”

Sighing deeply, I dismissed my girls, and managed a smile for my intrusive neighbor. Uzoamaka is the most competitive person I have ever met…and not in a good way! Even though our businesses could not be more polar opposites (she sells women’s clothes, whilst I sell baby supplies), but could even have been complimentary to each other, Uzo has made it a point of duty to constantly monitor how many customers I have in a day, and is always critical of what I stock, constantly asking if I source them from China (even though I know she was well aware that I do not). My weight is another gloating point for her. Not that she is slim herself (she is a generous size 16), but she never fails to taunt me over my own rapidly rising weight.

“Can’t you see that I’ve lost weight, Uzoamaka?” I teased “I’m almost 6kg lighter than the last time you saw me”

Her hysterical laughter killed whatever enthusiasm and joy I had left my home with. “Oh, Ihunna! Biko, don’t make me laugh! Look at how your arms look in that dress! And see your stomach!” she then gave me a patronizing pat on the back “But keep on trying, oh! I have some control underwear that should be able to help. I will send my girl to show you. Welcome back, my dear!”

And just like that, my enthusiasm crashed like a deflated balloon. Talk about a killjoy!

A few minutes later…I was chewing away on a juicy shawarma, and drinking a glass of Fanta. What was the point?!



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  1. you write good! And if this piece is not fiction then you don’t need killjoys in your life. I can’t imagine after going through my own personal torture (I judge myself all the time) another person will add her own. Like you, I am heading to the 65 kg mark…It is well…ji sike’re doing well and please don’t stop writing. I like your stories @ihunna



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