Confessions of a Fat Girl 3: Defiant


September 17th, 2009

If I’ve learnt one thing over the years, it’s that diets work if you can commit and stick. Once you “go off” the diet, you can be rest assured that the kilos will pile on very easily, and will be even harder to lose. I have tried almost every diet you can think of, and have actually been successful with a few…but only for as long as I can stand the extreme hunger.

I once tried the Cambridge diet, and lost 12 kg…and actually got down to a size 18. I’m sure if I had been consistent with it, I probably would have lost more. But biiiiko! I no kill person, abeg! I could only manage those shakes, bars, and soups for so long. One day, at the start of the third week, I found myself swooning in the market. Before I knew it, I had been ushered to sit on a stool, and a bottle of a malt drink had been thrust in my hand. That first sip, that glorious first sip, signalled the point of no return for me. On my way home, I made a detour to a popular African restaurant in Victoria Island, and devoured 2 servings of their signature Pounded Yam and Fisherman’s Okra soup. It felt like heaven to be eating real food! But unfortunately, before that week was over, I’m sure I had regained almost all the weight I lost.

So, why all this long tori? It is to outline the fact that what I need is a long term solution…and a diet is not a long term solution. There are changes that I have to be make…and permanent ones too.

My cousin, Chidera, gave me the phone number of a Nutritionist yesterday, and I called her, without expecting anything much. But gosh, speaking with her was an eye opener for me! She explained to me that what I needed was a lifestyle change, and not a quick fix from fad diets. She was able to identify that limiting and counting calories is something that does not work for me. So, we agreed that she would send me a meal plan, with healthy foods I enjoy eating. It will cost me a bit more than I’d like, but I guess I need to stop being stingy and spend money to rescue me from myself. No need saving all my money on clothes that I will keep tearing with my weight.

I have also committed to start some form of exercise, starting tomorrow. My husband, let’s call him JJ, really thinks the gym will help, but I think I should take baby steps and start walking around the estate first. I cringe at the thought of joining those women I laugh at from my car, walking and jogging around in various states of undress, which they call sports wear. Some of these women I have seen jogging around the estate for years, and are no smaller than the first time I laid eyes on them. But alas, condition don finally make crayfish bend. JJ has agreed to allow me “fool myself” with these walks for a month. If I haven’t lost at least 5kg by then, he will be the one to personally drag me to the gym. Well, challenge accepted.

So, FINALLY, I got on the scale this evening…to have an idea of the starting damage. There was no need avoiding it any longer. After all, it was denial and that got me here in the first place. I shook my head and laughed when I looked down at the number. 113kg. To! Oya, Ihunna…Over to you!


September 18th, 2009

Hian! What have I gotten myself into oh!!!

That’s how I left my house at 5.00am this morning, just so I could jog without exposing my shame to the entire estate. I also needed to be back home in time to get the kids ready for school. As I squeezed into my old trackdowns and sports top, I knew I looked exactly like the women I used to laugh at. I managed a half jog and half walk all the way down my street, but by the time I was on the second street, not only was I already panting, but I was quite surprised at how quiet and lonely the street was. Yes, there were a few cars driving by, but there was little or no human traffic. I suddenly felt myself overwhelmed by the fear of being gagged, and dragged into an abandoned building…or worse. Well, it would take a mighty man to drag me…but you understand my drift.

JJ was already up, by the time I walked back into the house 15 minutes later. His raised eyebrow and my own defiant look, was enough conversation to convey the fact that I had already started failing this my estate exercise challenge. Whatever!

By the time I had dropped the kids in school, the meal plan had dropped in my inbox. I opened it, and was surprised to see that it contained several meals a day…3 full meals, and 3 snacks in-between. Of course, my favourite rice and bread were nowhere to be found, but in their place were other foods like couscous, sweet potatoes, and even boiled plantain.

Hmmm…maybe it won’t be so bad after all!


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