Confessions of a Fat Girl 30: Detox Part 2


December 7th, 2009

Weigh in day!

As usual, I jumped out of bed, immediately after my morning devotion, and ran to the scale. I had mixed feelings, considering the indulgence I was guilty of in the early part of last week.

But even then, I wasn’t amused by the measly 1.2kg loss. This is, by far, my lowest number since I started this journey. Well, that’s if you don’t count that one week that I gained weight!

Thank God this is my detox week. I need something aggressive to help me lose more weight before our trip in 2 weeks!

I had promised myself I’d treat myself to a lovely size 18 dress, if I went below 90kg…but I’ve decided to do that anyway! You know what?! I might not yet be below 90kg, but only 12 weeks ago, getting to 100kg seemed like a pie in the sky for me (pun intended). Now, here I am, almost 23kg lighter! You’re darned right I’m going to celebrate myself!!!

Besides, I have allowed JJ talk me into accompanying him for the Christmas dinner he organizes for his staff, so that’s another excuse for some retail therapy! Since my wardrobe malfunction at the last dinner I attended 4 years ago, I have avoided them like the plague. But I think I feel a bit better about myself to give it a go this year. Fingers crossed, it’s not another disaster.

I spent 180 minutes in the gym today…which was almost all of my morning. I need to go hard this week, as after Friday, the kids will be home on holiday, so no more of that, until January next year! So, I have decided to get as much work out time as possible.

Getting home from the gym, I embarked on my juicing for the day. Dr. Nkechi sent me the detox plan over the weekend, and I spent the whole of Saturday stocking up on the fruits I’d need. She has included a few fresh fruits, so that it’s something new for me to look forward to. And, wow! They were so delicious, I barely realized I was only drinking fluid all day!

For breakfast, I juiced apples, carrots, oranges and celery. I had 2 servings of that (sorry, but I was hungry!!!), and for lunch, I substituted the celery for pineapple, lemon and ginger! Gosh, I died and went to heaven! Dinner was watermelon, pawpaw, with some mint leaves.

Because of the attractive red colour of this one, I saw all eyes lusting after my delicious concoction. As I’d only prepared enough for 1 serving, I just looked away, and sipped my thing jeje!

Thank God for Dr. Nkechi! She has made this journey almost effortless…herself, my sisters, and of course Dr. Google! By giving me meal options that make me actually desire these healthier options, it has reduced the odds of me having to cheat!

I went to bed, dreaming of all the wonderful juice I will drink tomorrow.



December 8th, 2009

After my normal morning routine, I got dressed, and drove to my shop. My plan was to go dress shopping at the mall, but I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and extend an olive branch to my shop neighbor, Uzoamaka, by buying a dress from her instead.

Touching base with my shop assistants, I was pleased to see that our Christmas items have been flying off the shelves. Pleased, but not surprised! Christmas can never fail me! Nigerians and new Christmas clothes, especially for children, go together like bread and butter.

When I was done in my shop, I walked over to Uzoamaka’s. Stepping in, I was surprised to see that it didn’t look as full as it usually did on a good day, talkless of Christmas period.

“Ihunna, na your face be this?” came her voice from across the room.

“Nne, are you the one there?” I asked, walking to her “Where is your girl?”

I was surprised to see her looking dejected, and fanning herself in a corner. “I had to ask her to go oh. Why will I have a girl, when I am not selling?!”

I looked around at the scanty shop. How would she sell if the place was like a cemetery?! But didn’t she just get back from stocking up in the States?

She saw me looking around, and laughed. “My dear, I didn’t buy much oh!” she answered, reading my mind. “When I got to the U.S., I realized that foolish Okwuchi had stolen most of my money before I even left Nigeria! I had just enough money to take a cab to my sister’s house.”

Okwuchi is the son she had as a teenager. He is now in his early twenties, and the worst of delinquents, in and out of police cells. It wouldn’t be the first time he would be robbing his Mother.

“But Uzoamaka, I have been telling you about opening an account in the US!” I scolded her, very much feeling her pain. “But why didn’t you call your account manager here, to arrange…”

“There was no money in the account, my sister!” she said in pure defeat. “I emptied my account just to be able to buy enough dollars to fill my shop. You know how I normally do!”

I sure did. This time of year, Uzoamaka’s store would have had half of Macy’s clearance rack on this display.

“But why didn’t you call me?!” I asked, feeling so guilty “I could have sent you some money. My sisters in the US could have…”

“To be honest, I did think about it.” she admitted. “If I were to borrow money, you would have been the only one I would have borrowed from. But you know how things were between us before I left.”

I dragged a stool, and sat beside her, placing my hand over hers.

“Don’t worry, Nne! You’ll bounce back!” I said comfortingly.

“Before nko?!” she had squealed in the typical Uzoamaka way. “And I would have loved to help you select a dress for this your new size 16 body oh!”

I laughed with pure delight. “Uzoamaka, this your mouth is too sweet! Which kin size 16? Who dash me! It’s even 18 I’m praying for now.”

She squinted, looking at me critically. “You might be able to rough a 16!” she insisted.

Well, na me get the body, but I wasn’t in the mood to argue. So, we had sat in her shop chatting about everything from my weight loss to her plans to catch a man in the East, that Christmas. I almost didn’t want to leave for the school run.

It was a great day indeed!



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