Confessions of a Fat Girl 27: Old Jeans & Old Friends


November 28th, 2009

After a tedious morning mounting the Christmas tree, arranging the ornaments, and stringing all the lights, I went to root around in my closet, to sort out items to send to charity…as I usually do this time of year.

Going through my pile of jeans, of which I have stacks and stacks, in a wide range of sizes, and, just for a giggle, I started pulling them down and trying them on. Imagine my surprise when I found that my fattest pair of Mom jeans, the ones that were snug when I put them away earlier in the year, are now so loose on me, that I could almost pull them off without undoing the fly! Wonderful! Then I found two other pairs that were too tight last December, and found them too baggy to wear. I can’t express how good it felt to place those three pairs of size 24 jeans into a bin bag for donation. I then tried my old favourite pair, a pair of size 18 lightweight wide legged jeans, that I had even forgotten I still had. I wore them in the very early days of my marriage, and I remember JJ admiring how they made my bum look. Trying them on, I was happy to see that they actually fit! A bit too snugly to wear just now, but not too far off. I was jumping up and down, and squealing so excitedly, that JJ came charging up the stairs to see about the commotion. Days like these are just one of the reasons that I keep on keeping on.


November 30th, 2009

It’s Monday again, and I just don’t know where these weeks are flying to! I can’t believe that tomorrow is December!!!

I also still can’t get over my enthusiasm for jumping out of bed on Monday mornings, and hightailing it to my scale. Okay, down to business. Although I wasn’t expecting anything higher than the 2kg loss I have been averaging these last few weeks, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I actually managed to lose 2.4kg.

I’m now 91.3kg. Who woulda thunk it?! If I keep this up, by next weigh in, I will be in the 80s! When last was I in the 80s? Before I had my first child, that’s for sure! It almost seems too good to be true!

After going to the gym, I went to my store to see how things are going, and to help my girls sort through our Christmas stock…mainly children’s clothes and toys. In all my years running this shop, Christmas is one period when these items are guaranteed to fly off the shelves. Even with this woeful economy, I’m not expecting any less this year. And with the items I am expecting from my sisters, I am looking forward to being able to make up for the bad quarter I’ve had.

Driving out of the complex, I was relieved to see that my neighbor, Uzoamaka, hadn’t returned from her trip to the U.S. She never misses the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales. I have felt guilty about the way I treated her the last few times I saw her, and know I have to make some sort of amends next time I do see her…but I was happy that that next time wouldn’t be today.

Getting home, Chidera had called to remind me about the lunch date we have with a friend of ours tomorrow, who is in town for the holidays. That’s the wonderful thing about this time of year…when all the loved ones outside the country start making their way home for Christmas. In my case, it was as if they blew a whistle for all my close friends from University, as practically all of them had found their way abroad, after graduation. Marriage, further education, frustration, had made them all flee the country in droves. Those who didn’t travel sat put in the East, so when I moved to Lagos, I didn’t have a single friend…until Chidera had chosen to come here for her own NYSC. So, it’s always lovely getting a chance to reunite with my original pose! Time with them always leaves me with a smile.

I only wish my sisters would surprise me one Christmas, and choose to spend the holiday in Nigeria for a change. But I know that’s very unlikely. With both of them being even more estranged from our father than I am, and with our darling mother dearly departed, they both say they have nothing to come home to. Ogonna has never married, and with Akwaugo divorced, they are not obliged, as I am, to go to the village for Christmas either. But I hope I will be able to get them to change their minds…one day soon…


December 1st, 2009

Before I left the house for our lunch date, I made a checklist of the things I need to do before we leave for the East in 3 weeks. With the kids starting their holiday by the end of next week, I know I have my work cut out for me.

I drove to Cactus, to meet Chidera and our dear friend, Charity. As expected, Chidera is on leave. She has made it a point of duty to start her annual leave on the 1st of December every year, so much so that her employers have taken this as a given. But it wasn’t my beloved Chidera who was a sight for my sore eyes, this afternoon.

My heart leapt for joy when I saw that Charity and her sister, Judith, were seated there. Nobody had told me Judith was also in town, and I was overjoyed to see her there. I had been extremely close to the two sisters, and hadn’t seen either of them in over 5 years!

Expectedly, they were excited about my weight loss, confessing how worried they had been, seeing my pictures on Facebook, and how much weight I had piled on over the years. As we enjoyed a lovely, even if noisy, afternoon (sorry Cactus patrons, but our gist would not have been sweet in English…and it is impossible to gist in Igbo without shouting…lol!), it was the perfect thing to put me in a perfect mood for the holidays! Apart from Chidera, I have no friends here in Lagos whom I can be completely myself with…as in, my loud, local self!

I enjoyed every minute of it!




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