Confessions of a Fat Girl 224: What a Difference a Year Makes!


December 24, 2010

Just as I thought, I spent my time in Enugu almost faffing around. Liza, the wedding planner, has everything on lockdown, so Aunty Carol and I have pretty much just been casual bystanders. She has locked down every vendor imaginable, and from the way I’m seeing it all, it might end up being just as glam as those weddings I see on BellaNaija.

Akwaugo most surely wants to do things in style. And there I was, thinking she wanted a small wedding!

Another person who has been mildly amused by the happenings is our dad.

“Your sister’s things must always be different!” he sniggered. “To think I actually thought Ogonna’s wedding was too large and fussy! These people are making me feel like a stranger in my own house!”

I nodded, looking in the direction of his gaze, as workmen traipsed in front of us, back and forth, trying to put up the structure for the marquee that would be erected on Boxing Day, to allow the decorators enough time to do their thing.

“What I’m actually looking forward to is giving her away, when she gets married in Church.” he said, smiling whimsically. “At least, I would have given 2 out of 3 of you away.”

The realisation that I would be the only one of my sisters without this privilege hit me hard, and I found myself feeling incredibly sad all of a sudden. Sad and envious. But ah well. The important thing was that we’d repaired our fractured relationship.

But how things can change in a year!!!

This time last year, the old man was still something of a stranger to me. I remember how strained our visit here had been, last Christmas. But thank God for God. He is the only one to have made beautiful the awful situation that was our relationship…and not just my father and I…but my father and all three of us. I smiled, remembering how each one of us had melted, one by one. After me, it had been Ogonna, when she came home for Aunty Felicia’s funeral, and later Akwaugo, when she was on her ‘rescue mission’ to save Ogonna. I smiled, remembering it all. This time last year, Akwaugo was divorced and miserable, and Ogonna was single and lonely. Now, they have found love with the best men anyone could pick for them! Praise Jesus!

It’s also strange to think that, this time last year, Aunty Felicia was hale and hearty. When I’d visited, she had expressed worries over Dad’s own health. Who would have thought that in only a few weeks, she would be dead?! And to think it hasn’t even been a year yet. I guess I can understand why her people are against Dad trying to move on so quickly, with Aunty Carol. If I were her relative, I’m not sure I’d like the idea. I also need to find time to speak with Legachi and Marizu about they feel about the whole thing. As her kids, it’s gotta hurt seeing their dad move on so fast. But Legachi has been acting like all is fine and dandy…but I now realise it just might all be an act!

Speaking of Legachi, she was stellar yesterday, as my family travelled from Lagos to Nnsuka. I was on the phone with them the whole time, and the girl locked it down almost as well as I could have done. Note that I say ‘almost’. Ain’t nobody can do it like it me 😉 . But seriously, she handled it all like a pro, and even when they got to Nnsuka, was able to get everyone well sorted. She’ll leave for Enugu as soon as I get there, and I’m sure she can’t wait for a breather.

But the high point of yesterday? First of all, it was Ogonna and Ifeanyi’s arrival from Port Harcourt. Seeing the cute baby bump on my sister got me emotional. If anyone had told us last year that Ogonna would be a mother, we would have all laughed at the idea. Even when she got married, we had been too busy thanking God Ifeanyi already has kids, instead of praying for her to get hers. But God heard the prayers we didn’t even make.

“See as all your face don swell!” I teased, hugging her. “And you’re not even halfway oh!”

“That’s because she is eating me out of home and country!” Ifeanyi grumbled, smiling at his wife.

“Is it not better for me to be eating, than for me to be throwing up all day?!” Ogonna retorted, punching him.

I smiled at their camaraderie. To think how furious I was about her union with Ifeanyi, and how much I’d rooted for Chiemela instead! If only I’d known God has bigger plans! Now, Chiemela is happy with Akwaugo, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Later that evening, Akwaugo and Chiemela arrived, with about a dozen suitcases in tow.

“Na wa oh! Are you moving here?” Ogonna exclaimed, hugging her.

“I didn’t even bring half the things I wanted!” Akwaugo answered, her eyes also mirrored my own emotions at seeing our sister up the duff. “Mama Ejima! With this your big stomach, na twins oh!”

After all the pleasantries were exchanged, Liza was summoned, despite the fact that it was almost 9pm, but she didn’t seem to mind, and even seemed excited to finally be meeting her bride. Walking through the plans, Akwaugo seemed very pleased.

“I’m glad Aunty Caro recommended her. No regret whatsoever!” she remarked, when we were alone in our bedroom.

“I’m sure she’s quite expensive.” Ogonna said. “It’s not with small money she will maintain that her lifestyle. Did you see her bag?”

I smiled, recalling the gorgeous Celine bag she’d come with that evening. If only my sister knew that was one of many.

“First of all, I hear she’s married to a moneybag, so it’s not with this event planning money she gets to maintain her lifestyle.” Akwaugo answered. “And besides, she’s worth every penny. See us up here, gisting and relaxing, days to the wedding. Could we have tried it when you were getting married in May, Ogonna?”

We both had to agree that she had a point.

“But a marquee sha! Is that really necessary?” Ogonna just had to ask.

“If you want to sweat like a cow, count me out oh! I’m not about to subject myself to heat, and wilt into a pool of foundation and mascara on my wedding day! I need air conditioning, biko!” she quipped.

Ogonna and I exchanged a look, before dissolving into giggles. Sorry oh! Princess Akwaugo! She who the sun must not touch!

We talked late into the night, about everything from the men in Legachi’s life (they were both happy it was over with Ahanna, but not excited about Morakinyo, the new guy in her life), Dad and Aunty Caro’s suspended wedding (we all agreed that she made him happy and hoped they could resolve the issue and get married soon), and Chidera’s impending birth.

Which was just as well, because we woke up this morning to the news that she has had a beautiful baby boy!

My cousin’s love child is here!!!



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