Confessions of a Fat Girl 20: Quinoa


November 16th, 2009

After a rather inactive weekend, I was a bit worried about the weigh-in. Especially as I didn’t go to the gym for most of the week, and as I really slouched over the weekend.

So, I did the walk of shame to my bathroom scale, and I was almost giddy with relief. 2.2kg! I’m now 95.5kg!!! Wow!

As happy and relieved as I was by the reading, I couldn’t help but wonder if I haven’t hit a plateau with this weight loss of mine. My loss numbers have been dropping by the week. I’m not complaining, but my worry is that they might keep dropping, until I get to that point where my body refuses to lose any more weight! As I’m still about 30kg away from my ideal weight, that is a source of concern for me.

But anyways!

My back still hurts today, but hopefully I should be well enough tomorrow to return to the gym.

I think I should be grateful for the little changes. Apart from the fact that people have actually started noticing the physical changes in me, some of the little things in life are getting much easier. For example, my bum was so big that the seat belt fastener used to dig into me, every time I got in my car. It was so embarrassing that I never told that to anyone before. But my butt must be shrinking, because I noticed last week that it doesn’t hurt to drive my car anymore.

Another major milestone has to do with the engagement ring JJ bought for me on our 5th anniversary. You see, when we got engaged, JJ was just starting his business and we couldn’t really afford much. But by the time we had been married 5 years, he was doing extremely well, and had splashed on a very expensive ring for me. And I mean ridiculously expensive! It was the kind of ring that made people do a double take, anytime I walked into a room. Alas, it only fit me for a couple of years, after which it had gotten so tight that it was painful to wear. But yesterday, I fished it out of my jewelry box, and was glad to see that my fingers have been desausagefied enough for the ring to fit comfortably once again. Being able to wear it again brought tears to my eyes! But I put it back in my jewellery box, only to be work regularly once I fall below the 90kg mark. That’s a promise I have made to myself!

As every person who has ever carried around a lot of extra kilograms knows, fat hurts. It puts excess strain on the joints, muscles and bones which can lead to chronic pain in the lower back, knees, ankles and feet. I’ve experienced these pains almost daily for years. Getting out of bed was a chore. When I was working, I had to bribe for a close parking space at my office, because my knees and ankles would hurt when I walked. Work was a killer. But it wasn’t just the fat that was making my body hurt, but my inactivity. Our bodies were created for motion, not designed to sit behind a desk, in a car or on a couch for hours and hours at a time. And this is going to sound like a load of bollocks but exercise can relieve chronic pain.

I definitely experienced “morning after” pains during those first few days of my exercise routine. But after that subsided, I noticed many of my other aches and pains subsiding as well. My feet, knees and ankles started feeling better than they had in years. Even my low back stopped burning as much as it normally does.

That brings me to this morning when I noticed the first signs of inactivity pains returning. I never would have thought it, but my body actually misses the workouts. I most definitely need to make amends tomorrow!


November 17th, 2009

I could only manage 60 minutes at the gym today, my trainer seemed happy with it, considering my back injury.

As soon as I got home, I spoke with Dr. Nkechi, the nutritionist who had given me the original meal plan. She didn’t seem too worried by the declining numbers, and appeared satisfied that I am still losing weight. She recommended another detox program by the time I hit the 12-week mark, which is another 3 weeks from now. And if I’m still dissatisfied with my weight loss numbers, she offered to revise my meal plan further. In the end, we agreed that, as long as I am enjoying what I am eating, and still losing weight, no matter how small the number, I am better off than starting an aggressive diet I would most likely cheat on.

Over the weeks, I have realized that, when retooling one’s eating habits, it is vital to seek a variety of satisfying foods, that are as delicious as they are nutritious. So, for brunch today, I decided to try this new grain my sister told me about, quinoa! I had asked JJ to check one of the major grocery stores in VI, and he had found it! According to Ogonna, and Dr. Google, quinoa is very nutritious, loaded with fiber, and great for the cardiovascular system. I found a great recipe online, which included fruits and nuts, so I tried. It was so yummy and filling that it not only lasted me until evening, I had the leftovers for dinner!

Here’s the recipe for the meal! Half a cup of quinoa, half a cup of unsweetened almond milk, half a cup of water, half a cup of mixed dried fruit (raisins mostly) and raw nuts (I used walnuts), 1 teaspoon of honey, and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. I rinsed the quinoa in water, and put it in saucepan with the almond milk. Then I brought it to boil, turned down heat, covered and simmered for 5 minutes. I stirred in dried fruit and nuts, covered and simmered until all liquid had been absorbed, and the grains were tender. Then I stirred in honey and cinnamon, and ate it warm.

And guess what! Each serving was only 364 calories! So, I had less than 800 calories today…and still felt mega satisfied!





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